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Kappa Alpha Order

About Kappa Alpha Order

The Delta Epsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Newberry College in the spring of 1964. The Brothers of Kappa Alpha Order present incredible opportunities for growing, meeting challenges and building leadership. For members, there is nothing more substantial or real than the vows they have taken, the strong bonds of brotherhood they have developed, and the personal growth they have achieved. Living together, growing together and learning about each other in a positive and healthy environment is what Kappa Alpha Order at Newberry College represents.

About Kappa Alpha Order

Kappa Alpha Order Fun Facts

Chapter: Delta Epsilon | Founded 1964

Symbol: Lion 

Colors: Crimson and Old Gold 

Flowers: Crimson Rose and Magnolia Blossom 

Motto: Dieu et les Dames  (God and the Ladies)

Kappa Alpha Order was founded In 1865; Delta Epsilon Chapter at Newberry College was founded in 1964. 

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