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Endowed gifts are a vital source of permanent funds that make a Newberry College education possible for many worthy students. Endowed Scholarships aid in the recruitment and retention of students by supporting those who display academic promise, interest in a certain field of study and/or financial need. This enhanced ability to fund the costs of a Newberry College education will ensure an academically competitive student body.Download the list of donors


Robert A. Abrams Memorial Scholarship

ACS Competitive Chemistry Scholarship

Rev. J. Virgil & Elese Fulmer Addy Scholarship

African American Alumni Academic Scholarship

Charles W. Albrecht Scholarship

Elise E. Altman Memorial Endowed Service Learning

Internship for Business Education

D. F. Antonelli, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Olanthe Loadholt Ashe Scholarship

Athletes Helping Athletes Scholarship

Graham-Weber Athletic Scholarship

Lee H. Atwater Scholarship

Philip Sidney Aull English and Communication Scholarship

Rossie Aull Memorial Scholarship

John Bachman Scholarship

George Heber Ballentine Scholarship

Jess S. Ballentine, Jr. and Peggy Peele Ballentine Scholarship

Charles P. Barre Memorial Scholarship

Baruch Memorial Scholarship

Davis L. Batson Endowed Athletic Scholarship

Mildred Baumann Scholarship

Erwin G. Baumer Scholarship

Kathryn W. Baxley Scholarship

Cornelia Culp Beaty Scholarship

J. T. “Pete”Berry Endowed Athletic Scholarship

Jerome Erman & Annie Laurie Bishop Scholarship

BlueCross Blue Sheild Scholarship

Dr. Daniel & Eleanor V. Boda Scholarship

Bolen-Creech Athletic Scholarship

Dennis Bolts Athletic Scholarship

G. O. and Betty Boone Alumni Legacy Scholarship

J. C. “Fox” Boozer Athletic Scholarship

Herman W. Boozer Endowed Scholarship

Mary Elizabeth Boozer Endowed Service Learning

Education Fund for History Majors

Amorette Bowers Endowed Scholarship Fund

William S. & Elizabeth K. Boyd Memorial Professorship

BB&T Business Scholarship

Dottie Brandt Education Scholarship

Courtney A. Briscoe Memorial Scholarship

Wade and Sylvia Brodie Endowed Business Scholarship

James D. and Leila Brown Scholarship

Ruth and Sheridan E. Brown Memorial Scholarship

Minnie Lane & Olin Bundrick Scholarship

E. W. “RED” Burnette Athletic ScholarshipLouise Buzhardt Endowed Scholarship

J. Dave Caldwell Scholarship

Wylie H. Caldwell Memorial Scholarship

The Jenifer Call & Robert G. Edwards Business Scholarship Fund

Cannon Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Huffman Cannon Scholarship

R. Wright Cannon Founders Scholarship

Norma Jean Carley Music Scholarship

Billy Carter Professorship in the Humanities

Smith Ladson Carter Scholarship

“W. C. “Billy” Carter Athletic Scholarship

The Wayland Henry Cato, Sr.

Endowed Scholarship

Bertha Caughman Scholarship

William B. Caughman Scholarship

E. Marion Chaplin Athletic Scholarship

Dr. Sally Cherrington Beggs

Memorial Music Award

Jerry S. Chitty Athletic Scholarship

John F. Clarkson Scholarship

Class of 1929 Scholarship

Class of 1930 Scholarship

Class of 1931 Scholarship

Class of 1933 Scholarship

Class of 1937 Scholarship

Class of 1940 Scholarship

Class of 1941 Scholarship

Class of 1942 Scholarship

Class of 1943 scholarship

Class of 1944 Scholarship

Class of 1945 Scholarship

Class of 1954 Academic Scholarship

Class of 1962 Scholarship

Class of 1982 Library Fund

Class of 1989 Scholarship

Close Foundation

James Francis Coggins

Radio Communications Scholarship Fund

James Oswald & Mildred Stirewalt

Coleman Scholarship

Ralph W. & Dorothy Ross Connelly Scholarship

L. Grady Cooper Scholarship

L. Grady & Miriam G. Cooper

Memorial Scholarship

Robert Samuel Cope Memorial Scholarship

Dae Sims Derrick Corley Education Scholarship

Edward “Buddy” Counts Endowed Scholarship

Stephen M. Creech Endowed

Business Scholarship

Thomas Percy Culclasure Football Scholarship

John W. Cunningham Scholarship

Charles Ezra Daniel Chair of Mathematics

Paul M. DeLoache Scholarship Fund

Martin Luther Denton Scholarship

Mary Ethel Hutto Derrick Education Scholarship

Blanche Ballentine Derrick Memorial Education Scholarship

Dorothy Dean Derrick Scholarship

L. S. Derrick Scholarship

Mary Ethel Hutto Derrick Education Scholarship

Noah E. & Pansy Derrick Business Scholarship

Noah E. & Pansy Derrick Scholarship

J. L. Dickert Family Memorial Scholarship

Yancey Jackson Dickert Memorial Scholarship

John Benson Dominick Scholarship

Gaynelle Cudd Doty Scholarship

Billy Dreher Memorial Scholarship

J. W. Ingram & E. T. Driggers Athletic Scholarship

Alma Cole Dufford Endowed Athletic Scholarship

C. A. Dufford, Jr. ’42 Athletic Scholarship

C. A. Dufford, Sr. Athletic Scholarship

Doris Dufford ’46 Endowed Athletic Scholarship

Fred E. & Mary M. Dufford Scholarship

Virginia Dufford ’44 Endowed Athletic Scholarship

Dr. William E. Dufford ’49 Endowed Athletic Scholarship

Homer Eargle Athletic Scholarship

Charles W. and Emma Lou B. Easley Scholarship

Thomas A. Bucko Edens Football Scholarship

The Jenifer Call & Robert G. Edwards Business Scholarship Fund
Richard F. Eich Memorial Scholarship

Harry “Flick” Eleazer Athletic Scholarship

Paul Ensrud Memorial Scholarship

Delta Epsilon Foundation Scholarship

Charles H. Epting Scholarship

Dr. David A. Epting Memorial Scholarship

Thomas E. Epting Scholarship

Thomas & Lula Epting Scholarship

Vernon Epting Athletic Scholarship

Dr. L. B. Etheredge Scholarship

Ernest J. Ezell Athletic Scholarship

Paul B. & Helen J. Ezell Scholarship Fund

Francis I. Fesperman Scholarship

Miriam Eleazer Fisher and Carl M. Fisher International Student Scholarship

Harriet D. & Herman L. Frick Scholarship

J. Harvey Frick Scholarship

Nettie Drafts and John Milton Frick Scholarship

Steven B. Fuson Basketball Scholarship

Gaver-Martin Scholarship

Harry H. Gaver Scholarship

Beverly S. Gillette Nursing Fund

Walter A. & Hortensia S. Gnann Memorial Scholarship

Goodman Memorial Scholarship

Nield Gordon Men’s Basketball Scholarship

Graham-Weber Athletic Scholarship

Graham, Loadholt, Long & Cook Athletic Scholarship

Graves Family Scholarship

Etoile Hodge Grant Endowed Scholarship

Greenville Area Alumni Scholarship

Greenwood Area Alumni Scholarship

Walton H. Greever Scholarship

Charlie Haggard Athletic Scholarship

D. J. and Clara Shipley Haigler Scholarship in Chemistry

William David Halfacre Memorial Scholarship

Robert E. & Dottie Yon Hampton Basketball Scholarship

Rev. Donald E. and Janet Arnsdorff Hanberry Endowed Scholarship

Butler B. Hare Memorial Scholarship

Robert Hayne Hare Memorial Scholarship

Harmon-Timmerman Memorial Scholarship

P. K. Harmon Scholarship

Dr. George F. Hart Memorial Scholarship

Sara & O. D. Harvin Endowed Scholarship

M. Chester & Clara S. Hawkins Scholarship

Emma Vogelgesang Haymaker Library Fund

Emma Vogelgesang Haymaker Scholarship

Harry Hedgepath Athletic Scholarship

Charles Robert and Ruth Haigler Helsabeck Scholarship

Hencken Memorial Scholarship

Raymond L. and Willie Platt Hendrix Scholarship

S. Ed Hendrix and Annie Rawl Hendrix Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Fred Herren Athletic Scholarship

Boozer Hipp Athletic Scholarship

Frank Hipp Memorial Athletic Scholarship

W. Frank Hipp Memorial Scholarship

Tommy Hite Athletic Scholarship

J. Tom and Sarah A. Hodge Music Scholarship

Lorin & Ethel Hoffman Scholarship

Robert T. Holt Endowed Scholarship

Daniel Wade & Lydia T. Hook Scholarship

John H. and Martha Eargle Hudgens Education Scholarship Fund

Roy E. and Ada Belle Hudgens Athletic Scholarship

Dr. John E. Hugus, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Charles L. Iberg Scholarship

Elma Cauble Isenhour Scholarship

Dorothy L. Jeffcoat Fellowship Award

Wirt Holman Jennings, Jr. Scholarship Endowment in Business

Arlie McCain Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Robert and Dolly Johnson Nursing Scholarship

Lillie P. Justus Music Scholarship

C. A. & Tilla West Kaufmann Scholarship

Dr. J. A. Keisler, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Keister Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Fuller Kelly Scholarship

Maude D. Kelly Memorial Scholarship

Philip T. Kelly, Jr. Scholarship

Fredrick W. Kinard Scholarship

Dr. James C. Kinard Memorial Scholarship

Karl & Esther Kinard Memorial Scholarship

Coach Harvey Kirkland Athletic Scholarship

The Kiswire, Inc., Business Endowed Scholarship Fund

A. Hart and Carolina H. Kohn Music Scholarship

Verna and Hal Kohn Music Scholarship

W. Harold Koon History and Political Science Scholars Fund

Marguerite Boozer Landrum Endowed Scholarship

Herman Langford Scholarship

Coach William L. “Billy” Laval Athletic Scholarship

William I. and Eva W. Layton Scholarship

Donna Heine Leibensperger Scholarship Fund

Hattie Belle Lester Memorial Scholarship

Charles A. Linn Memorial

Gerhard and Essie Livingston Endowed Service Education Fund

Robert Edward and Sunie Johnston Livingston Scholarship

Olin S. & Gladys Geiger Long Faculty Development

Bessie P. Luedtke Memorial Music Scholarship

Lutheran Brotherhood Challenge

Lutheridge/Lutherock Academic Scholarship

Janie Whitaker Martin Endowed Service Education Fellowship

Martin/Schreffler Family Music Scholarship

James Marx, Sr. Scholarship

Walter Marz Memorial Scholarship

David Sondley Matthews, Jr. Scholarship

Dr. Albert P. Mature Scholarship Endowment in Foreign Language

Q. Donald Maxwell Athletic Scholarship

O. B. Mayer Memorial Scholarship

Joseph A. and Jeffrey B. McDonald Community Service Award

Janice S. & Robert C. McNair Endowed Scholarship Fund

Kiu-Ling Mei Memorial Scholarship

Donald K. & Betty D. Melaas Business Merit Scholarship

Elizabeth Zobel Melton Scholarship

Mickey/McDowell Nursing Award

George S. and Martha Toole Middleton Scholarship

Deering Milliken Scholarship

T. Pinkney Mills Scholarship Endowment Fund

Betty Setzler Monroe Scholarship

Henry B. Moore Memorial Fund

Milton Moore Scholarship

Clifford B. Morgan Academic and Athletic Scholarship

Carl O. and Edith Nelson Memorial Scholarship

Newberry College Alumni General Scholarship

Newberry College Athletic Club Scholarship

Newberry College Family Association Scholarship

Newberry Federal Savings Scholarship

Newberry Lions Club Academic Scholarship/Bradley Scholarship

Newberry Rotary Club Scholarship

John Harley Newell Memorial Athletic Scholarship

B. Roy Nichols and Ruth B. Nichols Education Scholarship

Colonel E. C. Norman Memorial Scholarship

J. Eugene Norris Memorial Scholarship

One in Mission Scholarship

Dr. Moody Oswald Education Scholarship

Robert W. Owen Scholarship Fund

Jerrol S. Oxner Endowed Business Merit Scholarship

Jerrol S. Oxner Memorial Endowed Business Education Scholarship

Jerrol S. Oxner Memorial Endowed Business and Industry Scholarship

Gladys W. Padgette Memorial Scholarship

Park Family Scholarship Fund

Jamey L. Patrick Memorial Men’s Basketball Scholarship

Paysinger Memorial Scholarship

Paysinger Scholarship

M. Pearson Scholarship

Amanda H. Pennekamp Performing Arts Scholarship

Edna Davis Phillips Memorial Scholarship

Helen Hall Fleming and Buddy L. Pleasant Memorial Scholarship

Walter P. and Ernestine Price Rawl Scholarship

Charles “Chief” Pruitt Instrumental Music Scholarship

Purcells Fund

Walter Regnery Memorial Scholarship

Richard Rigby, III Memorial Scholarship

Louanna Parrott Ringer Memorial Music Scholarship

Thomas Edward Ringer, Jr. Memorial Science Scholarship

Joseph J. Ropp Memorial Scholarship

Clarence Rowland Scholarship

Jesse G. “Rabbit” Rushe Athletic Scholarship

Sabonsky-Jones Endowed Scholarship Fund

Herb Sanders-Ethan Howard Baseball Scholarship

Ray & Carolyn Crawford Sawyer Scholarship

Rev. H. Brent Schaeffer Memorial Scholarship

John and Clare Schaffer/Koch Scholarship

W. B. Schaeffer Foreign Student Scholarship

R. Nelson Schofield Athletic Scholarship

Sease Memorial Scholarship

Charles Ernest & Louise Eargle Seastrunk Music Scholarship

George and Evelyn C. Segelken Athletic Scholarship

Senn Trucking Company Scholarship

Beulah Louise Senn ’39 Scholarship Fund

Hubert Setzler Scholarship

Charles J. Shealy Athletic Scholarship

Charles W. Shealy & Robert Belton Shealy Academic Award for Excellence in Education Studies

Erin Leigh Shealy Memorial Music Scholarship

J. A. Shealy Family Memorial Scholarship

Otho & Mary Shealy Athletic Scholarship

Shana Marie Shuler Memorial Scholarship

Rev. Dr. D. Murray Shull, Sr. & Mary Langford Shull Scholarship

Phoebe Schumpert Singley Endowed Scholarship

George Wellington and Lucy Herr Smith Scholarship

Francis Addy Snelgrove Nursing Scholarship

Solomon Athletic Scholarship

South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission Scholarship

Dr. Lemuel C. Sparks, Jr. Scholarship

Gordon M. and Katherine S. Spezza Memorial Scholarship

Ashley Holst Steele Scholarship

Carl H. and Lucy E. Stelling Endowed Scholarship

Ernest Henry and Victoria Stender Scholarship

G.E. and Mrytle Wertz Stone Scholarship

Maxwell Earle Stone Scholarship

Lottie D. Stoudenmire Education Fund

C. Walter Summer Scholarship for Accounting Students

Summerland Memorial Scholarship Fund

Swittenburg/Monts Endowed Scholarship

Annie Lee Shealy Swygert Scholarship

Louise Frances Chapman Swygert Scholarship

Franklin D. Swygert Memorial Scholarship

Tampa Bay Lutheran Brotherhood Scholarship

The Newberry County Mark Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Voight Taylor Scholarship

Ruth Stipling and Carl P. Tebeau Scholarship

Tennessee Lutheran Scholarship

Theta Chi Alumni Scholarship

May M. Thomas Education Scholarship

Shirey Troutman Scholarship

William P. & Mabel I. Walker Memorial Scholarship

Michael N. Washington Academic Scholarship

Carroll & Virgie Watson Scholarship

Weber-Millar Endowment Fund

Mary F. & H. B. Wells, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Clara D. Wertz Athletic Scholarship

Clarence Holland Wertz and Anna Nichols Wertz Fund

Florence Eargle Wertz Memorial Scholarship

Fred Kinard and Ruby Hipp Werts Scholarship

Dr. James B. Wessinger Scholarship

Dr. Glenn E. Whitesides Family Scholarship

Dorothy L. Wieters Scholarship

James Harvey Wilkerson, Jr. History and Political Science Scholarship

Gene Williams Family Athletic Scholarship

Nathan Kibler Williamson Memorial Scholarship

Maurice Wilson Baseball Scholarship

Robert W. and Mary Ellen (Sue) R. Wingard Scholarship

Sue Wingard Athletic Scholarship

Wise Memorial Scholarship

Estelle Pugh Witt Scholarship

Malcolm Onnie Wood Athletic Scholarship

Julie Bredenberg Wright Memorial Scholarship

Bryan Bennett Wrigley Memorial Scholarship

Clem I. Youmans Memorial Scholarship

Gladys and Jeter Young Memorial Scholarship

Melvin Zais Endowed Scholarship

John David Zeigler Scholarship

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