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Teacher Education


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A Newberry College education reaches beyond classroom walls, city limits, pre-conceived notions of higher learning, and definitions of success. A Newberry education is a personal challenge to every student in pursuit of knowledge who possesses the drive to live and learn with purpose. It is a new model for education – a living and learning community that transforms study into action through personal and professional interaction.


CAEP's (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation) eight annual reporting measures with supporting evidence for each measure. Click the links below for reports on Teacher Education compliance.


Measures of Program Impact

MEASURE 1:  Impact on P-12 Learning and Development

Instructional Portfolio


MEASURE 2:  Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness

Student Teaching Evaluations


MEASURE 3:  Satisfaction of Employers and Employment Milestones

Principal and Assistant Principal Survey


MEASURE 4:  Satisfaction of Completers

Newberry College Alumni Survey


Measures of Program Outcome and Consumer Information

MEASURE 5:  Graduation Rates



MEASURE 6:  Ability of Completers to Meet Licening (Certification) and Any Additional State Requirements

South Carolina Department of Education Requirements

Praxis II and PLT



MEASURE 7:  Ability of Completers to be Hired in Education Positions For Which They Have Prepared

Employment Rate


MEASURE 8:  Student Loan Default Rates and Other Consumer Information

Student Loan Default Rate

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