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Office of Disability Services

Office of Disability Services 

Our Mission 

The mission of Disability Services in the Center for Student Success is to empower disabled students to seek academic and personal success through maximizing ability and encouraging full participation. Services are offered to students with various exceptionalities as they navigate the varying demands of the Newberry College experience. Length of services may vary from a short period to the entire length of a student’s academic tenure at Newberry College.


The laws concerning the rights and responsibilities of the College regarding students with disabilities differ from those you've navigated in high school. You'll be responsible for voluntarily disclosing your disability, providing documentation and requesting appropriate accommodations. These may be different from those you received in high school. 

In college, you'll advocate for yourself. We offer a student handbook that outlines your rights and responsibilities and prepares you for your greater role in managing your education and accommodations. Though the services may change, it's important you inform us about your past, so we're able to provide the right support. 


Parents and guardians are a critical component to all aspects of the educational trajectory, however, that involvement does shift once a student becomes 18 years of age and is admitted to a college or university. At that time, parents and guardians are not legally allowed access to a student's educational information. The Federal Education and Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) allows for the release of private and confidential information to specified persons. Families are allowed to access information if a student has signed a release of information form. If you are in need of a release of information form, please stop by the Center for Student Success. 

Common Accommodations 

Newberry College is committed to providing students with equitable access and participation in academics and other programs sponsored by the College as mandated by federal law. The process for granting accommodations to qualified students with documented disabilities is managed by the Coordinator of Disability Services.

Faculty should only implement accommodations approved by the Coordinator of Disability Services, who will provide students with a letter describing approved classroom accommodations. Students are responsible for providing this letter to faculty prior to before the need arises. 

By law, disability and accommodation information should be kept private, and only shared with College personnel who have a legitimate educational need to know. 

Some common accommodations include:

  • Providing a distraction-free environment for test taking

  • Providing additional time to complete course tasks

  • Permission to audio-record lectures

  • Access to laptop / tablet for notetaking

  • Access to faculty lecture notes

  • Priority seating 

  • Substitution of courses 

  • Access to alternate material / media (i.e. Braille, audio versions, etc.)

Contact Information

Peggy Dominguez | 803.321.5277 

Disability & Accommodations Coordinator, Academic Success Coach

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