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Newberry College Receives Major Gift from Kadilhen Foundation

June 27, 2019


Newberry College has received a one-million-dollar gift from the Kadilhen Foundation to support the school’s innovative Center for Student Success, which helps improve student retention and graduation rates. The foundation’s support will bolster academic success coaching, peer mentoring, and supplemental instruction. The College will also use the funds to enhance career counseling, financial literacy, academic advising and the early alert system. 

“This gift makes it possible for us to customize a successful pathway for each of our students,” said Newberry College President Dr. Maurice Scherrens. “No two students follow the same path, and no two students have the same needs. Kadilhen’s gift gives our academic support staff the resources necessary to expand their services to serve a much larger universe of students, and to help each student in a timely and individualized manner.” 

The gift will also enhance the College’s transition course, focusing greater attention on writing skills, critical reading and thinking skills to better position students for their subsequent move to graduate studies or full-time employment. 

One of the foundation’s members, while a student at Newberry, discovered that although the dedicated efforts of individual faculty and staff proved invaluable to his success, the resources were simply not available to help all the students in need of assistance. 

“Additional resources and a pivot toward a greater student-oriented mindset were needed to improve the student experience and motivate students to ‘power through’ the more difficult times of their college years,” said the member. “It is our belief that, with the leadership of Dr. Sandy Scherrens and the empowerment of faculty and staff like John Lesaine and Kay Chandler, the College can become a leader not only in student persistence, but in graduating students well-prepared to pursue their vocation.” 

The foundation’s gift, to be matched by College fundraising, will be provided over a three-year period. The College and the Kadilhen Foundation agree that improved student retention will fully fund the Center for Student Success when the gift expires in 2021.

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