Concentrations and Minors

English Minor

The English minor requires 18 hours (in addition to the Core requirements of English 111 and 112) as follows:

  • English 221 or 222, English 231 or 232, and ENG 251 or ENG 252.
  • Three other courses from English 221 or higher.
English Major with Secondary Concentration in Education

Students who plan to become certified for public school teaching must complete all requirements as designated by the Department of Teacher Education. Students who wish to become certified for public school teaching in English must complete requirements for teacher certification and must take the following courses:

Requirements for English Major/Program for English Education (60 credit hours)

  • ENG 221, 222, 231, 232, and ENG 252 or ENG 252
  • ENG 322, 335 (Methods of Teaching English), and ENG 337
  • ENG 458, 460
  • Two English electives
  • SPA 101 and 102 (or other approved language)
  • HIS 111, HIS 122, and HIS 212
  • Six credit hours from Theatre 110, Music 150, or Art 181
  • PHE 210
  • Minimum GPA of 2.50 in the major with at least a "C" in each major course

Requirements for Teacher Education Certification (37 credit hours) for English Certification: EDU 224 (3 credit hours), 230 (3), 232 (3), 300 (4), 342 (3), 382 (3), 455 (3), 480 (12), and 483 (3)

Students who plan to qualify for certification at the secondary level should major in the academic field for which certification will be sought with a concentration in Education. Graduation with a concentration in Education does not guarantee state certification. In order to be certified by the state of South Carolina, candidates must pass all required PRAXIS II series tests and meet all certification requirements.

Candidates should take EDU 224 and 230 during their freshman year. EDU 232 and EDU 300 should be taken during the sophomore year. These classes are prerequisites for all other education courses. All candidates must pass, or exempt, PRAXIS I reading, writing, and mathematics tests and apply for and be admitted to the Teacher Education Program in order to take 300- and 400-level education courses. Additional courses required for the secondary education concentration are EDU 300, 342, 382, 455, 480, and 483.

Application to the stuent teaching internship must be made well in advance of the semester in which the candidate intends to student teach; candidates are responsible for meeting application deadlines and shojuld maintain strong communication with the Teacher Education Coordinator of Clinical Experiences.

All candidates, regardless of major, must complete a minimum of 108 hours of field experience in a publich school prior to student teaching.

Creative Writing Minor

Creative Writing Minor Requirements (18 hours)
The Creative Writing minor is distinct from a minor in English. It may be taken along with any major. Students select an emphasis in either poetry or fiction. The minor requires 18 hours (in addition to ENG 111 and 112): 6 hours in designated literature courses and 12 hours in writing workshops.

3 hours: English 242 (requires permission of instructor)
6 hours: Creative Writing 302/303: Fiction Writing I and II or Creative Writing 312/313: Poetry Writing I and II
3 hours: Creative Writing 302 or 312 or Creative Writing 480 (3 hours in a genre outside of chosen poetry or fiction emphasis). Students selecting an emphasis in fiction (302 and 303) would have to take a poetry or special topics course as the fourth workshop. Poetry students would have to take a fiction or special topics course. This strategy was designed to bring some diversity to each student’s course of study.
6 hours: English 322, 337, 350, 351, 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, or 480


Concentrations and Minors