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International Studies

Engage Your World

The International Studies program allows students to delve into the common bases for worldwide human interaction. Students in this program examine and apply the cultural, economic, environmental, health, legal and political structures that shape our world. Through interdisciplinary instruction, language training, overseas education, and internship opportunities, this program prepares students for purposeful vocations in both the public and private sectors.

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Available Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Courses in the International Studies program are selected from a variety of disciplines, including the arts, sciences, social sciences and humanities. Students have the option to tailor their study to one of three areas of concentration: Business Administration, Foreign Language or Political Science. For majors born or naturalized in the United States, successful completion of a May Term travel abroad course is required, and a similar travel experience is encouraged for international students, to gain a greater understanding of global society.


International Studies



Business Administration

Foreign Language

Political Science


Core requirements for the International Studies major include

  • 15 hours: Human culture
  • 7 hours: The natural world
  • 12 hours: The social world
  • 3 hours: Ethics
  • 3 hours: International experience
  • 3 hours: Senior paper
  • 6 hours: Foreign language


Requirements for each respective concentration:

  • Business Administration: 24 credit hours
  • Foreign Language: 18-24 credit hours
  • Political Science: 21 credit hours
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Career Possibilities

  • Advertising Agent
  • International Legal Advisor
  • Sales Broker
  • Business Translator
  • International Sales Manager
  • Technical Report Writer
  • Cultural Awareness Trainer
  • Legal Compliance Officer
  • Travel Agent
  • Exchange Rate Monitor
  • Marketing Director
  • Imports and Exports Manager
  • Global Sales Consultant
  • Multinational Sales Manager
  • Risk Assessment Manager


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