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Dyslexia Program

Introduction to the Dyslexia Program

The Dyslexia Program at Newberry works directly with students who have a dyslexia diagnosis. This program allows students to receive support individually on a weekly basis, as well as in the classroom using multisensory learning disciplines. Support services include assistance with scheduling organization, pacing, and study skills. Students will also continue to develop their executive skills, improving their self-advocacy. Professors are involved in continuous training, engaging in strategies specifically aimed at supporting students with dyslexia. Students will experience college life with extra support along their Newberry College journey. Financial aid is available for students in the program.

Program Mission & Values


The Dyslexic Program at Newberry College will guide an exceptional and collaborative academic environment with a goal of expanding dyslexic students' life and decision-making skills while promoting self-advocacy.


The Dyslexic Program at Newberry College will provide an academic environment and campus spirit of advocacy, enabling dyslexic students' opportunities to succeed at their individual life challenges.

Guiding Principles

  • Our students… will take ownership in their pursuit of their individual areas of study, embracing and benefitting from the supportive and committed opportunities being offered through the Dyslexic Program at Newberry College.

  • Our parents/community… will support the College’s mission and commitment to the values, measures, and work standards required of all students. They will ultimately form the bookends needed to support students in the Dyslexic Program.

  • Our faculty/administration… will be the role models of the College’s commitments and mission. They will embrace, engage, and celebrate the opportunity to support dyslexic students in their individual quests.

How to Apply

On your Newberry College application, look for the question about the dyslexia program, and select "yes." To gain access to the program, you must provide documentation showing a dyslexia diagnosis. This can be an educational evaluation, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), or a 504 Plan.

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