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Why Newberry College Army ROTC?

The Newberry College Army ROTC program offers students the foundation for a career, as well as leadership opportunities you will not find anywhere else. As an ROTC cadet, you will become part of a team. You will acquire new friendships that will last a lifetime, as well as meet physical and mental challenges you may not have thought possible. The discipline, teamwork, and leadership you experience in ROTC will equip you to succeed anywhere, in whatever pursuit you choose.

Newberry College is part of the New Highlander Battalion Army ROTC program, with Presbyterian College as the host school and includes Lander University. ROTC classes are taught at both Newberry College and Presbyterian College, whereas all Leadership Labs are conducted at Presbyterian.

ROTC Curriculum

The ROTC curriculum is divided into two distinct courses: the Basic Course and the Advanced Course.

Basic Course

The Basic Course is comprised of freshman (MS1) and sophomore (MS2) classes and does not require any military obligation. At most universities, these classes are considered electives. The Basic Course covers topics such as Organization of the Army; Military Customs and Courtesies; Basic Leadership Skills; Decision Making Process; Map Reading Skills; Introduction to Small Unit Tactics; and Basic Soldier Skills. If you are interested in

the Army or want to know more about our ROTC program, these electives are perfect for learning the basics of military knowledge and lay the foundation for your future.

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course is comprised of junior (MS3) and senior (MS4) classes and requires students to commit to a military obligation before entering the course. Once enrolled in the Advanced Course, cadets participate in academic classes and leadership labs each semester. They must also attend the six-week Advanced Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during the summer of their junior/senior year. To enroll in the Advanced Course, cadets must be individually screened and approved by the ROTC program leadership.

If you are prior service, you must have an Honorable Discharge from the Armed Services with a qualifying RE code of 1 on your DD Form 214.

Upon completion of the Advanced Course and successful graduation from Newberry College, cadets are commissioned as United States Army Officers and subsequently begin rewarding careers in the Active Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.


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