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Music Scholarships

Where Excellence Meets Affordability

Music Excellence Award

Students who audition to become a music major are eligible for the Music Excellence Award. This scholarship is renewable for each year the student is a music major and remains in good academic standing. 

Ensemble and Marching Band Participation Scholarship

Students who participate in a large ensemble (wind ensemble, marching band, orchestra or choir) are eligible for participation scholarships that increase each year they are in the ensemble. These scholarships are open to all Newberry College students participating in a large ensemble. The Participation Scholarship is available to music majors participating in a large ensemble that is NOT required in their degree program. Students are eligible to receive one participation scholarship each semester. 


1st year  =  $1,000

2nd year  =  $1,500

3rd year  =  $2,000

4th year  =  $2,500

Music Achievement Scholarship

Students from any campus major who auditioned into All-State and All-Region ensembles during their high school years are eligible for the Newberry College Music Achievement Scholarship. To qualify, students must enroll in their corresponding ensemble each semester they are a student at Newberry. This award is not stackable with the Music Excellence Award nor with any Academic scholarship awarded by Newberry College. Students may only receive one Music Achievement Scholarship per academic year.

All-State Chorus, Band, Orchestra, or Jazz Band = $15,000/year

All-Region Band or Orchestra = $14,000/year


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Dr. Sally Cherrington-Beggs Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Sally Cherrington Beggs Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Dr. Sally Cherrington-Beggs, who was a dedicated Newberry College music professor for 12 years. A talented professor, leader and performer, she was passionate about the integration of music into the worship experience. The Dr. Sally Cherrington-Beggs Memorial Scholarship is intended to honor her memory and to promote the cultivation of promising organists/musicians who are dedicated to using their talents to enrich the worship life of the Church.

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