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Branding & Communications

The Newberry College Brand

Telling Our Story

Newberry College is known for its beautiful, historic campus, rich history, diverse and wide-reaching alumni base, and standard of bold success in and out of the classroom. Ours is a story worth telling, and we tell it with one voice. The Department of Marketing & Communications establishes guidelines and provides resources for the College's brand identity across mediums, which are fundamental for effective communication by, within, and on behalf of the College.


  • Editorial Style Guide: A consistent writing style is fundamental to effective communication. These guidelines are for all communications that represent the College to external audiences, in both print and electronic forms. This guide is based on the 2019 edition of the Associated Press Stylebook, featuring guidelines for commonly used and misused terms, along with some points of Newberry College style. Refer to the Stylebook for topics not covered here.
  • Social Media Directory: A listing of College-affiliated accounts across social platforms. These include the College's flagship accounts and those for athletics, College offices and academic departments, and student organizations. Inclusion in the directory is subject to compliance with institutional social media guidelines covering authenticity, activity, quality, and brand compliance.

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Running with the Wolves

Over the last decade, and particularly in the last three years, Newberry College has experienced unprecedented growth on all fronts — enrollment, academic
programming, campus infrastructure, national recognition, and athletics. The College’s apparent golden age comes amid a perfect storm of havoc for
four-year colleges and universities nationwide. This booklet provides an overview of Newberry's recent growth, student-first culture and plans for the future.


Read "Running with the Wolves" (PDF)

Read "Running with the Wolves" (Interactive)

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