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Sport Management

The Business of Sport

A degree in Sport Management is ideal for people with an interest in sports but who may not wish to pursue a career playing sports. The Sport Management degree at Newberry College draws on a broad range of disciplines, including business, communications, mathematics and the social sciences to prepare students for successful careers in the sports and entertainment industry. 

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Available Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

What do we do when we’re not working? We play! Our activities may vary widely by individual, but the time we spend on leisure, recreation and sport can amount to more than one-third of a person’s life. Considering the impact of leisure and sports on our lives, the opportunities for a sport management career are vast.

Sport Management is one of the fastest growing programs of study at a majority of colleges and universities in the United States. A degree in Sport Management can provide the knowledge and abilities needed to enter this multi-billion dollar (and growing) industry. 


Sport Management



Sport Management


Sport Management majors are required to take 57 credit hours:

  • 27 hours: Sport Management fundamentals
  • 12 hours: Accounting and Business courses
  • 3 hours: Communications courses
  • 9 hours: Economics and Mathematics courses
  • 6 hours: Physical Education

The Sport Management minor provides a comprehensive overview of the Sport Management field, from accounting and marketing to sport psychology and facility management. Students are required to complete 9 credit hours of required courses in Sport Management, one elective in Business Administration, and one elective in Communications.

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Career Possibilities

  • Arena/ Stadium Manager
  • Compliance Coordinator
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Athletic Academic Counselor
  • Commissioner
  • Equipment Manager
  • Athletic Director
  • Community Recreation Centers
  • Events Manager
  • Athletics Administrator
  • Conference Administration
  • Game Operations
  • Booster Club Coordinator
  • Campus Recreation
  • General Manager
  • Coach (Head / Assistant)
  • Corporate Sales
  • Marketing Director


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