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Terms and Conditions

South Carolina Scholarships Terms & Conditions

LIFE, HOPE, Palmetto Fellows and Enhancement Scholarships

Students who meet the State of South Carolina’s general eligibility requirements for the LIFE, HOPE, or Palmetto Fellows scholarships are responsible for understanding their initial eligibility requirements and their subsequent renewal requirements. For more information about each of the scholarship programs, please visit the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education’s website ( Listed below are some key facts about the LIFE, HOPE, and Palmetto Fellows scholarship programs:

  • The HOPE scholarship may only be awarded during a student’s first year of enrollment immediately following high school graduation. The HOPE scholarship cannot be renewed for subsequent years of attendance.
  • The LIFE, Palmetto Fellows, and Enhancement scholarships are continuous programs. Therefore, if a student drops out or takes a leave of absence from the institution, the student’s defined period of eligibility will continue to elapse just as if the student had remained enrolled. Please note that the requirement to complete 30 credit hours of non-remedial coursework per year remains in effect even if a student chooses to temporarily cease attendance
  • Students must be enrolled on a full-time basis in order to receive LIFE, HOPE, Palmetto Fellows, or Enhancement scholarships.
  • At Newberry College, the LIFE and Palmetto Fellows scholarships are limited to eight consecutive terms for the first four-year degree program. The terms of eligibility begin immediately upon initial college enrollment.
  • The Enhancement scholarship is limited to six consecutive terms for the first four-year degree program. Only eligible sophomores, juniors, and seniors may receive an Enhancement scholarship.
  • Remedial and Developmental courses do not count toward a student’s credit hour calculation for LIFE, HOPE, or Palmetto Fellows.
  • To maintain eligibility for one of the state scholarships, a student must maintain a 3.0 GPA and earn at least 30 credit hours of non-remedial coursework each academic year.
  • In order to earn the Enhancement scholarship, a student must (1) meet all eligibility requirements for LIFE or Palmetto Fellows, (2) be enrolled in an eligible STEM major, and (3) earn at least 14 credit hours of STEM-related coursework during the freshman year of enrollment.

This list of terms and conditions is in no way inclusive. For detailed information about the LIFE, HOPE, Palmetto Fellows, and Enhancement scholarships, please visit the Scholarships & Grants for SC Residents section of CHE’s website:

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