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Become a Master Leader

Five Benefits of a Master's in Organizational Development & Leadership

1. Flexibility.

With Newberry's online graduate program in organizational development & leadership, you can attend classes and complete coursework anywhere, any time. This can be particularly beneficial if you're working full-time or have other commitments. Courses will last seven-and-a-half weeks, and you can earn your degree in as few as 12 months.


2. Career advancement.

A master's degree offers a major leg up in pursuing job opportunities, advancement, expanding your professional scope, and even blazing your own trails. With Newberry's versatile, innovative curriculum, you'll be well equipped to take your skills into management, finance, marketing, and more. All this comes with the personal attention of our expert faculty, who each offer decades of leadership success.


3. Personal growth.

Pursuing your master's isn't just checking a box for a job application. This program will help you develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and broaden your knowledge and perspectives. You'll walk away with skills and experiences that will benefit you in all areas of life. In fact, graduates often say that they grew as people in ways they had never imagined.


4. Build your network.

Just because our program is in an online format, that doesn't mean you won't form invaluable connections with classmates and instructors that open countless doors in your career.


5. Invest in your greatest asset — yourself.

A master's degree is an investment in you — one that both you and we commit to making. And it's sure to pay off. Plus, this is one investment that won't break the bank. With a competitive tuition rate of $575 per credit hour — plus the potential for financial aid — a high-quality education is now more accessible than ever.

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