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Onstage & Behind the Scenes

The Theatre program at Newberry College builds communication, performance, and technical theatre skills while helping students design and direct entertaining, throught-provoking productions. The Department supports student attendance at professional conferences for auditions, networking, workshops and master classes. A cooperative venture with the nearby Newberry Opera House offers Theatre majors and minors opportunities for performance, employment and internships.

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Available Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

The Speech and Theatre program prepares students for successful academic careers, vocations, and the ability to make a positive artistic impact on their communities. Program graduates leave with greater proficiency in public speaking, oral communication, performance and the practice of persuasion, along with technical skills that meet the demands of a contemporary world.

A minor in speech or theatre would serve as a well-rounded complement any major, particularly those in liberal arts.


Theatre (B.A.) -- Opportunities in Acting, Directing andTechnical Theatre



Musical Theatre




Students pursuing a BA degree in Theatre must complete a total of 46 semester hours in a prescribed course of study.

  • 33 hours in Theatre core curriculum, including fundamentals of
    • Acting
    • Stagecraft
    • Production
    • Voice and diction
    • General psychology
    • Personal finance
  • 1 hour: Internship (Engagement Experience)
  • 12 hours from select Theatre, Speech, and related electives

The Musical Theatre minor is designed for students who are interested in musical theatre and are majoring in Music or Theatre.

Requirements for the Musical Theatre include 20 credit hours, with an 18-hour option for Music majors:

  • 3 hours: Acting fundamentals
  • 3 hours: Stagecraft fundamentals
  • 4 hours: Applied voice lessons
  • 2 hours: Musical ensembles
  • 2 hours: Opera workshop
  • 6 hours: Musical theatre workshop & production (4-hour option for Music majors)

Requirements for the Speech Minor include:

  • 3 hours: Voice and Articulation
  • 3 hours: Oral interpretation
  • 3 hours: Argumentation: Ethics, Logic, and Rhetoric OR Ethical & Strategic Speaking
  • 9 hours: Electives in designated Speech, Theatre, Philosophy or Communications, or Graphic Design courses.

Requirements for a minor in Theatre include

  • 3 hours: Acting fundamentals
  • 3 hours: Stagecraft fundamentals
  • 2 hours: Theatre production
  • 3 hours: Theatre history
  • 3 hours: Electives in Speech, Theatre, English or Communications
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Career Possibilities

  • Educational Theatre
  • Scene Designer
  • Camp Counselor
  • Arts Manager
  • Props Manager
  • Social Outreach
  • Working Actor
  • Literary Editor
  • Stage Manager
  • Lighting Technician
  • Stage Carpenter
  • Theatre Director
  • Lighting Designer
  • Technical Director
  • Visiting Artist
  • Scenic Artist
  • Arts Advocate
  • Artistic Director


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