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Be Art-World Ready

As a student of the visual arts, you will be exposed to a hands-on, product-oriented curriculum that provides you with the background of experience preferred by most graduate programs and a professional portfolio that is art-world ready. Weld steel sculptures, carve stone, pull prints from the press, paint, draw, collage, throw and sculpt pottery -- no matter how you get your hands dirty, you will work with professionals who do the same - active exhibiting artists and educators - and are there to help you realize your ambitions.

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Available Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

People in all societies have for all time created art in order to understand the world, to document the world, and to change the world. Most of what we know of history, experiences, and evolution of humanity, we have gathered from the study of art, architecture, and artifacts. From cave paintings to Gothic cathedrals to computer imaging, art has defined and will continue to define humanity. The Art curriculum at Newberry College is designed to prepare students to understand and accept the challenges of the past, embrace the present, and approach the future with integrity, insight, confidence, and skill.


Study Abroad in Italy

Insight, confidence, skill, and - just as important - an empathic understanding of the world, are further enhanced through Studies Abroad. The Newberry College Visual Arts Program has, with no exception, the best studies abroad opportunity in the nation through an articulation agreement with the University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program in Cortona, Italy. Students that opt to spend a full semester on campus in Cortona, Italy, in the heart of Tuscany, simply pay regular tuition at Newberry College. Students will travel to Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, London, and more while working with internationally known artists and art historians.


Show Your Work

The undergraduate thesis requirement for Studio Art majors consists of an exhibition of student work in the Wessels Library Gallery, the creation of a professional portfolio, a reception for the student artist, and a student gallery talk. 

With years of experience teaching and mentoring young artists, the Visual Arts faculty have placed students in graduate programs including Chicago Institute of Art, UCLA, University of Tennessee, Clemson University, Savannah College of Art and Design, and others. In addition, many more students are teaching in the public school systems throughout the southeast, and still others are working, exhibiting artists.


Art Program Learning Outcomes:

1. The BA candidate in Studio Art will select and develop themes, problems, issues, and techniques through study, research, and exploration utilizing a variety of appropriate sources.
2. The BA candidate in Studio Art will demonstrate the knowledge and skills pertaining to visual language, structures, and forms.

3. The BA in Studio Art will be able to create artwork that clearly address the student’s written artist’s statement.

4. Students completing the BA in Visual Arts will be able to explore and develop a body of artwork that has a consistent theme or motif.

5. The student will produce a body of artwork that will be professionally documented and exhibited in a public location as his/her Senior Exit Exhibition.







Students pursuing a BA degree in Studio Art must complete a total of 33 semester hours in a prescribed course of study.

  • Students majoring in Art must complete Art 101, 102, 131, 171, 211, 212, 221, 231, 241, Art Core C (300-level course), and Art Core E (400-level course).
  • Plus 48-51 elective semester hours (possible minor or double major) to meet required 126 for graduation.
  • GPD 220 and GPD 320 are recommended.

The Art minor requires 12 hours of coursework in addition to Art 211 or Art 212 for a total of 15 hours.

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Career Possibilities

  • Art Director
  • Museum / Art Center Curator
  • Arts Management
  • Educator / Art Teacher
  • Architect
  • Commercial / Fashion Design
  • Gallery Owner / Assistant
  • Interior Designer
  • Museum Studies
  • Exhibits Designer
  • Artist
  • Art Therapy
  • Private / Corporate Art Curator
  • Landscape Architecture


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