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Lindsy Boateng

Lindsy Boateng

Chair, Department of Biology, Neuroscience, and Exercise Science; Associate Professor of Biology

Office: SCM Room 211


Department: Department of Sciences and Mathematics


Ph. D. | Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2015)

M.S. | Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin, La-Crosse (2009)

B.S. | Environmental Biology, University of Wisconsin, La-Crosse (2005)


Dr. Lindsy Boateng performed her Ph.D. work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and focused on cancer cell invasion research. Her research interests were focused on how proteins of the cell alter their behaviors in cancer and cancer-like cells in order to invade through tissues and migrate to new sites. Specifically, she studied actin-binding proteins and their role in cell structures termed "invadosomes" that secrete degrading enzymes into the surrounding environment. Such mechanisms enable cancer cells to metastasize and make cancers difficult to treat. After this work, Dr. Boateng performed some preliminary research in C. elegans to study cell migration in a live model organism during its embryonic development. 


Dr. Boateng came to Newberry College with teaching experiences both as a graduate student instructor of introductory Biology courses and labs, as well as an adjunct professor of Biology and Earth Science courses. Currently she enjoys teaching in her specialties of Genetics and Cell Biology at Newberry. It is Dr. Boateng's passion to see students thrive regardless of academic or personal challenges and develop scientific skills that will empower each student in their career pursuits. 

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