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Apply for Admission

Applying to Newberry

  • Send your complete application any time. Applications are processed year-round.
  • We'll send you a decision within two weeks.
  • Apply as early as possible to have the best consideration for scholarships, convenient course schedules, and enhanced on-campus living arrangements.

Applying to Newberry

Apply Now!

Certification of graduation from an approved secondary school is required prior to enrollment. Under special circumstances, the General Educational Development Test (GED) is accepted. Contact Counselor


Freshman Application

High school transcripts are unnecessary unless fewer than 24 credit hours (one year) of college level work has been completed. ​Contact Counselor 


Transfer Application

Transfer Course Equivalency Guide

Complete the Newberry College Online application and submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities, including any college credit earned in high school. Contact Counselor


Online Degree-Completion Application

Additional materials are required of international candidates, including TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores and WES (World Education Services) or ECE ( Educational Credential Evaluators) transcript evaluations. Contact Counselor


International Student Application

VA benefit plans are available for eligible veterans. An overview of the ones most often used for enrollment at Newberry College is provided here. More detailed information is available on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs websiteContact Counselor

Candidates wishing to take certain courses without entering a degree program must fulfill certain obligations before becoming eligible. Not all courses are open to non-degree-seeking students. Contact Counselor


Non-Degree-Seeking Student Application

Students wishing to be re-admitted to Newberry College after an extended leave of absence may do so if the necessary requirements have been met. Contact Counselor


Re-Admission Application

May Term and summer curriculum is designed for students from Newberry and other colleges who wish to begin their college work early, for students who want to accelerate their progress or who need to make up work, and for public school teachers who need to renew their certificates and credentials. 






Easy and Personalized Process

We want to know about you beyond your test scores and grades. The application process helps you to refine your goals and to showcase your talents and potential. You can send your application at any time and, if your file is complete with all required materials, we’ll send you a decision within two weeks of completion.

Here’s what you need:

1. Application

We accept the Common Application, Universal College Application, and our Newberry College Application. You can choose the one that works best for you. All are treated equally in the admission process. Complete the online application form.

2. Transcripts

High school and/or college transcripts should be official and sent directly from your high school and any colleges you have attended.

3. SAT / ACT Scores

If you list Newberry College when you take your SAT or ACT tests, your results will be sent directly to us. You can also have your scores sent later by requesting additional reports from the testing agency.

4. Letter of Recommendation

Ask a teacher or school counselor to write in support of your application. This should be someone who can comment on your ability to do college-level work, to be a responsible student, and to interact appropriately with peers.

5. Personal Statement

Your application has suggestions for your personal statement. Select the one that has the most meaning for you and write a few paragraphs about that subject. We want to know who you are and what is important to you.

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