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Academic Experience

Experience Newberry College

Many students participate in short study trips during May Term, a unique academic experience with opportunities to explore topics outside of the regular curriculum. Longer-term study abroad options are available for students through a college consortium of which Newberry College is a member. Learn more.

Pre-professional programs offer students the prerequisite courses necessary to prepare for application to graduate programs. Learn more.

The Summerland Honors Program is structured around the theme "A Quest for Identity," and will afford opportunities to explore this question from a number of perspectives. Learn more.

The Muller Center at Newberry College supports students in connecting academic experience, vocational exploration, and civic involvement. Learn more.

The Office for Diversity Education is committed to building and maintaining a more inclusive and welcoming environment for EVERYONE on the Newberry College Campus. Through educational initiatives and action, the Institution will focus on implementing and supporting the college’s commitment to promote personal and social acceptance, development, awareness and understanding of diversity, multiculturalism, and social equity. Learn more.

The Newberry College Army ROTC program offers students the foundation for a career, as well as leadership opportunities you will not find anywhere else. Learn more.

The campus herbarium's collections represent collections in South Carolina as well as from North Carolina, Virgina, Bahamas, Belize, and more. Learn more.

Newberry College is an accredited institution, a military-friendly college, and participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Learn more.

The RETAIN (Retain Teachers through Action, Innovation, and Networking) Center of Excellence for Mentoring and Induction of Teachers is funded by a grant from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. Its primary focus is to help the state of South Carolina retain its outstanding new teachers (first three years of service) by providing them with professional development, mentoring, and continuing education.

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