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Scaling the Summit

The View from the Mountaintop

Eight years ago, we embarked on a journey upward. We imagined a Newberry College with the infrastructure for growth and the resources for academic innovation. We knew it would be a steep climb, but with the right people and the right tools, we knew we could make it. This fiscal year marked the end of the Scaling the Summit comprehensive capital campaign, and now we pause to survey how far we have come, and to honor those who have powered our ascent.

Below, we would like to recognize each person and organization who has been part of the Scaling the Summit campaign since its inception. The names are organized alphabetically, and you can use CTRL + F (PCs) or Command + F (Mac) to search, but you must first open the list for the corresponding letter. If you don’t see your name, or if you have any questions, please call 803.321.5363 or email

Mr. William Amis
Amity Lodge No. 87 AFM
Mr. Jeff Ammann
Mrs. Ann Amos
Ms. Tracy Anagnostis
Mr. and Mrs. Rita Anderson
Ms. Andrea Anderson
The Rev. Dr. Mary and The Rev. Frank Anderson
Ms. Brytni Andrews
Mr. James Andrews
Ms. Caroline Andrews
Mr. Jason Andrighetti
Ms. Kayla Anhold
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Judith Annan
Ms. Leigh Annand
Mr. Vassilis Antjakas
Mrs. Jerva Applegate
1st Lt. Steven Arango
Ms. Karen Arango
Ms. Lucy Archie
Mr. Thomas Ard
Mrs. Meredith Ard
Dr. Pamela Ardern
Mrs. Catherine Ardrey
Ms. Brenda Argoe
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Armfield
Armfield's Office Supply
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Donald Armistead
Ms. Martha Armistead
Mr. Shawn Arnold
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Billie Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Arnoult
Lt. Col. Alton Arnsdorff
Mr. Charlie T. Arnsdorff
Mr. Michael Arntz
Ms. Anne Arntz
Mrs. Pamela Arrington
Mr. John Arrowood
Mr. Glenn Arthur
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Melba Arthur
Mr. Frank Ashburn
Mrs. Dorothy Ashley
Ms. Kimberly Ashley
Ms. Sarah Atkins
Dr. Tommy Atkinson
Mr. Johnny Atkinson
Mr. Robert Atkinson
Mr. Troy Atkinson
Ms. Alma P. Atwater
Ms. Deandra Atwood
Ms. Shirley Aughtry
Augsburg Lutheran Church, Union, SC
Ms. Cynthia Aulbach
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Aull
Mr. Elbert Aull
Mrs. Peggy Aull
Ms. Diane Aull
Pastor Beverly Aurand
2nd Lt. Chase Austin
Dr. Robert Paul Austin
Mr. Daniel Austin
Mr. Marion Austin
Mrs. Catherine Austin
Mr. Reid Austin
Austin Management, Inc.
Mr. J. D. Ausum
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ariail Auton Sr.
Ms. Patricia Avant
Aveleigh Presbyterian Church, Newberry, SC
Mr. Edward Avey
Dr. Melissa Awenowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Axson
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Mr. Richard Ayers

B & K Heating Air Conditioning
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Babson
Ms. Lara Backman
Mr. Dawson Backus
Ms. Carol Bagoly
Mrs. Caitlyn Bagwell
Mr. Gary Bailey
Ms. Cindee Bailey
Ms. Suzanne Bailey
Mr. Ruppert Baird
Mr. Samuel Baird
Mr. Terry Baird
Ms. Carol Baird
Ms. Crystal Baird
Ms. Donna Baird
Ms. Tracy Baird
Ms. Jordan Baker
Mr. James Baker
Mr. Kenny Baker
Mr. Steffan Baker
Mrs. Francine Baker
Ms. June Baker
Ms. Sandra Baker
Ms. Stacey Baker
Mr. Byron Baldwin
Mr. Michael Baldwin
Mrs. Rachel Baldwin
Mr. Vernon Ball
Ms. Alyssa Ball
Ballentine Family Dentistry, Inc.
Bank of America Matching Gifts Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. R. Banks
Mr. Leon Banks
Mrs. Cayci and Mr. Leon Banks
Ms. Hardil Banks
Banks Street Partners
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Bannister
The Rev. Dr. Richard Bansemer
Ms. Roina Baquera
Ms. Rosella Baquera
Mr. Michael G. Barb
Mr. James Barber
Ms. Crystal Barber
Ms. Renee Barco
Dr. Ronda Bard
Ms. Meredith Barfield
Ms. Teresa Barfield
Mr. Darik Barger
Mr. David Barker
Mr. Douglas Barker
Mr. Keith Barker
Col. Edd Barnes
Mr. Trevor Barnes
Ms. Julie Barnes
Mr. James Barnett
Mr. Thomas Barnett
Mrs. Patricia and Mr. Daniel Barnett
Ms. Jane Barnhill
Ms. Teresa Barrera
Mr. Brian Barrett
Mr. Joseph C. Barrett
Mr. David Barrineau
Mr. Gilbert Bartell
Mr. Michael Bartlett
Ms. Marina S. Bartolec
Mr. Jerry Baskin
Ms. Jackie Bass
Ms. Rhonda Bass
Mrs. Carol and Mr. David Bateman
Col. David Bates
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Bates
Mrs. Sarah Bates
Ms. Sarah Bates
Ms. Shandora Bates
Mrs. Catherine Battenfield
Mrs. Cheryl C. and Mr. Tim Baucom
Mr. Kevin Bauer
Mrs. Nancy Bauerlein
Mrs. Emily Baughman
Mr. Richard Baumgarner
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Carlyle Baxley
Mrs. Kimberly and Mr. George Baxley
Mrs. Kathryn Baxley
Ms. Michele Baxter
Mr. Philip D. Baynes
Ms. Lavonne Bazemore
Mr. Brandon Beacher
Mr. Charles Beaman
Mr. John Bean
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beard
Ms. Lauren Beard
Mr. William Beasley
Ms. Ronda Beasley
Dr. Patrick Beatty
Mr. Charles Beaty
Mr. David Beaty
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Beauchamp
Ms. Kelly Beauchamp
Mrs. Laura Beck
Mr. John Becker
Mr. Mark Becker
Mrs. Nancy Becker
Ms. Marilyn Becker
Dr. Derek Bedenbaugh
Mr. Lester Bedenbaugh
Mr. Steve Bedenbaugh
Mr. William Bedenbaugh
Mrs. Angelia Bedenbaugh
Mrs. Ernestine Bedenbaugh
Mrs. Iris Bedenbaugh
Mrs. Alice Bedenbaugh-Shealy
Ms. Lesley Bedford
Mr. Holden Beemiller
Mr. Tom Beene
Mr. Andrew Beeson
Mr. Francis Beeson
Dr. Mike Beggs
Mrs. Elaine Beggs
Mr. Joe Belk
Mrs. Frances Bell
Ms. Elsa Bello
Mr. and Mrs. H. Earle Belue
Mr. Robert Belville
Mr. Brian Benenhaley
Mr. Dale Bennett
Mr. Spencer Bennett
Mrs. Melanie and Mr. David Bennett
Ms. April Bennett
The Rev. Edward Benoway
Mr. Paul Benson
Mr. Thomas Benson
Ms. Edith Benson
Ms. Gabri Benson
Dr. Chase Bentley
Ms. Amy Bentley
Deacon Ina and Mr. Thomas Berkey
Mr. Jerry Berley
Ms. Maria Berman
Ms. Evelyn Berman
Dr. F. Christian and Mrs. Beth Bernhardt
Mr. Al Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. and June R. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Perrin Scott Berry
Mr. E. Michael Berry
Mr. Wilburn Berry
Mrs. McKay Tiller Berry
Mrs. Shirley Berry
The Rev. Wingard Berry
Mr. David and Mrs. Ashley Berryhill
Mr. L. D. Berryhill
Ms. Sharon Besley
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Grace Bessinger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Hara Best 
Dr. James Bethea
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bethea Jr.
Ms. Lyn Bethea
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Irmo, SC
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Leesville, SC
Mr. Willie Bethune
Mrs. Joan Bickley
Ms. Carol Bickley
Mr. Leonard Bifano
Big Daddy Electric & Construction, Inc.
Bill & Mary Carter Charitable Foundation Trust
Mr. William Billy
Ms. Teresa Birkbeck
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bishop
Mr. Houston Bishop
Mr. Jason Bishop
Mr. Olin Bishop
Mr. Wade Bishop
Mrs. Betty Bishop
Mrs. Bonnie Bishop
Ms. Theresa Bishop
The Rev. Jerome and Mrs. Carolyn Bishop
Mr. Michael Bison
Mr. Anthony Bixler
Ms. Cynthia Bizik
BJ Golf & Graphix
Ms. Carol Black
Dr. Laura Neath Black
Mr. and Mrs. C. Clifton Black
Mr. Henry Luther Black
Mr. Jason Black
Mr. Jonathan Black
Mr. Kevin Black
Mr. Michael Black
Mr. Pat Black
Mr. Ralph Black
Mr. Thomas Black
Mrs. Joan Black
Mrs. Kay and Mr. J. Black
Mr. Benjamin Black
Mr. Charles Black
Ms. Milbry Black
Mr. Herbert Blackaby
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Blackmon / Blackmon's 
Mrs. Leah Blackmon
Mrs. Deanne Blackwelder
Mr. Grayson and Mrs. Karen Blackwell
Mr. T. Larry Blackwell
Ms. Debbie Blackwell
Ms. Shirley Blackwell
Ms. Susan Blackwell
Ms. Samantha Blair
Mrs. Alice Blair
Mr. Xavier Blake
Mrs. Beverly J. Blanke
Mr. Harthe Blankenship
Mr. Leslie Blankenship
Mr. Edward Blanko
Mr. Charles Blanton
Mr. James Blanton
Mr. Brian Blatt
Mr. Stephen Blatt
Ms. Chelsea Blatt
Ms. Taylor Bleile
Mr. Larry Blevins
Mr. and Mrs. David Blow
Mrs. Amanda Penekamp Bluestein
Mr. Logan Blum
Mr. Thomas Blume
Ms. Lindsy Boateng
Mr. John Boazman
Mr. Lewis Bobb
Mr. Jeffrey Bodenhamer
Mr. Martin Boehling
Ms. Barbara Boggs
Mrs. Jana and Mr. Jason Boice
Mr. and Mrs. John Boland
Mr. Robert Boland
Mrs. Celia Boland
The Rev. A. Boland
Mrs. Elizabeth Boland
Mrs. Janet Bolchoz
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Franklin Bolen
Mr. Rodney Bolen
Mr. Robert Boles
Ms. Nancy Bollman
Ms. Bethann Bologna
Mr. Alexander Bolton
Mrs. Brenda W. Bomberger
Mr. Alfred Boni
Ms. Ana Bonilla
Mrs. Susan Bonner
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Boone
Mr. Bill Boone
Mr. Claude Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shelton Boozer
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Boozer
Mr. and Mrs. Von Boozer
Mr. Jimmy Boozer
Mr. John Boozer
Mr. Ronald Boozer
Mrs. Alanna and Mr. Kevin Boozer
Ms. Carla Boozer
Ms. Cindy Bordeaux
Mr. Brett Borders
Mr. Steve Borders
Mr. Seiji Borja
Ms. Marlene Borowinski
Ms. Nicole Borowinski
Mr. Bob Bosse
Ms. Tracy Bostic
Mr. Pete Bougas
Dr. Lillian Bouknight
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Bouknight
Mr. Douglas L. Bouknight
Mr. James Bouknight
Mr. Johnny Bouknight
Ms. Elizabeth Bouknight
Mrs. Diane M. Boulware
Mr. Vincent Bouronich
Ms. Patricia Bowen
Ms. Ann Bowen
Mr. Albert D. Bowers
Mr. James Bowers
Mr. Melvin Bowers
Mr. Robert Bowers
Mrs. Florence Bowers
Mrs. Pendy Bowers
Mrs. Rosemary Bowers
Ms. Ann Bowers
Ms. Norma Bowers
Ms. Ramona Bowers
Ms. Tangila Bowers
Bowers & Floyd
Bowers and Floyd
Mr. Ronald Bowling
Mr. Isaiah Bowman
Mr. Lonnie Bowman
Mrs. Emily Bowron
Mrs. Shirley Boyce
Mr. Artavis R. Boyd
Mr. Mac Boyd
Mr. Taff Boyd
Mr. William and Mrs. Barbara Boyd
Mrs. Elizabeth Boyden
Mrs. Jean Bozardt
Mr. Dannelly M. Brabham
Mr. Thomas Bradberry
Ms. Naomi Bradey
Mrs. Helena Bradford
Mr. Timothy Allen Bradshaw
Mrs. Marian Brady
Mr. Charles Branan
Mr. Bruce Brand
Dr. Dorothy Pauline Brandt
Mrs. Alice Brandt
Mrs. Caroline Brandt
Mrs. Millie Mahaffey Brandt
The Rev. Henry Brandt
Ms. Lisa Brannigan
Mr. William Brant
Mr. Justin and Mrs. Anna Branton
Mr. John Braswell
Mr. Ryan Brathe
Mr. Robert Brazell
Ms. Gwenell and Mr. Caleb Brazell
Breakthru Beverage of South Carolina
Mr. David Brehmer
Mr. Howard Bremer
Mr. Jerrold Breon
Ms. Gemma Bressound
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Brett / Brett Public Relations
Mr. Frank Brewer
Mrs. Paula Brewington
Mr. William Brice
Mr. Andrew S. Brickle
Csm Robert Brickley
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Bridgers Jr. 
The Rev. Kirk P. and Mrs. Janet Bridgers
Mr. David Bridges
Ms. Carol Bridgham
Mr. Jack Briggs
Mrs. Barbara Briggs
Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Sherry Brigman
Mr. Christopher Bringer
Dr. Curtis Briscoe 
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Brissey
Mr. Kyle Britain
Ms. Gwen Britt
Mr. James Broadhurst
Dr. and Mrs. D. Heyward Brock
Mr. and Mrs. John Brock
Mrs. Linda Brock
Mrs. Melissa Brock
Mr. Willard Oswald Brodie III
The Rev. Albert Brodie
Ms. Kelly Brookbank
Mr. Jeff Brooker
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Jessica Brooks
Mr. Gerry Brooks
Mr. Jeffrey Brooks
Ms. Ann Brooks
Ms. Deana Brooks
Ms. Geraldine Brooks
Ms. Patricia Brooks
Ms. Penny Brooks
Mr. Harold Broome
Mr. Brandon Broughton
B.L. Brown, Jr. and Dale Kinard Brown
MR. Earl Brown
Mr. Alan Brown
Mr. Amonte Brown
Mr. Brian Brown
Mr. Daniel Brown
Mr. David Brown
Mr. Deral Brown
Mr. Donnie Brown
Mr. Harris Brown
Mr. Joshua Brown
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Sarah Brown
Mr. Prentiss Brown
Mr. Robert Brown
Mr. Robert Brown
Mr. Robert Brown
Mr. Ryan Brown
Mr. Willard Brown
Mrs. Angela Brown
Mrs. Angie Brown
Mrs. Eleanor Brown
Mrs. Letitia Brown
Ms. Bibi Brown
Ms. Elease Brown
Ms. Emma Brown
Ms. Joyce Brown
Ms. Kathleen Brown
Ms. Kathy Brown
Ms. Latresha Brown
Ms. Linda Brown
Ms. Lisa Brown
Ms. Marie Brown
Mr. Albert Brown
Mr. Robert Brown, Jr.
Ms. Donna Broyles
Mrs. Harriett F. Bruce
Mrs. Mary Brueggemeier
Mrs. Dorothy Brumberg
Ms. Angela Brumfield
Dr. and Mrs. James Brunson
Mr. Daquain Brunson
Ms. Cassandra Brunson
Mr. Cecil Bryan
Mr. John Bryan
Mr. Raymond Bryan
Dr. Sarah Bryant
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Dale Bryant
Mrs. Sharon Bryant
Mr. Earl Bryant III
Ms. Monica Buccellato
Ms. Dorothy Buckner
Ms. Cori Budzinski
Mr. Richard Budzonski
Buffalo Baptist Church, Buffalo, SC
Mr. Henry Bufkin
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Carissa Bull
Mrs. Brittani Bunce
Mr. Michael Bundrick
Mrs. Myrna Bundy
Mr. Jason C. Burger
Mr. Charles Burgess
Mr. James Burgess
Mr. Reuben Burk
Mr. John Burkard
Ms. Kathleen Burke
Ms. Leigh Burke
Ms. Susan Burkhart
Mr. Ronald Burkins
Mr. Fred Burnett
Mr. LeGrande Burnett
Mrs. Shannon Burnett
Ms. Valarie Burnett
Ms. Barbara Burns
Mr. Belvin Burnside
Mr. Thomas Burrill
Mr. Thomas Burriss
Ms. Donna Burriss
Mr. Frank L. Burton
Mrs. Maecy Burton
Mr. Paul Busby
Mrs. Melvina Busby
Mr. Ja'kobe Bush
Dr. Mandy Butler
Mr. Mark Butler
Mr. Robert Butler
Mrs. Marilyn Butler
Mrs. Roberta Butler
Ms. Adelaide Butler
Ms. Agnes Butler
Ms. Carrie Butler
Ms. Elizabeth Butler
Ms. Dorothy Button
Ms. Lori Buxton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Buzhardt Sr.
Mr. Thomas Buzhardt
Mrs. Landee Buzhardt
Mr. Clifford Byrd
Ms. Sandra Byrnes

C.D. Coleman Oil Company
Mrs. Haley and Mr. Harris Cabaniss
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cabra
Mrs. Ann Caddell
Ms. Lynne Cade
Mr. David Cain
Ms. Phyllis Calamas
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Calcutt
Calcutt Law Firm, Inc.
Mr. James Caldwell
Mr. Walter Timothy Caldwell Sr.
Mr. Zachary Caldwell
Mrs. Cindy and Mr. Bradley Caldwell
Ms. Bess Caldwell
Ms. Courtney Caldwell
Mr. Wayne Calhoun
Ms. Michelle Calmeyn
Mrs. Evelyn Cameron
Mrs. Mary Lou Cameron
Mr. W. T. Camp
Mrs. Delores Snelgrove Camp
Camp Chatuga, Inc.
Dr. Berry Campbell
Mr. Bernard Campbell
Mr. Jordan Campbell
Mr. Kirk Campbell
Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell
Ms. Allison Campbell
Ms. Karen Campbell
Ms. Karen Campbell
Mr. Maurice and Mrs. Anne Campbell
Mr. Vincent Campo
Mr. Steven Canfield
Mr. David Canning
Mrs. Norma Cannon
Cannon & Company, LLP
Ms. Kathy Canzater
Mr. Miguel Capeles
Ms. Crystal Capers
Mr. Terence Cardew
Ms. Kelly Cardew
Mr. John Carenen
Mr. Charles Carlisle
Ms. Meghan Carlson
Mr. Shawn and Mrs. Linsay Carnes
Ms. Amy Carnes
Carolina Sampler
Mrs. Marjorie Carosiello
The Rev. Anthony Carosiello
Mr. Kent Carpenter
Ms. Beth Carr
Ms. Jessica Carr
Mr. Nathaniel Carrasco
Ms. Brenda Carraway
Mr. Vincent Carrigan
Ms. Tammy Carrigan
Ms. Alexis Carrillo
Mr. Bowman Carroll
Mr. Thomas Carson
Ms. Anita Carson
Ms. Debra Carson
Mrs. Rosalyn Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Alan Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Carter
Mr. Christopher Carter
Mr. Fred Carter
Mr. Manning Carter
Mr. Melvin Carter
Mr. Richard Carter
Mrs. Joyce Roof Carter
Mrs. Pauline Carter
Mrs. Sharon Carter
Ms. Eva Carter
Ms. Laurie Carter
Mr. Chad and Dr. Lynn Cary
Dr. Patrick Casey
Mr. Michael Casey
Mr. Danny Cash
Ms. Jamesina Cason
Mr. Anthony Caspio
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Blair Castles III
Mr. Joe B. Castles, Jr.
Ms. Eva Castles
Mr. Clarence Castor
Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Naomi Caswell
Mr. Mark Caswell
Ms. Christel Cato
Mr. Frank Catucci
Dr. Carrie Caudill
Mr. and Mrs. Huger Parler Caughman, Sr.
Mr. Donald Caughman
Mr. James Caughman
Ms. Kristin Caughman
Mr. Huger Caughman, Jr.
Mrs. Jane and Mr. James Caulder
Mrs. Verna Kohn Cavanaugh
Dr. Druie Cavender
Ms. Sharon Cavins
Mr. William and Mrs. Elese Cegelis
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Jessica Centea
Center Baptist Church
Central Carolina Community Foundation
Central United Methodist Church
Ms. Peggy Chancellor
Mr. Ron Chandler
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Patricia Chandler
Mrs. Kay Chandler
Mrs. Nita Chandler
Ms. Sarah Chaney
Chapin Dental Associates
Chapin United Methodist Church
Mr. E. Marion Chaplin
Ms. Patricia Chaplin
Mr. Francis Chapman
Mr. Frank Chapman
Mr. G. Harold Chapman
Mr. Ira Chapman
Mr. Richard Chapman
Ms. Jane Chapman
Ms. Rebecca Chapman
Ms. Katharine N. Chappell
Mrs. Susan Chariker
Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF)
Ms. Ada Charles
Mrs. Bonnie Charlton
Mr. Reed Charpia
Mrs. Julia and Mr. David Chase
Mr. Thomas Chastain
Mr. Christian Chavez
Ms. Sonia Chavez
Mr. Charles Chavous
Mr. George Chenarides
Mr. Curtis Chenoweth
Mr. Brian Cheshite
Mr. Michael Chestnut
Ms. Paula Chestnut
Chevron Corporation
Mr. Richard Chewning
Dr. Anthony F. Chibbaro
Mr. Doug Chickarello
Mr. James Chickarello
Mr. Charles Childress
Mr. Dean Childress
Mrs. Beth Childress
Mr. Surujdaye Chinpire
Ms. Nautica L. Chisholm
Mr. C. Brent Chitwood
Mr. Ben Chiudina
Mr. Samuel Chocklett
Ms. Leah Chopek
Mr. Ronald Chrisley
Christ Lutheran Church, Fairfield Glade, TN
Christ Lutheran Church, Cape Coral, FL
Mr. William Christie
Dr. L. B. and Mrs. Emily Christofoli
Mr. Robbi Chrzanowski
Chester High School Class of 1958
Ms. Sophia Chung
Mr. David Church
Mr. Douglas Church
Mr. Gari Church
Mr. John Church
Ms. Lisa Church
Ms. Martha Church
Church Lake Farms, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. P. Cinnamon
Mr. Gunner Cisko
City of Newberry
Ms. Beverly Claessens
Mr. James Clamp
Mr. Christopher Clampitt
Dr. Bret Clark
Mr. Donald Clark
Mrs. Annelisa Clark
Ms. Tanya Clark
The Rev. and Mrs. Marion W. Clark
Mr. Samuel Clarkson
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Clary
Mrs. Mary Clary
Mr. Andrew Clawson
Mr. States Clawson
Mr. Henry Clay
Mr. Rickie Clay
Mr. Stanley Clay
Mrs. Nancy Clay
Mr. John Clayton
Mrs. Hazel Clayton
Clearview Auto Glass
Ms. Kathleen Cleary
Mr. Johnny Clements
Mrs. Emily Clements
Mr. Robert Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Susan Clifton
Mrs. Phyllis Dufford Cline
Mr. Brandon Clontz
Mr. Robert Clyburn
Mr. De-Angelo Coatie
Dr. and Mrs. Orr McClentic Cobb Jr.
Dr. Daniel Cobb
Dr. Larry Cobb
Ms. Michelle Cobb
Ms. Tonya Cobb
Mr. Teron Cochran
Mrs. Katie Cochran
Mr. Paul Cochrane
Mrs. Rachel Cockrell
Ms. Phyllis Cockrell
Mr. Thomas Coffey
Mrs. Hunt Coffey
Mr. and Mrs. Dane Coffman
The Rev. David Coffman
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Coggins / WKDK
Mr. Parkes B. Coggins
Dr. Karras Cohen
Mr. Darren Coke
Ms. Lisa Coke
Mr. Theron Coker
Mrs. Elizabeth Coker
Ms. Lory Coker
Dr. Gregory Cole
Ms. Bridget Cole
Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Coleman Jr.
Mr. Dewitt Coleman
Mr. Harold Coleman
Mr. R. Sylvester Coleman
Mr. Rensie Coleman
Mr. Tyler Coleman
Mrs. Vivian Coleman
Mr. Charles Coles
Mr. W. Thomas and Mrs. Jacqueline Collier
Mrs. Lula Collier
Mr. Edward Collins
Mr. George Collins
Mr. Ronnie Colson
Ms. Deloris Colvin
Mr. Christopher Colwell
Ms. JoAnn Colwell
Ms. Karen Colwell
Ms. Nancy Colwell
Ms. Janet Comer
Comfort Keepers
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Community Foundation of the Low Country
Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Inc.
Mrs. Charlotte Caughman Compton
Mrs. Charlotte Comstock
Ms. Rose Condon
Mr. George Cone
Mr. and Mrs. Terri Conine
Mr. Alfred Connelly
Mr. B. Connelly
Mr. Evan Connelly
Mrs. Betty Connelly
The Rev. Dr. Rachel L. and Mr. Michael A. Connelly
The Rev. and Mrs. James Rufus Connelly
Mr. Paul Conner
Mr. Patrick Connolly
Ms. Branden Connolly
Ms. Linda Connolly
Mr. James Conrad
Mr. Paul Conway
Mr. Adam Cook
Mr. Charles Cook
Mr. Daniel Cook
Mr. Jalen Cook
Mrs. Grace Cook
Mrs. Karen Cook
Ms. Erin Cook
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Boyd F. Cook
Mrs. Patricia Cooksey
Ms. Bobbie Cool
Mr. Davis Cooler
Mr. Russel Cooley
Ms. Toni Coomer
Mr. Dean Coon
Ms. Virginia Coons
Mr. Bryce Cooper
Mr. Chance Cooper
Mr. James Cooper
Mr. Raymond Cooper
Mr. Sidney Copleston
Core Engineering & Construction, Inc.
Corinth Lutheran Church, Saluda, SC
Mr. Edward Corley
Mr. Gary Corley
Mr. Rhett Corley
Mrs. Cindy Corley
The Rev. and Mrs. G. Gaylis Corley
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Melanie Corn
Mrs. Jessica Corn
Mr. Donald Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. John Woody and Elaine M. Cornwell
Dr. Milton Costa
Ms. Miriam Costenbader
Ms. Brenda Cote
Ms. Teresa Cothran
Mr. Nick Cotter
Mr. Raymond E. Cotton
Council of Independent Colleges
Dr. Gurdon W. Counts
Mr. H. W. O. Counts
Mr. Jake Counts
Mrs. Brenda Counts
Mrs. Connie Chalk Counts
Mrs. Donna Counts
Mrs. Julia Counts
Mr. Bobby Counts
Capt. Zachary Counts, USAF
County of Newberry
Mr. Phillip Courie
Mr. Walter B. Cousins
Mrs. Fae Cousins
Ms. Patti Cowart
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hugh Cox
Mr. Ronald Cox
Mrs. Stephanie Cox
Ms. Jennifer Cox
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Angela Craddock
Ms. Sherrie Crapps
Mrs. Lacey and Mrs. Dalton Craven
Mr. Jan Crawford
Ms. Becky Crawford
The Rev. Claude Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Creech
Ms. Sarah Creel
Ms. Betty Cribbs
Ms. Betty Crider
Mrs. Paula Crites
Mr. Kevin Crittendon
Mrs. Sharon Crochet
Mr. Larry Crolley
Ms. Ashley Cromer
Mr. Cole Cromer
Mr. Donald Cromer
Mr. Harold Cromer
Mr. Harry Cromer
Mr. Robert Cromer
Mr. Steve Cromer
Ms. Paula Cromer
Ms. Virginia Cromer
Mr. William L. Cromer
Cromer Pools Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Will and Libby Cromley / Cromley Ford
Cromley's, Inc.
Dr. Michael Cronen
Dr. Paul Cronen
Mr. Joseph Crooks
Mr. George Crosby
Mr. Gordon Cross
Mr. Ralph Crowley
Ms. Brittany A. Crowson
Ms. Vickie Crowson
Mr. Michael and Dr. Carla Cruickshanks
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and Caroline Crump
Mrs. Lori and Mr. George Crumpton
Mrs. Amanda and The Rev. G. Cruse
The Rev. Guy Cruse
Ms. Micaela Cruz
Mr. Louis Csencsits
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Mary Cuenin
Mrs. Ava Culbertson
Mrs. Bonnie Culbertson
Ms. Martha Culbertson
Mr. and Mrs. William Todd Culclasure
Mr. Jacob Culclasure
Mr. Otis R. Culclasure
Mr. Otis S. Culclasure
Mr. R. D. Culclasure, III
Mrs. Donna N. Culclasure
Ms. Margaret Culp
Ms. B. K. Cummings
Mr. James and Mrs. Malissa Cunningham
Mr. Fred Cupo
Mr. Wayne Curlee
Mr. Edward Curtis
Mrs. Beverly Cuthbert
Mrs. Donna Cutsforth
Mr. R. Michael Cutshall
Mrs. Ashley Cutshall

D. L. Scurry Foundation
Da Rin-Butz Charitable Fund
Mr. William Dabbs
Ms. Alexis Dabney
Mr. Thomas Dabney
Mr. Thomas Dail
Mr. Ray Dalfonso
Ms. Crystal Dalfonso
Ms. Margaret Dalrymple
Mr. Charles Dalziel
Ms. Diana Damstetter
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Dandridge
Mr. Mark Daniel
Ms. Gloria Danielowski
Ms. Adia Daniels
Mr. Barry Daniels
Mr. Jerald and Mrs. Cynthia Daniels
Mr. Louis Danielsen
Ms. Tommie Danielsen
Ms. Frances Dantzler
Mr. and. Mrs. Robert Gordon Darby
Mr. James Darnell
Mr. Luther Dasher
Ms. Ann K. Dasher
Mr. Jeffrey E. Dave
Ms. Hannah Dave
Mr. John Ray Davenport
Mr. Michael Davenport
David Sinclair Automotive LLC
Mrs. Laurie Davidson
Mr. Alex Davila
Mr. Thomas Davila
Mr. Tim W. Davila
Ms. Amy Davila
Ms. Debra Davila
Ms. Stephanie Davila
Mr. Chaun Davis
Dr. Mark Andrew Davis
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. G. Bernard Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Lamar Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis
Mr. Benjamin Davis
Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Brandy Davis
Mr. Charles Davis
Mr. Donen Davis
Mr. James Davis
Mr. Joel Davis
Mr. Paul Davis
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Brenda Davis
Mr. Robert Davis
Mr. Robert Davis
Mr. Wendell Davis
Mr. Willie Hannah Davis
Mrs. Amelia Davis
Mrs. Betty Davis
Mrs. Ilene Davis
Mrs. Jacquelyn Davis
Mrs. Julie Davis
Mrs. Sandra Davis
Ms. Elizabeth Davis
Ms. Lisa Davis
Ms. MaryLu Davis
Ms. Pamela Davis
Ms. Pauline Davis
Ms. Rebecca Davis
Ms. Shala Davis
Ms. Teresa Davis
Ms. Tessa Davis
The Honorable Edwin M. Davis
Mrs. Chanette Davis
Mrs. Heather Dawkins
Mrs. Mary Helen and Mr. Robert Dawkins
Mr. Kelvin Day
Mr. Robert Day
Ms. Melanie K. Day
Mrs. Carol De Bolt
Mrs. Sandra De La Torre
Mr. Al de Lachica
Mr. Spencer Dearybury
Mr. Reginald Deas
Ms. Maxie Deaton
Mr. Michael M. DeAugustino
Ms. Suzanne DeAugustino
Mr. Dale DeBacco
Ms. Anita Decker
Mr. Jerry Del Tufo
Mr. Michael DeLee
Mr. Jeffrey DelGrosso
Mr. Michael DeLoache
Mrs. Lois DeLoache
Mr. Joshua Delvalle
Mrs. Debra Demidow
Ms. Elizabeth DeMulder
Dr. Patrick Dennis
Mr. Arthur Dennis
Mr. H. Lawrence and Mrs. Margy Dennis
Mr. Robert Dennis
Ms. Mary Dennis
Ms. Natasha Dennison
Mr. William and Mrs. Paula Denton
Mr. Michael DePalma
Mr. and Mrs. John Derrick
Mr. and Mrs. T. Harold Derrick
Mr. Curtis Derrick
Mr. George Derrick
Mr. Lawrence Derrick
Mr. Mark Derrick
Mr. Paul Derrick
Mrs. Delores Derrick
The Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Derrick
The Rev. and Mrs. John D. Derrick
Estate of Rose Martens Bolchoz Derrick
Ms. Ruth Derrick
Mrs. Karen Derrick-Chong
Mr. Jason Devette
Ms. Kathryn Devine
Ms. April Dewalt
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Jessica DeWitt
DF Halton Foundation Inc.
Mrs. Gloria Diaz
Mr. Larry Steven DiBiase
Mr. and Mrs. Randal Lanton Dickens
Ms. Brenna Dickerson
Mr. Danny Dickert
Ms. Alisa Dickhoff
Mr. Gerald Dickinson
Ms. Ann Dickman
Mr. Kenneth Dickson
Mr. Michael Dickson
Mr. Nicholas DiLiberto
Dr. and Mrs. Ben Dillard
Mr. William Dillard
Mr. Anthony Dillenger
Mrs. Jacqueline H. Diller
Mr. Troy Dillman
Ms. Lyndas L. Dillon
Mr. Joseph Dilworth
Mrs. Jane Dineen
Ms. Clairessa Dinkins
Ms. Tomi Dinkins
Mr. David Ditomasso
Mr. Charles Dixon
Mr. Ty'Ran Dixon
Ms. Rebekah Dixon
Ms. Vi T. Doan
Mr. Alan K. Doble
Mr. Paul Docauer
Mrs. Marie Dockery
Ms. Jalyn Dockery
Mrs. Celia Dodgen
Mr. Benjamin Dodzweit
Ms. Anne Doerpinghaus
MS. Elizabeth Doherty
Dr. Terry Dohm
Mrs. Chris Dominick
Mr. Gerald Dominick
Mr. William Dominick
Mrs. Christine Dominick
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
Mr. Chad and Mrs. Helen Domis
Ms. Paola Donald
Mr. Scott Donelick
Mr. Charles Dooley
Mr. Hunter Doolittle
Mr. John Doolittle
Mrs. Charlsie and Mr. J. Doolittle
Mrs. Melissa Doolittle
Mrs. Elizabeth Dority
Mr. J. Watson Dorn
Mr. Steven Dorrell
Ms. Martha Dorrell
Mr. David Dorroh
Mr. Richard Dorset
Ms. Jennifer Doss
Ms. Wendy Doucette
Ms. Sarah Dougherty
Mr. Jimmie Douglas
Mr. Anthony Dove
Mr. Chris Dove
Mr. Floyd Dovell
Mr. James Lynn Dowd
Mr. Jody Dowd
Mr. Samuel Dowd
Mrs. Sarah Dowd
Ms. Tara Dowell
Mr. Donald Dowling
Mr. Wayne D. Dowling
Mr. Brandon Downey
Ms. Laura Downing
Mr. Steven Downs
Mr. Brandon Draeger
Mrs. Helen and Mr. James Draeger
Ms. Jessica Draeger
Mr. James Pickens Drafts III
Mr. Anthony Dragon
Mr. and Mrs. Tamela Drake
Drayton Rutherford UDC Chapter
Mr. and Mrs. John Dreher
Ms. Dawn Driggers
Mr. Timothy Driggers
Ms. Jo Driggers
Ms. Marcia H. Driscoll
Mr. Thomas DuBois
The Rev. Dwight Dubois
Dr. and Mrs. E. Dubose
Mr. Bill Dubose
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Mary DuBose
Mrs. Jennifer Dubose
Ms. Jennifer DuBose
Mr. Wayne Duff
Mrs. Linda Duffie
Dr. William E. Dufford
Mr. Ephraim O'Neal Dufford
Mr. Milton Williams Dufford
Mr. R. Tyler Dufford
Ms. Briessa Duffy
Ms. Marie Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Duggan
Mr. Doug Duin
Duke Energy Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Dukes
Mr. Christopher Dukes
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Deborah Dukes
Mr. William Dukes
Mrs. Carol Dukes
Ms. Lisa Dukes
Ms. Carrie Dumas
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sara Duncan
Ms. Lisa Duncan
Representative Jeff Duncan
Mrs. Dori Dunham
Mrs. Betsy and Mr. Charles Dunklin
Mr. R. T. Dunlap
Ms. Karen Dunlap
Mr. William Dunn
Mrs. Sadie Dunn
Ms. Laurie Dunn
Mr. Allan Dunphy
Dr. Tim DuPont
Mr. Christopher DuPree
Ms. Kimberly Durrant
Ms. Abigail Duval
Mrs. Joan O. Dyer
Mr. and Mrs. James Earle Dyson Jr.

Mrs. Samantha Eachues
Mr. A. Eugene Eaddy
Mr. and Mrs. William Homer Eargle Jr.
Mr. Charles P. Eargle
Mr. Edwin Eargle
Mr. Elon Eargle
Mr. Gordon Eargle
Mr. Scott Earley
Ms. Shirley Early
Mr. James and Mrs. Holly Easterby
Mrs. Janet Easterby
Mr. Michael Eaton
Ms. Jill Eaton
Ms. Victoria Eaton
Mr. John Eaves
Mr. Lynn Eaves
The Rev. W. C. and Mrs. Margaret Ebener
Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Pierson, FL
Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC
Mr. Samuel Ebersole
Mrs. Linda Ebert
Ms. Shirley Eckelmann
Economy Furniture Co. Inc.
Mrs. Hazel Eddins
Mr. and Mrs. John Eddy
Mr. Edward Eddy
Ms. Rebecca Eddy
Mr. and Mrs. William Barney Edenfield / U-Save Auto Rental
Ina Edens
Mr. Michael O. Edens
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall L. Edens
Mr. Carlisle Edens
Mr. Jerry Edge
Mr. Steven Edge
Ms. Savannah Edis
Mr. James Edler
Mr. Ari Edmiston
Dr. William Edwards
Mr. James Edwards
Mr. Aaron Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Edwards 
Mr. Gerald Edwards
Mr. John Edwards
Mr. Joshua Edwards
Mr. Marshall Edwards
Mr. Stephen Edwards
Mrs. Jill Edwards
Ms. Mary Edwards
The Rev. Derald and Mrs. Vicky Edwards
Ms. Marjorie Egee
Mr. Steven Eisele
Mr. George Eiwen
Mr. Howell Eleazer
Elem Baptist Church, Harleyville, SC
Mr. Jake Elkins
Mr. Christopher Ellcessor
Ms. Susan Ellerbrock
Mrs. Mary Elliott
Mrs. Vera Elliott
Mr. Clyde Ellison
Mr. J. Todd Ellison
Ms. Margaret Ellison
Ms. Chelsea Ellisor
Ms. Meredith Ellisor
Mr. Jim Elmore
Ms. Frances Elmore
Mr. Stanley Elrod
Dr. Timothy Elston
Mr. Albert Emerson
Mrs. Lang Entrekin
Mr. Michael Epps
Mrs. Judith Epps
Ms. Laurie Epps
Mr. J. C. Epting
Mrs. Julie D. Epting
Mrs. Linda Epting
Dr. Susan Epting
Mr. Robert Erd
Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Tammy Errigo
Mr. Richard Errigo
Mr. Martin Erskine
Mrs. Sherry Ervin
Mr. Lester Erwin
Mr. Victor Esche
MS. Cynthia Eshleman
Ms. Olga Espinosa
Mr. Carl Estridge
Mr. Mac Estridge
Mr. William Eudy
Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Augusta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Elbert Evans
Mr. Keith Evans
Mr. Lindsey Evans
Mr. Mike Evans
Mr. Thmoas Evans
Mrs. Debra Evans
Ms. Haley Evans
Ms. Lauren Evans
Ms. Lori Evans
Ms. Mary Evans
Ms. Michele Evans
Ms. Sharon Evans
Ms. Linda Evans
Mr. Ford Ewaldsen
Mr. John Ewaldsen
Dr. Linda Ewing-Ramsey
Exchange Club of Newberry
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent C. Exley
Ms. Sheryl Exley
Mr. Julio C. Ezesarte

Mr. Kelly Faircloth
Mr. Kenneth Faircloth
Ms. Karly Faircloth
Ms. Terri Faircloth
Mr. John Fairey
Faith Lutheran Chapel, Pickens, SC
Ms. Lauren Falconer
Latchford Family
Mr. Charles Fanning
Ms. Christina Fargnoli
Mrs. Anna Farmer
Ms. Melanie Farmer
Ms. Sadie Farrow
Mr. Robert Fast
Mrs. Sue Faubion
Mr. Donald Faulkner
Mr. John Fawcett
Ms. Sherrigan Feaster-Johnson
Mr. Adrian Fechner
Ms. Jill Feinstein
Ms. Faith Felix
Mr. Mark Felk
Mr. Derrill Felkel
Dr. Terry Fellers
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Fellers
Mr. Tommy Fellers
Dr. Kelli Fellows
Mrs. Katherine Felts
Mrs. Sandra P. Fennell
Dr. and Mrs. Benny P. Ferguson III
Dr. William Ferguson
Mr. John Ferguson
Ms. Roberta Ferrell
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Fesperman
Mr. Curren Fessler
Mr. Archie Fetner
Mrs. Margaret Fetner
Mr. Stephen Fetner
Mr. James Fetterman
Mr. Erick Ficken
Fidelity Charitable
Mr. Clifton Fields
Mr. William Fields
Mrs. Toni and Mr. James Finch
Col. and Mrs. H. Thomas Fincher
FineMark National Bank & Trust
Capt. Alfred Fingerlin
Mr. Francis Fingerlin
Ms. Adrienne Fink
Dr. and Mrs. A. Allen Finley
Mr. Matthew Finley
First Baptist Church, Bladenboro, NC
First Team Sports
First United Methodist Church, Winnsboro, SC
First United Methodist Church, Isle of Palms, SC
Drs. Jeremy Fisher
Mr. James and Mrs. Pamela Fisher
Mr. James Fisher
Mr. John and Mrs. Jennifer Fisher
Ms. Donna Fisher
Ms. Sharon Fisher
The Rev. and Mrs. Carl M. Fisher
Mr. Allen Fleming
Ms. Anna Fleming
Ms. Cheryl Flinchum
Mrs. Elizabeth Flinsch
The Rev. William Flippin
Dr. Hollis Flora
Mrs. Kellee Flores
Florida-Bahamas Synod
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Gertrude Flowers
Dr. Billy Floyd
Dr. J. Chester Floyd
Mr. John Floyd
Mr. Wade Floyd
Mr. William Floyd
Mrs. Aileen Floyd
Mrs. Lauren Stephen Flynn
Ms. Cynthia Flynn
Mr. Matthew Fogle
Mrs. Adair Fogle
Mr. James Foley
Ms. Catherine Foley
Ms. Mary Foley
Ms. Sheila Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Folk
Mr. David Force
Mr. Herman Ford
Mr. Kelvin Ford
Mrs. Jane Ford
Mr. Trevon Fordham
Formac Partnership
Mr. Mark Forman
Ms. Hanna Forrest
Mr. David Forrester
Mr. Robert Fort
Mr. Furman Foster
Mr. Joseph Foster
Mr. Lee and Mrs. Carol Folk Foster
Mr. William and Mrs. Kathryn Foster
Ms. Amelia Foster
Ms. Suzanne Foster
Mrs. Amanda Foster-Snipes
Mr. Kevin D. Fowler
Mr. Kevin L. Fowler
Mr. Michael Fowler
Ms. R. Layne Fowler
Ms. Saralyn Fowler
Mr. Saylor Fox
Mrs. Stephanie Fox
Dr. Kenneth Fraga
Ms. Grace Fraga
Mr. Robert Fralix
Mr. George Franklin
Mr. Joseph Franklin
Ms. Betty Franklin
Mr. Gus Franklin
Mr. Dennis Frano
Mr. James and Mrs. Joyce Fraser
Mrs. Dianne Fraylick
Mr. William F. Frazier
Mrs. Brenda and Mr. J. Rhett Frazier
Ms. Sheryle Frederic
Mr. Richard Frederick
Ms. Christina Frederickson
Dr. Sarah Frederickson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Freeman
Mr. Randy Freeman
Mr. Robert Freeman
Mrs. Amelia Freeman
Ms. Dorothy Freeman
Ms. Carol Freitag
Ms. Joann Fremgen
Ms. Lillian French
Ms. Patricia French
Mrs. Sandra Freyermuth
Mr. and Mrs. John Stanley Frick
Mr. Dennis Frick
Mr. Kenneth Frick
Mrs. Cynthia Frick
Ms. Betty Friedman
The Rev. William Friedrichs
Mr. Clyde Frisby
Mrs. Louise Fronczak
Mr. Lee Fruitticher
Mr. Robert Frye
Ms. Nora Frye
Mrs. Barbara Fudjack
Mr. Mark Fuhr
Ms. Kimberly F. Fuhrman
Mr. James and Mrs. Kathy Fuller
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Abigail Fuller
Mrs. Janice Fuller
Ms. Karen Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Fulmer
Mr. Boyd Fulmer
Mr. Carl Fulmer
Mr. Jerry Fulmer
Mr. John Fulmer
Mr. Philip Fulmer
Mrs. Elizabeth Fulmer
Ms. Llewella Fulmer
Ms. Patricia Fulmer
Ms. Susan Fulmer
Ms. Susan H. Fulmer
Mr. N. Fulmer
Mrs. Jean Fulton
Ms. Eleanor Furr
Lt. Col. Robert “Ken” and Mrs. Kelly Furtick
Mr. Barry Fussell

Ms. Kristen Gabel
Mr. James Gage
Dr. Patrick Gagliano
Mrs. Terri Gainey
Ms. Charles Gainey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Galardi
Mr. William Galardi
Mr. Claude Galarneau
Ms. Gloria Gamble
Ms. Eileen Gant
Mr. Miguel Garcia
Mr. Rodrigo Garcia
Mr. Santiago Garcia
Ms. Lizette Garcia
Ms. Marcela Garcia
Ms. Pauline Garcia
Mr. James M. Gardas
Dr. Allison Kyzer and Mr. Brandon Gardner
Mr. Mark Gardiner
Mr. Lawrence M. Gardner
Mr. Robbie Gardner
Mr. Timothy Gardner
Ms. Susan Gardner
Ms. Coleen Garick
Mr. James Garner
Mr. William C. Garner
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Precious Garrett
Mr. Robert Garrett
Mr. Donald W. Garrick
Mr. Jeffrey Garrison
Mrs. Linda Garvin
Mr. Richard Garvin
Ms. Ann Gary
Ms. Veronica Garza
Mr. W. Emory Gash
Mr. Michael Gaskin
Ms. Nichole Gasper
Mrs. Cynthia Gastley
Mr. Jerald Gatch
Mr. Girdon Gates
Ms. Sarah E. Gates
Ms. Mylaysia K. Gates
Mrs. Flicka Gault
Ms. Constance Gawne
Col. Joel Gaydos
Mr. Rick Geary
Mr. Ashley Geddings
Ms. Shari Gee
Ms. Linda Gehr
Ms. Rebecca Geiger
Ms. Alice Geisler
Mr. Alex Gembler
Mr. Harold Gentry
Mr. Joey George
Mr. Joseph George
Mr. Anthony Georgiana
Mr. David Georgiana
Mr. Gregory F. Gerber
Dr. James A. Gerding
Ms. Mallory Gerndt
Mr. Martin Gething
Ms. Stephanie Gethlhausen
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Mr. Grayson C. Gettys
Mr. Roger Gettys
Mr. D. Julian Gibbons Jr. 
Mr. Glenn D. Gibbons
Ms. Barbara Gibbons
Ms. Lisa Gibson
Major and Mrs. Major Gibson
Mr. James Gibson
Mr. James Gibson
Mr. Joseph Gibson
Mr. Thomas Gibson
Mrs. Margaret and Major Charles Gibson
Ms. Lindsay Gifford
Mr. Lawrence Gilbert
Ms. Myra Gilbert
Mr. Kenneth Giles
Mrs. Courtney Giles
Mr. Donald Gillespie
Mr. Travis Gilliam
Mr. Travis Gilliam
Mrs. Maree Gilliam
Dr. Thomas Gilligan
Mr. Alfred Gilmore
Mr. Charles Gilroy
Mrs. Rebecca Gilstrap
Mr. Lance Givens
Mr. William Glace
Mrs. Virginia Glace
Ms. Marylon Glass
Ms. Carole Gleason
Mr. Kevin Gleaton
Mr. Kendall Glenn
Mr. John Glover
Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Jimmie Glymph
Ms. Henriann Goddard
Mr. Nashan Goddard
Mr. William Goddison
Ms. Melanie Goffinet
Mrs. Mary Goings
Mr. Dewey Golden
Mr. James and Mrs. Inez Golden
Mrs. Sharon Golden
Golden State Plumbing & Drain Company
Ms. Amy Goldman
Mr. Kenneth Goldsmith
MR. Claudio Gonzales
Ms. Julissa Gonzalez
Ms. Melody Gonzalez
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Walterboro, SC
Mr. John Goodale
Mr. John Goodale
Mr. Kenneth Gooding
Mr. James Goodison
Mr. Phil Goodman
Ms. Macie Goodman
Mr. Charleton I. Goodwin
Mr. Guy Goodwin
Mr. Steve Goodwin
Mrs. Vicki Goodwin
Mr. Carson Gordon
Mr. Ronald Gordon
Mrs. Sarah Gordon
Mr. Dargan Gore
Mr. Thomas R. Gorman
Ms. Rachel Goromonzi
Mr. and Mrs. John Gossett
Mr. Patton Gossett
Mr. Edward Gouge
Mr. Frederick Gould
Mr. Conner Goulet
Mr. Warren Gove
Mr. James Gover
Dr. Lauren Grabowski
Grace & Glory Lutheran Church, Prospect, KY
Grace Lutheran Church, Rock Hill, SC
Grace Lutheran Church, Prosperity, SC
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Graham
Mr. Barry Graham
Mr. Hunter D. Graham
Mr. Kelton Graham
Mr. Larry Graham
Mr. Robert Graham
Mr. Steven Graham
Mrs. Jacquelyn Graham
Mrs. Madison Graham
Ms. Kristen Graham
Ms. Sandra Cook Graham
Mr. Kyle Grainger
Mr. James Grant
Mr. Tyrese Grant
Mr. Albert Granzow
Ms. Mary Grate-Pyos
Mr. Edmund Gravely
Mr. Frank Gravely
Ms. Leah Gravely
Ms. Cynthia Graves
Mr. Allen Gray
Graybar Electric Company, Inc.
Ms. Sarah Grayson
Great Lakes Baseball Academy
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Green
Mr. Eugene Green
Mr. James Green
Ms. Alice Green
Ms. Meredith Green
Col. and Mrs. Socrates Greene
Mr. David Greene
Ms. Cherie Greene
Mr. David Greenslade
Mr. John Greenway
Mrs. JJ Greeson
Gregg-Graniteville Foundation
Mr. Ferdinand Gregorie
Mr. Philip Porcher Gregorie
Mr. Jerry Gregory
Mr. Thomas Gregory
Ms. Tabitha Gregory
Gregory Electric Company, Inc.
Mr. Randall Greisen
Ms. Joan Greisen
Ms. Susan Greisen
Mr. Charles Gresham
Mr. Billy G. Griffin
Mr. Bright Griffin
Mr. Frank Griffin
Mr. Joseph Stanley Griffin / Griffin Pools, Inc.
Mr. Keeno Griffin
Mr. Keith Griffin
Ms. Stacy Griffin
Dr. John Griffith
Mr. Eugene Griffith
Ms. Harriet L. Griffith
Ms. Sara Griffith
Mr. Glenn Griffiths
Mr. and Mrs. Carson Griggs
Mr. C. Thomas Griggs
Ms. Diane Griggs
Ms. Evelyn Griggs
Ms. Kathryn Griggs
Mrs. Diane and Mr. Barry Groce
The Rev. Lewis and Mrs. Amy Groce
Mr. Casey Grogan
Mr. Jeremy and Mrs. Bethany Grogan
Mr. Marion Groomes
Mr. Kenntrail Grooms
Mr. Jason Gross
Mrs. Druscilla Gruhn
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Pierce Guard
Mr. Andree Gude
Dr. Robert Guerin
Mr. Richard Guillot
Ms. Iris Guillot
Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Gunn
Mr. Michael Gunn
Mr. Cecil Guy Gunter Jr.
Mr. Wofford Gunter
The Rev. D. R. and Mrs. Dell Gunter
Mr. Jeffrey Gunter
Mr. James Guthrie
Mr. Bradley Guymon
Ms. Aubrey Guyton
Mr. Thomas Guyton
Ms. Barbara Guyton

Mr. Peter and Ms. Ariel Hackett
Mr. Brent Haddock
Mr. Joseph Haddock
Mr. Charles W. Haggard and Mrs. Jean Nichols Haggard
Mrs. Beth and Mr. Ralph Haggard
Mr. Jonathan Hagood
Mrs. Janet Hahn
Brig. Gen. Janice Haigler
Mr. Gordon Haigler
The Rev. and Mrs. Alvin H. Haigler
Mr. E. Det and Mrs. Lyanne Haislip
Mr. James A. Hale Sr.
Mrs. Amanda Haley
Mr. Ronald Halfacre
Col. Jack Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hall
Mr. Edwards Hall
Mr. Harold Hall
Mr. James Hall
Mr. James Hall
Mr. Mitchell Hall
Mr. Samuel Hall
Mr. Steve Hall
Mrs. Judy Hall
Ms. Carrie Hall
Ms. Elizabeth Hall
Ms. Katherine Hall
Ms. Stacy Hall
The Rev. William and Mrs. Helen Hall
Mr. and Mrs. William Hallman
Mr. James Hallman
The Rev. E. Hallman
Mr. John Halloran
Ms. Amanda Hallstead
Ms. Deborah Hallstead
Mr. William Halsey
Haltiwanger Well Pump & Electrical Sales & Service
Mr. Carl Ham
Mr. Ronald Hamblin
Ms. Jessica Hamblin
Ms. Layda Hamblin
Mr. Andrew Claire Hamer
Mr. Ronald Hamilton
Mr. Thomas Hamilton
Mrs. Jennifer Hamilton
Ms. Jennifer L. Hamilton
Ms. Rhonda Hamilton
Mrs. Judy Hamm
Mrs. Paula Hamm
Mrs. Deborah and Mr. Robert Hammersla
Mr. and Mrs. John Hammond
Mr. John M. Hammond
Ms. Kelly Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hampton
Ms. Judy Hamrick
Mr. Randall Hanberry
The Rev. and Mrs. Donald Edwin Hanberry
Mr. Willie Hankerson
Mr. David Hanley
Mr. John Hanley
Ms. Margaret Hanley
Mr. William Hanna
Mr. Scott Hanners
Ms. Keegan Hanson
Mr. Patrick Hanudel
Mr. Steve Hanvey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harbol
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hardwick
Mrs. Mary Hardwick
Mrs. Rachel Hardy
Mr. Algie Hare
Mrs. Judithanne Parkinson Hare
Mr. Christopher Harley
Mr. Hydrick Harley
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Harmon
Ms. Savannah Harmon
Mr. Dean Harmon
Mr. Fred Harmon
Mr. Horace Harmon
Mr. Ken  and Mrs. Sally Harmon
Mr. Perry Harmon
Mr. Roger Harmon
Mrs. Lunelle Harmon
Ms. Nicole Harmon
Mr. Harry Harmon
Mr. Robert Harms
Mr. Scott Harms
Ms. Linda Harms
Ms. Rebecca Harms
Mr. Charles Harper
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Deborah Harper
Mr. Mike Harper
Mr. Cole Harrell
Mr. Louis Harrell
Ms. Pauline Harrell
Mr. Stoney Harrelson
Mr. Jeffrey Harrington
Mr. Larry E. Harrington
Mr. Christopher and Ms. Kathryn Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Harris
Dr. Dale Harris
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Karen Harris
Mr. C. Raymond Harris
Mr. Charles Harris
Mr. Christopher Harris
Mr. Ernest Harris
Mr. NaShaun Harris
Mr. Robert Harris
Ms. Jazwaniqua Harris
Ms. Michelle Harris
Mr. Mark Harrison
Ms. Margaret Harritt
Mr. Charles Harshaw
Mr. Clay Harshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hart
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jonathan Hart
Mr. James D. Hart
Mr. William Hart
Ms. Della Hart
The Rev. David and Mrs. Paula Hart
Mr. Echiko Hartis
Mrs. Carol Hartman
Mrs. Faye Hartman
Mr. Roy H. Harton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hartzog
Mr. Frank Hartzog
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Brian Hartzog
Mr. Dustin Harvey
Ms. Anita Harvey
Ms. Denitra Harvey
Ms. Melinda Harvey
Mrs. Judith Harville
Mr. Stewart Harvin
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Donna Harward
Mr. Alford Haselden
Mrs. Gretchen Haskett
Ms. Wiley Haskett
Mrs. Carol I. Hastings
Mrs. Ellen Hastings
Mr. Asa Hatfield
Mr. and Mrs. P. Eddie Havird Jr.
Mr. James M. Havird
Mr. Paul Havird
Mr. William D. Havird
Mr. John Hawk
Dr. Robert Hawkins
Mr. Bernard Hawkins
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Gail Hawkins
Mr. Richard Hawkins
Mr. Roland Hawkins
Mrs. Andy Hawkins
Ms. Angela Hawkins
Ms. Jeanny Hawkins
Ms. Lauren Hawkins
Mr. Michael Hayes
Mr. Raymond Hayes
Mr. John Haynes
Ms. Gail Haynes
Mr. Matthew Hays
Mrs. Judy and Mr. William Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lane Hazel
Ms. Diane Hazelrigg
Mr. John Heard
Mr. Stephen Heard
Ms. Anne Heard
Ms. Marie Heard
Ms. R. E. Heard
Ms. Stephanie Heard
Ms. Susan Heard
Heartland School of Religion
Mr. John Heaton
Hedgepath's Outdoor Power Equipment, Inc.
Mr. Arthur Heilman
Mr. Kevin Heise
Mr. Kyle Heise
Mr. Randy Heller
Rev.Carolyn Hellerich
Mr. Jack Hellmer
Mr. William Helmken
Mrs. Harriet Helmly
Mrs. Elise Helms
Mrs. Nicole and Mr. Jeffrey Hemingway
Ms. Katherine Hemphill
Mr. Cameron D. Henderson
Mr. Thomas Henderson
Mrs. Amelia Henderson
Mr. C. W. Hendricks
Mr. Brian Hendrickson
Dr. and Mrs. R. Boyd Hendrix
Mr. and Mrs. Gene William Hendrix
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Hendrix
Mr. E. Guy Hendrix
Mr. L. James Hendrix
Mr. William Hendrix
Mrs. Althea Hendrix
Mrs. Emilee Hendrix
Mrs. Jack Gilmore Hendrix Sr.
Mrs. Marian Hendrix
Ms. Katherine Hendrix
Ms. Susan Hendrix
Mrs. Carolyn Hennies
Mrs. Rebecca Henricks
Mr. John Hensley
Ms. Susan Hensley
Mr. Justin Henson
Ms. Jillian Herbert
Mr. Marion Heriot
Mr. Ryan J. Heriot
Mrs. Virginia P. Herlong
The Rev. W. Osborne Herlong
Ms. Shannon Herman
The Rev. Lisa Hermann
Mr. Christopher Hernandez
Mr. David Herndon
Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Herren Jr.
Mr. David Herrin
Mr. Benjamin Herring
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Herrington
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Herrington
Mr. Brian Hess
Dr. Raymond Hesse
Mrs. Anne and Mr. Brabham Hester
Mrs. Mary Hester
Ms. Nancy Hester
Ms. Roberta Hester
Ms. Ruth Hewitt
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hewson
Ms. Sarah Heyaime
Mr. John M. Hickman
Ms. Teri Hickox
The Rev. Mary Kohn Hicks
Mr. Richard Hickson
Mr. William Hickson
Mr. and Mrs. Landis Hiers
Mr. Leroy Higdon
Mr. Byron Higginbotham
Ms. Jacqueline Higgins
Highlands Sotheby's International Realty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hill
Mr. Arlo Chewning Hill
Mr. Darrell Hill
Mr. James Hill
Ms. Judy Hill
Mrs. Dinah Hiller
Mr. and Mrs. L. Richard Hiller
Mr. Richard Hiller
Mr. Christopher Hills
Mr. Richard Hills
Mr. Thomas Hilsman
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Hilton Jr.
Mr. Stanley Hilton
Mr. William Hilton
Mrs. Janet Hilton
Equipment Hilton's Power
Mr. W. Steven Hinds
Mr. Thomas Hinen
Mr. Dalton Hines
Mr. Derrick Hines
Mr. Paul Hines
Ms. Crysti Hines
Mr. James Hiott
Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Tommy Hiott
Mr. H. Neel Hipp
Mr. Leslie Hipp
Mrs. Sheryl Fagg Hipp
Mrs. Tina Hipp
Mr. Doug Hitchon
Mr. Davis Hite
Mr. Peyton Hite
Mrs. Tish Hitesman
Mr. D. Michael Hix
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. James Hix
Mr. Douglas Hoaglin
Mr. John Hobbs
Mr. Stephen Hobson
Mr. David Hodge
Mr. Timothy Hodge
Mrs. Barbara Hodge
Col. Mark and Mrs. Rita Hodges
Dr. Amanda Hodges
Mr. James Hodges
Mr. Sam Hodges
Ms. Shannon Hodous
Ms. Connie Hogan
Mr. Robert Holbrook
Mr. Russell Holbrook
Mr. William Holbrook
Mr. James Hold
Pastor Joan Holden
Mr. James Holder
Mr. James Holland
Mr. Thomas Holland
Ms. Beth Hollenberger
Mr. Thaddeus Holley
Mr. Tim Holliday
Ms. Amy Hollifield
Mr. Steven Hollingsworth
Mr. William Holman
Ms. Elizabeth Holmen
Mr. Mark Holmes
Mr. Matt and Mrs. Christina Holmes
Ms. Mae Holmes
Mr. Joseph W. Holt
Mrs. Betty J. Holt
Holy Spirit Evangelical Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Pelion, SC
Mr. Franklin Honeycutt
Mr. Robert Hood
Mr. Robert L. Hood III
Ms. Michelle Hood
Dr. and Mrs. Marnie Hook
Mrs. Kristen Hook and Mr. Richard Hook
Mr. Christopher Hooker
Mr. Douglas Hooker
Mrs. Mary Hooks
Ms. Brantley Hooks
Ms. Jennifer Hooks
Ms. Kristin Hooper
Mr. Earl Hope
Mr. James Hopple
Ms. Megan Horan
Dr. and Mrs. William Horlock
Dr. Charles Horn
Mr. Steve Hornbeck
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Jonathan Horne
Ms. Amy Horsley
Mr. James Horton
Mr. John Horton
Mrs. Megan Horton
Mrs. Ann Hoshall
Mr. Bradley House
Ms. Emily House
Houston Texans
Mr. Gary Howard
Mr. John Howard
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Timothy Howard
Mrs. Sadie Howard
Ms. Diana Howard
Ms. Judy Howard
Ms. Penny Howard
Dr. Harold Howe
Ms. Brittany Howe
Ms. Candace Howe
Mr. David Howell
Mr. Dennis Howell
Mrs. Andrea Howell
Ms. Ashley Howell
Ms. Carolyn Howell
The Rev. and Mrs. A. Howell
Mr. Dan Howle
Mrs. Sally and Mr. William Howle
Ms. Alexis Howze
Ms. Mary Hoy
Mr. Charles Hoyle
Mr. Thomas Huber
Ms. Kristine Huber
Ms. Lindsay Huber
Ms. Barbara Hubler
The Rev. Dr. Alfred Hubler
Mr. Blake Huckabee
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Hudgens
Dr. John Hampton Hudgens II
Mrs. Janet W. Hudnall
Mr. William Hudson
Ms. Karin Huebner
Ms. Mary Nance Huff
Ms. Lauren Huffman
Mr. R. Doug Huffman
Ms. Cynthia Huffman
Mrs. Amanda Huffstetler
Mrs. Susan Hugel
Mr. F. Edwin Huggins
Dr. Krista E. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hughes
Mr. Brandon Hughes
Mr. George Hughes
Mr. George R. Hughes
Ms. Devon Hughes
Ms. Katherine Hughes
Mr. Thomas Hughston
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Sheila Huiet
Mrs. Deborah Hulett
Mr. Alvin Humphrey
Ms. Jeannie Humphrey
Mrs. Dianne Hunnicutt
Mr. Billy Hunsinger
Mrs. Jacqueline Hunt
Mr. David Hunt
Hunt Benefits & Associates, Inc.
Mr. Dominy Hunter
Mr. James Hunter
Mr. Matthew Hunter
Mr. William Hunter
Mrs. Gloria and Mr. John Hunter
The Rev. and Mrs. David Hunter
Mr. Cile Hursey
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Erica Hurteau
Ms. Vickie Huskey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hussey
Ms. Daniel Hutchinson
Mr. Flip Hutfles
Mr. Dean Hutto
Mr. Glenn Hutto
Mr. John Hutto
Mr. Tony Hutto
Ms. Wehme Hutto
Ms. Kathleen Hyde
Mr. Charles Hyman
Mr. Charles Hyman

Mrs. Christie and Mr. Iannitelli / Unique Images
Ms. Marie Idol
Mr. Carmine Idone
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Ms. Mindy Imperati
Mr. G.W. Inabinet
Mr. Jeffrey Inabinet
Ms. Nabila Inak
Ms. Prima Inak
Incarnation Lutheran Church
Independent Banks of South Carolina 
InFaith Community Foundation
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Carter Infinger
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ingram Jr.
Mr. Carl Ingram
Ingram Innovations, Inc.
Mrs. Mary Inman
Institute for Evidence-Based Decision Making in Education
Mr. Phillip Intriago
Ms. Kayla Iorga
Mr. Richard Irby
Ms. Mary Irby
Mr. and Mrs. EJ Irizarry
Mrs. Jodi Irvin
Ms. Jenefir Isbister
ISE Newberry Inc
Ms. Lisa Isenhower
Mr. Charlie Izzard

Mr. and Mrs. J. Rutledge Jacks
Ms. Katherine Jacks
Mr. Gustavus V. Jackson III
Mr. Ron Jackson
Mr. William Jackson
Mrs. Jane Jackson
Mrs. Kristy Jackson
Mrs. Linda and R. Adm. Grady Jackson, USN, Retired
Ms. Elizabeth Jackson
Mr. Matthew Jacobs
Mrs. Mary Ann Jacobs
Ms. Shani Jacobs
Ms. Shirley Jacobs
Mr. Bob Jaekel
Ms. Kim Jama
Mr. and Mrs. William James
Mr. Keith James
Mr. Robert F. James II
Mr. Shaw and Mrs. Ashton James
Ms. Sara James
Mr. Paul Jameson
Mrs. Theresa Jameson
Mr. Sean Jamison
Mr. Shane Jamison
Mr. Allen Janesky
Mrs. Deborah Jarman
Mrs. Kayce and Mr. William Jarman
Mr. Brian Jasinski
Ms. Phalba Jeanes
Dr. Dorothy Louise Jeffcoat
Mr. Christopher Jeffcoat
Mr. Jacob Jeffcoat
Mr. Joey Jeffcoat
Mr. Ronald Jeffcoat
Ms. Marie Jeffcoat
Mr. Charles Jeffers
Mr. Todd Jeffords
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Carolyn Jenke
Dr. Dennis Jenkins
Mr. David Jenkins
Mr. Olin Jenkins
Mrs. Cicely H. Jenkins
Ms. Marcella Jenkins
Mrs. Beth Jennings
Mrs. Lisa Jensen
Mrs. Melody Jepson
Mr. William Jernigan
Jerry White's Pharmacy
Mr. Edwin Jeter
Mr. Francisco Jimenez
Mr. Joe Jodie
Ms. Jill Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Pope Duncan Johnson III
Mr. Charles Johnson
Mr. Clark Johnson
Mr. David Johnson
Mr. Harold Johnson
Mr. J. Thomas Johnson
Mr. J. Thomas Johnson
Mr. Marcus C. Johnson
Mr. Marvin Johnson
Mr. Michael Johnson
Mr. Robert Johnson
Mr. Robert Johnson
Mr. Sean Johnson
Mr. Steven Johnson
Mr. Terry Johnson
Mr. W. T. Johnson
Mr. William Johnson
Mrs. Charlotte Johnson
Mrs. Peggy Johnson
Mrs. Tameka Johnson
Mrs. Tiffany Johnson
Mrs. Wendy and Mr. Chadwick Johnson
Ms. Amy Johnson
Ms. Ellen Johnson
Ms. Ginny Johnson
Ms. Laura Johnson
Ms. Susan Johnson
Mr. Travis Johnson
Mrs. Joyce Johnson
Johnson & Johnson Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Johnson II
Ms. Barbara Johnston
Mr. Robert Johnstone II
Mr. Eric Jolikko
Mr. Jason Jolley
Dr. Henry Jolly
Mr. Daniel Jolly
Mr. David Jolly
Mr. Hillard Jolly
Mr. Matthew Jolly
Mrs. Kimberly Jolly
Mrs. Mary Jolly
Ms. Jill Jolly
Dr. Elwood Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jones
Mr. Charles Jones
Mr. Christopher Jones
Mr. Clifford Jones
Mr. Emanuel Jones
Mr. Jeremiah Jones
Mr. John Jones
Mr. Jonathan Jones
Mr. Mark Jones
Mr. Richard Jones
Mr. Terry Jones
Mr. Thomas Jones
Mr. William Jones
Mrs. Cheryl and Mr. Gerald Jones
Mrs. Elise Jones
Mrs. Rebecca Jones
Ms. Avery Jones
Ms. Craig and Mrs. Cara Jones
Ms. Elizabeth Jones
Ms. Lisa Jones
Ms. Sarah Jones
The Rev. Doyle Jones
Ms. Precious Jones-Adams
Mr. Barry Jordan
Mr. Jeff Jordan
Mr. Jeff Jordan
Mr. Steven Jordan
Mr. William and Mrs. Edith Jordan
Mrs. Janet Jordan
Ms. Elizabeth Jordan
Ms. Kensley Jordan
Ms. Kimber Jordan
Ms. Gayle Jourdain
Ms. Annie Jowers
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. James Joyner
Ms. Suzanne Juliussen
Mr. W. Conley and Dr. Joanne Jumper
Mr. William Jumper
Mr. Jeffrey Jungers
Ms. Roberta Jupp
Mrs. Effie Jussila

KA Delta Epsilon Alumni Association
Kadilhen Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kahler
Mr. Nicholas Kamerer
Mr. Marc Kanalos
Dr. Ellen Kanervo
Dr. Wayne Kannaday and Dr. Helen Doerpinghaus
Mrs. Delores Kannaday
Mr. Simone Kapovich
Ms. Cindy Karasek
Ms. Tina Karasek
Mrs. Toni Karl
Ms. Ruth Kauffman
Mr. Dewayne Kaufholz
Mr. Ulrik Kaupang
Mr. Robert L. Kearse III
Mr. L. Doug Keel
Mr. William Keels
Mrs. Donna Keels
Mr. Rodney Keeter
Dr. and Mrs. David Keisler
Mr. William Keisler
The Rev. Frank Keisler
Mrs. Rebecca Keister
Ms. Elizabeth Keith
Keith's Painting
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kellner
Mr. Arnold Kellner
Mr. Robert Kelly
Mrs. Lesley and Dr. Philip Kelly
Mrs. Patricia Kelly
Ms. Donna Kelly
Ms. Jessica Kelly
Ms. Kadelyn Kelly
Ms. Katherine Kelly
Ms. Michele Kelly
Ms. Penny Kelly
Kemper & Muriel Lake Charitable Rem. Trust
Mr. John Kempf
Ms. Florence Kendall
Mr. Donald Kennedy
Mr. Donald Kennedy
Mr. Mark Kennedy
Mr. William Kennedy
Mrs. Lou Kennedy
Mrs. Shelley Kennedy
Dr. Paul Kennemore
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Terri Kennickell
Mr. Alan Kennington
Mr. Porter Kennington
Mrs. Angela and Mr. Charles Kennington
Mr. Peter M. Kenyon
Mr. Mark Kershner
Mr. Ned Kesler
Mr. Daniel R. Kessler
Mr. Ross Kessler
Ms. Susan Key
Mr. Roland Kibler
Ms. Cindy Kibler
Ms. Whitney Kibler
Mr. James Kicidis
Mrs. Georgeanna Kicklighter
Dr. Matthew Kidder
Ms. Sheri Kimball
Mrs. Marilyn Boone Kimbrell
Dr. Robert Kinard
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kinard
Mr. and Mrs. Porter Osteen Kinard
Mr. Carlton Kinard
Mr. Fredrick W. Kinard
Mr. Robert David Kinard
Mrs. Donetta Kinard
Mrs. Harriette Kinard
Mrs. Kay Kinard
Mr. and Mrs. Durwood King
Mr. David King
Mr. Eddie King
Mr. George King
Mr. Kenneth T. and Mrs. Anne Atwater King
Mr. Moses King
Mr. Robert King
Mr. Robert King
Mr. Robert King
Mr. Zachary King
Mrs. Joye King
Ms. Susan Kingston
The Rev. James Kinsler
Ms. Bonnie Kintzel
Ms. Barbara Kirby
Mr. Howard Kirkgard
Mr. Harvey Kirkland
Mrs. Kathryn Kirkland
Ms. Norma Kirkland
Ms. Olivia Kirkland
Ms. Jennifer Kirkley
Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Kiser
Mrs. Paula Kiser
Ms. Jennifer Kistler
Mr. Mel Kitchens
Mr. Donald Kizer
Ms. Corinna Kizer Zeeff
Dr. and Mrs. Russell C. Kleckley
Mr. Heyward Kleckley
Ms. Frances Kleckley
Mr. Ron Klein
Ms. Christina Kleindt
Mr. Scott Kleinknecht
Mr. Richard Kloskey
Mr. Charles Klotz
Ms. Laurie Knapp
Mr. Robert Kneece
Kneece's Car Care, LTD
Mr. Barry Knight
Mr. Ferris Knight
Mr. Michael Knight
Mr. Todd Knight
Ms. Becky Knight
Mrs. Mary Lee and Mr. William Knopf
Mr. Lewis Knudsen
Dr. and Mrs. William S. Koch
Mr. Werner Koch
Ms. Donna Koch
The Rev. Klaus Koch
Mr. David Koen
Mr. Thomas Kohl
Ms. Debbie Kohl
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jane Kohn
Mr. Dale Kolar
Mr. John and Mrs. Helen Kondracki
Dr. and Mrs. David Edwin Koon
Mr. Daniel H. Koon
Ms. Alexandra Koon
Ms. Donna Koon
Ms. Jaci L. Koon
Ms. Regina Koon
Mr. Jack Kornahrens
Mr. Robert Kosch
Ms. Olivia J. Kozemko
Mr. Michael Kramer
Mr. David Kreider
Ms. Natalie Kremer
Mr. Jason Kreutner
Mr. Jay Kriegel
Mr. Wayne Krizan
Mr. Bruce Kroeschell
Mrs. Cara Kropinski
The Rev. Richard Krug
Mrs. Wanda Kruse
Mrs. Rose Kubler
Mr. Richard Kuchka
Ms. Sandra Kuka
Kulynych Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Brian Kunar
Mrs. Wanda and Mr. Robert Kunis
Mr. Matthew Kunkle
Mr. Sean Kurth
Ms. Sandra Kushto
Mrs. Gail Kvittem
Mr. Kevin Kyzer

Mr. P. C. La Rosa
Mr. Leland LaBarge
Ms. Sheree LaCasse
Mr. Hunter Lacey
Ms. Sharon Lackey
Mr. Hezakiah Ladson
Mr. Joe LaFiora
Mr. Joseph LaFiora
Mr. Jack LaFrage
Mr. Salvador Lagunas
Mr. Ramond LaHaye
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lake
Ms. Susan Lake
Ms. Koger Lake
Lake Murray Tire and Automotive
Lake Murray Utility Company Inc.
Ms. April Lamb
Ms. Chandler Lamb
Dr. Stephen Lambert
Mr. Carson Lambert
Dr. Dennis Lambries
Mr. Wilbert Lampkin
Mr. Dale Lamski
Mr. Jack Landers
Mr. Diron Lane
Mr. Joel Lanford
Mr. Timothy Langfitt
Mr. Robert Langford
Ms. Linda Langford
Mr. Mark Langheim
Mr. Steven Lanham
Mr. James Lankster
Mr. Abraham Lara
Dr. John G. Largen
Mr. William Largen
Mr. Paul LaRosa
Mrs. Polly LaRosa
Mr. Jeremiah Larson
Ms. Shawnda Lasinski
Mr. John Lassiter
Mr. Earl Lathrop
Ms. Brenda Lauer
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. April Laughlan
Ms. Patricia Laurence
Ms. Maryanne Lavarra
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Law
Ms. Cindy Lawhorn
Mr. William M. Lawlor
Dr. Donald Lawrimore
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Lawrimore
Ms. Gwendolyn Lawrimore
Mr. Keith Laws
Mr. Mark Lawson
Mrs. Lynn Lawson
Ms. Leslie Layton
Estate of Betty Layton
Ms. Maureen Leahy
Mr. Steven Leanues
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Leaphart
Mr. and Mrs. Deryl Damone Leaphart
Mr. Felder Leaphart
Ms. Jennifer Leaphart
Mr. Rupert Leary
Mr. Neil Leblanc
Ms. Shelby Lebron
Mr. Alois Lechner
Mrs. Seabron LeCompte
Mr. Gary C. LeCroy
Dr. John Lee
Major Curtis and Mrs. Frances Lee
Ms. Rebecca Lee
Mr. Joseph Lee
Mr. Kenneth Lee
Mr. Nathan Lee
Mr. Richard Lee
Mrs. Eleanor and Mr. Arthur Lee
Mrs. Ella-Rose Lee
Ms. Lisa Lee
Ms. Qi Lee
The Rev. Phillip Lee
Mrs. Wannelle Lefkowitz
Mr. S. William Lehew III
Mr. and Mrs. Wah Lem
Mr. David Lemcke
Ms. Pat Lemmon
Ms. Krista Leone
Mrs. Phyllis Leonhardt
Ms. Jada Leopard
Ms. Hannah Lepaio
Dr. John Lesaine
Mr. Michael Lesch
Mr. Paul Lesley
Ms. Nicole Lesley
Mr. Ryan Letellier
Mr. James Leung
Mr. David Lever
Mr. James Lever
Dr. Charles Lewis
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Caroline Lewis
Mr. F. Michael Lewis
Mr. Mark Lewis
Mrs. Barbie Lewis
Ms. Bronwyn Libeer
Ms. Janna L. Licata
Ms. Grace Lichtenwald
Linda Renwick Realty, Inc.
Mr. Dellmont Lindbloom
Ms. Janet Linder
Ms. Jenny Lindler
Mr. G. Oneal Lindler
Mr. Richard Lindler
Ms. Barbara Lindler
Mr. Berley and Mrs. Mary Lindler
Ms. Gayle Lindley
Mr. and Mrs. John Benjamin Lindsay II
Ms. Emma Lindsay
Ms. Kirsten and Mr. John Lindsay
Mr. Rick Lindsey
Mr. Mark Line
Mrs. Patricia Lineberger
Mrs. Sara R. Lineberger
Ms. Megan Lineberger
Ms. Elaine Ling
Mrs. Kathryn Cooper Link
Ms. Christina Linton
Mr. Gregory Linville
Mr. Lee Lipford
Mr. David Liptak
Mr. and Mrs. James Litsinger
Mr. Daniel Little
Ms. Sherri Little
Mr. Jarvis Littlejohn
Ms. Lucinda Lively
Ms. Kathryn Liverman
Living Springs Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Livingston III
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Livingston
Mr. And Mrs. Robert E. Livington
Mr. Iren Livingston
Mr. Perry Livingston
Mr. Robert E. Livingston IV
Mrs. Carol Livingston
Mrs. Lynn Livingston
Mrs. Melissa Livingston
Ms. Ann Livingston
Ms. Jane Livingston
The Rev. Jerry Livingston
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lloyd
Mr. David Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Loadholdt
Mr. David Loadholt
Ms. Cheryl Lochart
Ms. Kathy Locher
Locke Mobile Containers, Inc.
Ms. Devynne Lockhart
Mr. Richard Lockwood
Mrs. Polly and Mr. Eric Loder
Mr. Carl Loftin
Mr. Sam Lofts
Mr. Kyle Logan
Mrs. Miriam Logan
Ms. Brieanna Logue
Mr. Mark Lohrbach
Mr. Robert Lominack
Mrs. June Lominack
Mr. Carl Lominick
Mr. Olin H. Lominick, Jr.
Mr. J. Lominick
Mr. Jason London
Dr. and Mrs. John Norris Long
Dr. E. G. Long
Mrs. Jessica Long
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Long
Mr. Charles Long
Mr. Darron Long
Mr. Dennis Long
Mr. Derald Long
Mr. Jared and Mrs. Kristina Long
Mr. John W. Long
Mr. Joseph Long
Mr. Robert Long
Mrs. Cindy Long
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. John Long
Mrs. Janet William Long
Mrs. Jennifer Long
Ms. Kathy Long
Ms. Suzanne Long
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Larry Simeon Long
Estate of Gloria Long
Mr. Joseph Long
Mr. Michael Longabardi
Mr. Harry Longshore
Ms. Kenley Longshore
Mr. Wyman Looney
Mrs. Sara Looney
Mrs. Sylvia Looney
Mr. and Mrs. John Lopez
Ms. Jennifer Lopez
Mr. Herbert Lorick
Mr. Chris Louden
Mrs. Kathy Louthian
Mr. Christopher Love
Ms. Judy Love
Mr. Oscar F. Lovelace, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen Lovero
Mr. Callan Low
Ms. Shari Low
Mrs. Susan  Horton Lowder
Ms. Burma Lowe
The Rev. Dr. Billy Lowe
Mr. James Lown
Ms. Angelia Lown
Mr. Stephen Lowry
LPL Financial Foundation
Mrs. Annette Lucas
Mrs. Marcia Lucius
Ms. Hannah Luckett
Mr. Larry Luckett
Dr. Susan and Mr. Kurt Ludwick
Mr. Ryan Lukshis
Ms. Bridget Lundberg
Mr. Dwayne Lusk
Mr. Tyson Lusk
Mr. Daniel Lussier
Mr. Nicholas Lussier
Mr. James Luther
Ms. Hannah Luther
Lutheran Church by the Lake, McCormick, SC
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Newberry, SC
Mr. Tristan Ly
Mr. Zachary and Mrs. Erica Lybrand
Mr. Ernest Lyerly
Mr. Kyle Lynch
Mr. Andrew Lyon

Mr. Jack Mabry
Macedonia Lutheran Church, Prosperity, SC
Mr. James MacFie
Mr. Justin Machado
Mr. Henry Mack
Ms. Susan MacKenzie
Mr. Robert Mackintosh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael MacLains
Dr. Tom MacMillan
Mr. Brian Madden
Mr. Marshall Maddy
Mr. James Madebach
Mr. Emory Magbee
Mr. Terry Magee
Mr. Carl Magoon
Ms. Aniya Mahaffey
Ms. Shonda L. Mahler
Ms. Marcella Mahnke-Lipp
Ms. Lorena Maia Cerniglia
Mr. Jimmie Main
Mr. Javier Maldonado
Ms. Natalie Mallory
Ms. Victoria Malloy
Mr. Joseph Malocheski
Ms. Kim Malphrus
Mr. James Mancini
Ms. Gillian Maner
Mr. and Mrs. David Maness
Mrs. Elizabeth Mangan
Mr. Grier Mangum
Ms. Madden Manion
Mrs. Joy Mann
Ms. Dawn Mann
Ms. Stephanie Mann
Mr. Peter Manning
Mr. Frank Manos
Mr. Peter Manos
Mr. Brody Mansfield
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Edward Maracich
Mr. Leslie Marchant
Mrs. Jolene Marchant
Mariner's Cay Racquet & Yacht
Ms. Angela Marky
Ms. Phillis Marnach
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Carol Marse
Ms. Joni Marsh
Mr. Clinton Marshall
Mr. Donald Marshall
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sara Marshall
Ms. Delmarie Marshall
Ms. Kendall Marshe
Ms. Darci Marteeny
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin
Mr. Brian Martin
Mr. Brian Martin
Mr. Carroll Elvin Martin
Mr. Landon Martin
Mr. Phillip Martin
Mr. Thomas Martin
Mr. Thomas Martin
Mr. Thomas Martin
Mrs. Mimi Martin
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Michael Martin
Ms. Connie Martin
Ms. Donna Martin
Ms. Karly Martin
Ms. Mary Martin
Martin Luther Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC
Mrs. Michelle Martin Oeltmann
Mr. Pedro Martinez
Ms. Bianca Martinez
Mr. Neil Martini
Dr. Jennifer L. Martinsen
Mr. Michael Mascio
Mrs. Jane and Mr. William Mason
Pastor Ricki A. Mason
Mr. James Massalon
Mr. Paul Stanley Massey
Mr. and Mrs. John Masson
Mr. John Masterson
Mr. Keith Masterson
Dr. Sarah Masterson
Mr. Jeff Mastromonico
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin M. Mathias
Mrs. Janice Mathile
Mr. Ben Mathis
Mr. Bradford Mathis
Ms. Tatyannah E. Mathis
Ms. Natasha Matt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vance Matthews
Mrs. Tiffany Matthews
Dr. Ronald Matthias
Mrs. Anne L. Mattox
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Nora Mature
Mr. Danny Mauldin
Ms. Carol Mauldin
Ms. Erica Mauldin
Mr. Marion Maw
Ms. Diane Maxey
Ms. Linda May
Mr. Vincent Maybay
Ms. Sophia A. Maybay
Mr. Charles Mayer
Mr. Lee Mayer
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Ralph Mayer
Mrs. Sloan Mayer
Ms. Nancy Mayer
Mr. Blake Mayes
Mr. Ralph Mayo
Ms. Kathleen Mayo
Ms. Ann Mays
Mr. Wilfred Mayton
Dr. John Mbaku
Ms. Priscilla McAbee
Mr. Thomas McAdams
Mr. A. Keith McAlister
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McAlister
Mr. Ray McAlister
Mr. Todd McAlister
Mr. Gabriel McCall
Mr. Robert McCall
Ms. Valerie McCall
Dr. Edward McCallum
Mr. Edward McCallum
Ms. Robin Mccammon
Mrs. Margaret McCarter
Dr. Christina McCartha
Dr. Robert McCartha
Mrs. Nancy McCarty
Ms. JaiAanna' McCauley
Ms. Michelle McClain
McClam & Associates, Inc.
Ms. Lori McClean
Ms. Tyquain McClellan
Ms. Vicki McCloud
Mr. William McClure
Mr. Quan'Daveon L. McCollum
Mr. Charles O. McComish
Mr. David McComish
Mr. John McComish
Mr. Michael McComish
Mr. Bonny McConnell
Mr. Phillip McCorkle
Mr. James McCormick
Ms. Lisa McCoy
Mrs. Julie McCrary
Ms. Patricia McCraw
Ms. Lenora McCrea
Mr. Michael McCullough
Mr. Toni McCullough
Mr. Frank C. McCurry, Jr.
Mr. Frank C. McCurry, Sr.
Mr. Olin McCurry
Mr. Olin P. McCurry
Ms. Caroline McCurry
Mr. Ernest McCutcheon
Ms. Sheila McDevett
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. McDonald
Ms. Paula McDonald
Dr. Betsey M. McDowell
Ms. Alexis McDowell
Mr. Chauncey McElheney
Mr. P. McElmurray
Mr. Linwood McElveen
Mrs. Charlene McEwen
Mr. Robert McFadden
Ms. Jackie McFAdden
Mr. Charles D. McFaddin
Mr. Talbert McFaddin
Mr. Peyton McFarland
Mrs. Jenny McGaha
Mr. Joel McGee
Ms. Tasha McGee
Mr. Zachary D. McGhee
Mr. George McGinn
Mrs. Martha McGinn
Dr. Barry McGinnis
Mrs. Rebecca McGinnis
Mrs. Monika McGlohon
Mr. Kevin McGrath
Mr. James McGraw
Mr. Scott McGuire
The Honorable John McInnis
Mr. William McIntosh
Ms. Lisa McIntosh
Mrs. Ann McIntosh-Hill
Mr. Dennis McKeon
Ms. Brianna Mckinney
Ms. Kelly McKinney
Ms. Yolanda McKinney
McLaughlin Motors, Inc.
Mrs. Margaret McLean
Ms. Maria McLean
Col. Purdy McLeod
Dr. Julie H. and Walton J. McLeod
Mr. George McLeod
Ms. Elizabeth McLeod
Mrs. Eleanora McLurkin
Mrs. Laura McMahan
Ms. Cynthia McMahan
McMillan Pazdan Smith, LLC
Mr. Greg McMillen
Mr. Leo Mcmillen
Mr. James McMullen
Ms. Kathryn McPhail
McSwain-Evans Funeral Home
Ms. Brianna Meador
Ms. Bethany Meadors
Mr. Austin Meadows
Ms. Alexis Meadows
Ms. Gloria Mears
Mechanical Contractors Association of South Carolina
Ms. Pauline Medford
Mr. James Meeks
Mr. Larry Meeks
Mr. John Meetze
Mr. John Meetze
Ms. Dianne Meetze
Mr. Michael Megehee
Mr. Robert Melton
Alan and Amy Meltzer Family Foundation
Mr. John Merchant
Mrs. Whitney Merinar
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Cathy Meshach
Ms. Jacqueline Messersmith
Ms. Lori Messersmith
Messiah Lutheran Church, Mauldin, SC
Messiah Lutheran Church, Hanahan, SC
Metal Masters, Inc.
Mr. Douglas Metts
Mr. James Metts
Ms. Lauren Metts
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Metz
Mr. James O. Metze
Ms. Paige Meyer
Mr. Albert Meyer
Mr. Gabriel C. Meyer
Ms. Kerrie Meyer
Ms. Janelle Meyers
Mrs. Robyn Mickens
Mr. Willie Mickle
Mr. Eric Miehe
Ms. Sheila Miesfeld
Mr. Danny Migliorisi
Ms. Ann Miko
Mr. Mark Miles
Mrs. Meagan Miles
Mr. Don and Mrs. Michelle Milford
Mr. Nicholas Miliotis
Ms. Vanovia Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Miller
Mr. Boyd Miller
Mr. Christopher Miller
Mr. James and Mrs. Peggy Miller
Mr. Jimmy Miller
Mr. John Miller
Mr. Lawrence Miller
Mr. Schanen Miller
Mr. Tyler Miller
Mr. William Miller
Mrs. Deborah and Mr. Tommy Miller
Mrs. Patsy Miller
Ms. Brayden Miller
Ms. Carole Miller
Ms. Diane Miller
Ms. Gina Miller
Ms. Martha Miller
Ms. Marybeth Miller
Ms. Tania Miller
The Rev. Charles Miller
Milliken & Company, Inc.
Mr. James Mills
Mr. William Mills
Mrs. Joan Mills
Ms. Hailey D. Mills
Mr. Larry Millstead
Mr. Jason Miloszewicz
Ms. Christine Milstead
Dr. Julian Mims
Mr. Watson Mims
Mrs. Staci Mims
Mr. David Minardi
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Minchew
Mr. Mark Minchew
Mrs. Rebecca Minchew
Mrs. Patrecia Minges
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Minis
Ms. Leah Minor
Mr. and Mrs. Walton Mintz
Dr. William Miracle
Ms. Miranda Mistoler
Mr. John Mitchell
Mrs. Whitney Mitchell
Ms. Sandra Mitchell
Mrs. Loretta Mixon
MM Technics LP
Dr. Raymond Moates
Ms. Kathleen Mobley
Ms. Kathryn Mock
Ms. Karina Molina
Mr. Darin Monahan
Mrs. Betty Setzler Monroe
Ms. Carrie Monroe
Ms. Nicole Monroe
Ms. Tina Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. R. Montgomery
Mr. Ben Montgomery
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carol Montgomery
Mrs. Ardella Montgomery
Ms. Germaine Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wilbur Monts
Ms. Harley Moody
Ms. Taylor Moon
Dr. Warren Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore
Mr. Charles Moore
Mr. Darterian Moore
Mr. Devan Moore
Mr. Walter Moore
Mrs. Roxie Moore
Ms. Betty Moore
Ms. Sylvia Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moose
Mr. Ralph Moose
The Rev. Dr. Albert Moravitz
Mr. Robert Morey
Dr. and Mrs. William K. Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. William K. Morgan
Mr. Charles and Ms. Faye Morgan
Mr. David Morgan
Mr. Marcus M. Morgan
Mr. Matthew Morgan
Ms. Ruth Morgan
Mrs. Ruby Morgan MacDonald
Dr. Jean Mori
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Morris
Mr. Christopher Morris
Mr. Jeremy Morris
Mr. Joseph Morris
Mr. L. Robert Morris
Mr. Roger Morris
Mr. Steven Morris
Ms. Helen Morris
Ms. Laura Morris
Ms. Marla Morris
Mrs. Nellie Morris
Mr. Eric Morrison
Mrs. Hannah Morrison
Mrs. Jennifer Morrison
Mrs. Elsa Morrissey
Dr. Margaret Morrow
Mr. Gregg Morton
Mr. Richard Morton
Mr. Robert Morton
Dr. Merritt Moseley
Mr. Maurice and Mrs. Rebecca Moseley
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Moses
Mr. Curtis Mosley
Mr. Lamonzeia Mosley
Mrs. Kerry Mosley
Ms. Aubrey Mosley
Ms. Margaret Moulin
Mrs. Jacqueline and Mr. Gerald Mount
Mount Morian Baptist Church, Greenwood, SC
Mr. Braxton Moyer
Ms. Emily Moyer
Mr. Brett Moyers
Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church, Ehrhardt, SC
Mt. Hebron Lutheran Church, Leesville, SC
Mt. Horeb Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC
Mt. Moriah Evangelical Lutheran Church, China Grove, NC
Mt. Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Prosperity, SC
Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church, Little Mountain, SC
Ms. Margaret Muir
Ms. Bridget A. Mulcahy
Mrs. Barbara Mullen
Ms. Cynthia Mullen
Ms. Kellie Mulligan
Mr. Jason Mullikin
Ms. Mary Mullinax
Ms. Emily Mullins
Mr. John Mullins, III
Mrs. Samantha Mullis
Mrs. Teresa Murdaugh
Ms. Elizabeth Murdaugh
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Emily Murdock
Mr. Drafts Murphy
Mr. William Murphy
Mrs. Linda Murphy
Ms. Michelle Murphy
The Rev. Donald Murray
Mr. Philip Musgrave
Mr. Phillip Musgrave
Music & Arts Center, Inc
Musical Innovations
Mr. Richard Myers
Mrs. Margaret Myers
Ms. Kari Myron

Mr. Ibrahim Nadir
Mr. Richard Nadol
Mr. James Nagle
Ms. Susan Nagle
Ms. Casey Nakawatase
Mr. Jason Nance
Mr. Robert Nash
Mrs. Nancy Nash
South Florida National Christian Foundation
National Science Foundation
Mr. Michael Neal
Ms. Sloane Neal
Mrs. Janet Nebrig
Ms. Donette Nedd
Mr. Ross Neel
Ms. Laine Neisen
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Nelling
Ms. Casey Nellums
Mr. James Nelson
Mr. Mark Nelson
Mrs. Sharon Nelson
Mrs. Susanne and Mr. Craig Nelson
Ms. Gloria Nelson
The Rev. Kenneth L. Nelson
Ms. Angeline Neo
Ms. Melissa Neo
Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Ms. Rebecca Nesbit
Ms. Kimberly Nesmith
Ms. Laura Nestico
Newberry Broadcasting Company
Newberry County Memorial Hospital
Newberry County Touchdown Club
Newberry County YMCA
Newberry Electric Co-op
Newberry Internal Medicine
Newberry Memorial Gardens
Newberry Opera House
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Newell
Mr. and Mrs. William Newell
Mr. John Newell
Mr. Will Newell
Ms. Renae Newkirk
Mrs. Patricia Newman
Mr. William Newmyer
Dr. and Mrs. Julian Wade Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Benjie T. Nichols
Mr. Chet Nichols
Mr. David Nichols
Mr. Hugh A. Nichols
Mr. Thomas Nichols
Mrs. Elaine and Mr. John Nichols
Mrs. Sara Nichols
Mrs. Susan and Mr. David Nichols
Ms. Kayla Nichols
Ms. Mary Dove Nichols
Ms. Mary Nichols
Ms. Shannon Nichols
Dr. Cynthia Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. George Nickas
Mrs. Gloria Nicoletto
Mr. David Nidiffer
Mr. Jaseph Nidiffer
Mrs. Lee Anne and Mr. David Nidiffer
Ms. Dorothy Nidiffer
Mrs. Sheila and Mr. Carl Niemeyer
Mr. Lawton Nisbet
Mr. Stephen Nivens
Mrs. Laura Niver
Mr. Alfred Niver
Mr. Ronnie Nix
Ms. Anna Noble
Mrs. Joyce Nobles
Mr. Charles Noffz
Mr. Wesley Noffz
Ms. Jubitb Noffz
Mrs. Candace and Mr. Eric Nolting
Noosa Pest Management, LLC
Mr. Ezell Norman
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Rhonda Norris
Mrs. Barbara Norris
Mrs. Tracey Norris
Mrs. Mary Frances Northcutt
Ms. Sarah Northington
Mr. William Nottingham
Ms. Laurie Novinger
Ms. Lori Nowell
Ms. Rosie Nowlin
Ms. Harley Nunan
Ms. Michelle Nunn
Ms. Tedi N. Nunn

Oak Grove Farms of Newberry
Ms. Kim Oberheu
Mr. Jerry O'Bryant
Mr. Patrick O'Connor
Ms. Lois O'Connor
Mr. Craig O'Dell
Mrs. Kimberly O'Dell
Ms. Kaitlyn Odom
Mr. and Mrs. R. Dexter Odom
Ms. Billie Odom
Mr. Edward Ogilvie
Mr. Paul Ohsiek
Mrs. Elsa Ohsiek
The Rev. Frederick and Mrs. Margaret Ohsiek
Mr. Lyle Oldfield
Ms. Kylie Oldfield
Olin Lominick Timber, Inc.
Mrs. Mary Oliver
The Rev. Nancy Oliver
Mrs. Emily and Mr. Neil Olson
Pastor Tom Omholt
Mr. David E. O'Neal
Ms. Judith O'Neal
Mr. Patton and Mrs. Catherine O'Neill
Mr. Christopher Opalka
Mr. David Opalka
Mr. Robert Opalka
Orangeburg Lutheran Church, Orangeburg, SC
Ms. Clorissa Orrick
Ms. Lisa Ortega
Mr. Clair Orvin
Ms. Cynthia Orvin
Mrs. Sandra Osborne
Mr. John Osbourne
Mr. and Mrs. James O'Shields
Mr. Donald O'Shields
Mrs. Debbie O'Shields
Mr. William Ostrom
Dr. Moody M. Oswald Jr.
Mr. Larry Oswald
Mr. Charlie O'Toole
Our Savior's Lutheran Church, San Clemente, CA
Mrs. Gloria Owens
Ms. Deborah Owens
Dr. Darryl Owings
Mr. Brice Oxner
Mr. Mark Oxner
Ms. Sandra Oxner

Ms. Kaitlynn Pacholke
Mr. Jorgedebro Pacifico
Mr. Kenneth Pack
Mr. Daniel Padgett
Mr. Matthew Padgett
Ms. Angie Paez
Ms. Maria Pagan-Gascot
Mr. and Mrs. Dan B. Page
Mr. Robert Page
Mrs. Heather and Mr. James Page
Ms. Jane Page
Mrs. Susan Sean Page
Mr. Brian Palisin
Palmetto A's of South Carolina
Mr. Michael Pankey
Ms. Wendi Pannell
Mr. Dean Papapetrou
Ms. Barbara Pappas
Dr. and Mrs. George Bennet Park
Dr. Dorothy Park
Mr. and Mrs. David Conrad Park
Mr. Clinton Park
Mrs. Betty Park
Mrs. Dorothy Barton Park
Ms. Rosanna Park
Mr. Jennings Parker
Mr. Ronald C. Parker
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Rita Parker
Ms. Julia Parker
Ms. Mary Parker
Ms. Nicole Parker
Parker Killian GIVES Moore
Mr. Leslie Parks
Mr. Darnae Parks
Mr. Jim Parks
Ms. Amy Parler
Mr. Michael Parnell
Mr. Charles Parnelle
Mr. George Parris
Dr. Sidney H. and Mrs. Julie F. Parrish
Mr. James Parrish
Mr. David Parrott
Mr. Timmy Parrott
Mr. William Parsons
Ms. Hannah Partridge
Dr. William Pasch
Mr. Thomas Passerello
Mrs. Judith Jackson Patrick
Ms. Regina Patrick
Ms. Sydney Patterson
Mr. A. Gregory Patterson
Mr. Ralph Patterson
Ms. Shanyah Pauley
Mrs. Alma Paulson
Peachtree Road Lutheran Church, Atlanta, GA
Peak Exteriors LLC
Mr. James Peake
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo A. Pearce III
Mr. and Mrs. James Pearce
Mr. John and Mrs. Meredith Pearce
Mrs. Cynda Pearce
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pearson
Mrs. Patricia Pearson
Mr. Timothy R. Pearson
Mr. Tony Pecero
Ms. Maureen Peck
Pecknel Music Company, Inc.
Dr. Jodie Peeler
Mr. J. L. Peeler
Ms. Nancy Peeples
Mrs. Leah Peery
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pelton
Mr. Dillon Pelton
Mr. Franklin Pendleton
Mr. Damian Penichet
Mr. Michael Penn
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Wanda Pennekamp
Mr. Santiago Perez
Mrs. Georgene Perlman
Mr. Robert Perron
Mr. Louis Perrone
Mr. Tony Perrone
Mr. Stewart Perrow
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Melissa Perry
Mr. Timothy Perry
Ms. Annette Perry
Ms. Catherine Perry
Ms. Sara Perry
Dr. Sara Peters
Ms. Marie Peters
Mr. Keegan Petersen
Lt. Col. Fredolph Peterson
Mr. Francis Peterson
Mr. Phil Peterson
Mr. Richard Peterson
Mrs. Nelle Peterson
Ms. Patricia Peterson
Ms. Sherron Peterson
Ms. Veronica Peterson
Mr. Richard Peterson
Mr. Brian Petring
Ms. Casey Petrusic
Mr. John Pettigrew
Mr. Kenneth R. Pettus
Mr. Ernest Pew
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Pfister
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gift
Ms. Renee Pforr
Mr. Edward Phillips
Mr. Paul Phillips
Mr. Richard Phillips
Mr. Timothy Phillips
Ms. Delsie Phillips
Ms. Helen Phillips
Ms. Kristen Phillips
Phillips 66 Matching Gift
Ms. Kayla Phlegar
Mr. Datrevian L. Phoenix
Mr. Fred C. Pieper III
Mrs. Carol Pierce
Mr. H. George Piersol II
Mr. John Pillar
Mrs. Lauren Pinckney
Mr. Mark Pinkowski
Mr. David L. Pitman
Mr. Marion Pittman
Mr. David Pitts
Mr. James Pitts
Ms. Judy Pitts
Ms. Dianne Pitts
Mr. Stephen Plageman
Ms. Margaret Platt
Mr. Charles Player
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Pleasant
Dr. John Plonk
Mr. Jay Polen
Ms. Donna Polk
Ms. Carrie Pollard
Pollock Company
Polo Ridge Homeowners Association
Pomaria Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC
The Rev. Walter Pond
Ms. Evelyn Ponder
Mr. Charles Poole
Mrs. Leigh Anne Poole
The Rev. and Mrs. Donald R. Poole Jr.
Mr. Mark Pooley
Ms. Daphne Poore
Mrs. Kimmy Seeta Popan Chinpire
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Pope Jr.
Mr. Andrew Pope
Mr. Benjamin Pope
Mr. James Pope
Mr. Jeffrey Pope
Mr. Jeremy Pope
Mr. John Pope
Ms. Laura Pope
Pope & Hudgens, P.A.
Mr. Alvin Portee
Ms. Jenifer Porter
Mrs. Liza Porterfield
Ms. Jeanette P. Porth
Ms. Deborah P. Poston
Ms. Rebecca Poston
Ms. Emily Pote
Ms. Joanne Potter
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Joan Potts
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Powell
Mr. Anthony Powell
Mr. Charles Powell
Mr. Gabriel Powell
Mr. Thomas Powell
Powell Electrical of Columbia, Inc.
Dr. J. Tracy Power
Mr. Church Powers
Ms. Morgan Powers
Ms. Racquel Prager
Mr. Chris A. Pratt
Mr. Hugh Preacher
Mr. Kenneth Pressley
Mr. Aaron Preston
Ms. Janet Preston
Ms. Lafrida Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Grady Milton Price
Mr. Bryan and Dr. Mary Price
Mr. J. Steven Price
Mr. James Price
Mr. Michael Price
Mr. Sean Price
Mr. William Price
Mrs. Brenda Price
Mrs. Mary Price
Ms. Jennifer Price
Ms. Jessie E. Price
Mrs. Sheryl Price
Mr. Steven Price, esq.
Mr. Ronnie and Mrs. Paula Pridgen
Prince of Peace Lutheran Churc
Mr. and Mrs. Roger O. Pritcher
Professional Insurance & Investments
Ms. Gail Provost
Mrs. Lori Pruitt
Mr. David Psiaki
Dr. Mildred Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. John Vernon Pugh
Mr. Winston Pulliam
Mr. T. Irvin Pund 
Ms. Carrie Pundt
Mrs. Casey Purcell
Purcell's, Inc.
Purcells, Inc.
Mrs. Marsha G. Purmont
Mr. Josh Puryear
Ms. Pennie Pyterek

Mr. Tom Quill
Ms. Tabetha Quina
Mr. James Quinn
Mrs. Melissa Quinn
Ms. Suzanne Quinn
Mr. Peter Quinn
Ms. Carlota Quintana Reinaldo
Mr. Alex Quintero

Mr. Robert Rabon
Ms. Joan Rabung
Mrs. Angie and Dr. David Rachels
Mr. Peter Radecke
Rainbow Lake Middle School
Dr. Kevin Raines
Ms. Gina Rall
Mrs. Elisabeth Ramirez
Mr. Dennis Ramos
Mrs. Ann Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Randall III
Ms. Holly Randolph
Ms. Mildred Rankin
Mr. Tom Rapson
Mr. Ronald Rash
Mr. Harvey Rast
Ms. Tina Rathe
Ms. Angela Ratterree
Mr. David Rausch
Dr. Candace Hanberry Rausch
Mr. John Rausch
Ms. Catherine Rausch
Mr. Lewis Rauton
Mr. Sinoj Ravindran
Mr. John Rhoden Rawl
The Rev. Leon and Mrs. Susan Rawl
Mr. Charles O. Rawlins
Mr. Samuel Rawlins
Ms. Lauren Rawls
Mr. Terry Ray
Dr. James Rayner
Ms. Mariah Read
Ms. Bett Reagin
Mr. Grantt Reagin
Ms. Sarah Reagin
Dr. David Reames
Mr. James Redden
Rev. Linda Reddish
Ms. Sara Redmond
Mr. Terry Reed
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Ted Reed
Mrs. Mary Reed
Mrs. Quiana' and Mr. John Reed
Ms. Robin Reeder
Mr. Patrick Reedy
Mr. Tye Reedy
Mrs. Laura and Mr. Ronald Reese
Mr. Corrie Reeter
Mr. Gary Reeves
Mrs. Lisa Reeves
Ms. Glenda Reeves
Reformation Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC
Mr. Garner Regenovich
Mr. Marc Regier
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Reid
Mr. Marion Reid
Mr. Zeb and Mrs. Angela Reid
Mr. Michael Reifsnyder
Mrs. Lisa Reiss
Ms. Rita Renedo
Ms. Ellen Reneke
Mr. Frederick Renken
Ms. Maria Rentz
Lt. Col. William Renwick
Mrs. Vernetha F. Renwick
Mrs. Lisa Repasy
Mrs. Lois Repoz
Mr. Curt Resetarits
Resource Electric, LLC
Mr. Mark Rex
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence T. Reynolds
Mr. E. Roger Reynolds
Mr. John Reynolds
Mrs. Faye Reynolds
Mrs. Nancy Reynolds
Ms. Deborah Reynolds
Ms. Frances Reynolds
Ms. Teresa Reynoso
Mr. Jacob Rhoad
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rhodes
Mr. Thomas Rhodes
Dr. and Mrs. Craig H. Rhyne Sr.
Mrs. Jeanie Rhyne
Mrs. Linda Rhyne
Mrs. Lynn Riber
Mr. Rhett Ricard
Mrs. Ivy and Mr. Terrence Rice
Ms. Barbara Rice
Ms. Crystal Rich
Ms. D'Zhanya Richards
Mr. Don Richardson
Mr. James Richardson
Mr. Jerry Richardson
Mr. Joseph Richardson
Mr. R. Paul Richardson
Mrs. Jill Richardson
Mrs. Rhonda Richardson
Mrs. Terrie and Mr. Casey Richardson
Mr. Doug Richbourg
Mr. Toney Richbow
Mr. Kevin Richburg
Mr. Preston Richey
Ms. Connie Richey
Mrs. Amy Richison
Mr. Robert Nelson Rickenbaker
Mr. Bryan Riddick
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Riddle
Ms. Paula Riddle
Mrs. Virginia Riddle
Mr. Kenneth Riebe
Mrs. Margaret Riebe
Ms. Jane Riechmann
Ms. Kathleen Riggin
Mr. G. Wayne Riggs
Mr. Brian Riley
Mr. Marion Riley
Ms. Kay Riley
Mr. Robert Rimbo
Mr. and Mrs. Boddie Rinehart
Mrs. Constance Rinehart
Mrs. Emma Rinehart
Mr. Charles Ringer
Mr. Chris Ringer
Mr. James Ringer
Mr. Keith Ringer
Mr. Thomas E. Ringer III
Ms. Marcia Ringer
Ringo's Produce
Mr. Bryan Ripellino
Ms. Barbara Rippy
Mr. Thomas Riser
Mr. Lambert Riser
Ms. Mary and Mr. H. Riser
Mr. Charles Rister
Mrs. Faye Rister
Mr. James Ritter
Mr. Eddie and Mrs. Mary Rivers
Mr. Russell Rivers
Mr. Brooks Rizer
Ms. Julia Roach
Mr. Harry Robbins
Mr. Kenneth Robbins
Mr. Matt Robbins
Mr. William Roberds
Mr. Donald Roberson
Ms. Pamela V. Roberson
Dr. and Mrs. Elwyn Roberts
Mr. Alex Roberts
Mr. Donald Roberts
Mr. Frank Roberts
Mr. Jeff Roberts
Mr. Kenneth Roberts
Mr. Richard Boring Roberts
Mr. W. L. Roberts
Mr. William Roberts
Mrs. Jean Carroll Roberts
Mrs. Kelly Roberts
Ms. Talia D. Roberts
Mrs. Diane Robertson
Mrs. Lesley Robertson
Ms. Charlotte Robertson
Ms. Tami Robertson
Mr. Kenneth R. Robinette
Mr. Maurice Robinson
Mr. William Robinson
Mr. William Robinson
Ms. Conchita Robinson
Ms. Jessica Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Robison
Mr. Marcel Rocheleau
Ms. Mary Roddey
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Rodgers
Mr. Tony Rodgers
Mr. William Rodgers
Mr. Richard Rodriguez
Mr. Kenneth Roehrs
Mrs. Kate Roehrs
Mr. Donald Roeseke
Ms. Barbara Roeseke
Mr. Timothy F. Roesler
Mr. Andrew Rogacki
Mr. Adrian and Mrs. Ronda Rogers
Mr. Hugh Rogers
Mr. Rufus B. Rogers
Mr. Scott T. Rogers
Ms. Michelle Rogers
Ms. Tameka Rogers
Ms. Judith Rohe
Mrs. Roberta Rohrer
Mr. Darrell Roland
Mr. John Rollings
Mr. Roger Rollins
Ms. Marisa Romanchek
Ms. Diana Ronhovde
Mr. Melton Roof
Mr. Tony P. Roof
Mrs. Irina and Mr. Wade Roof
Ms. Elizabeth Roof
The Rev. J. Hilton and Mrs. Faye Roof
The Rev. Wade Roof
Mr. Brian Roop
Dr. Laura Roost
Ms. Dorothy S. Ropp
Ms. Lyn Rosas
Mr. C. Allen Rose
Mr. Damon Rose
Mr. Richard Roseman
Mr. Kaleb Rosemond
Ms. Angela Rosenberg
Mr. Bill Roskopf
Ms. Emily Roskopf
Mr. and Mrs. John Ross
Mr. James Ross
Mr. James Ross
Ms. Jennifer Ross
Rotary Club of Newberry
Mr. Connor Roudabush
Dr. Sandra Rouse
Mr. and Mrs. George W. and Anges M. Routon
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Rowe
Mrs. Carol Rowe
Ms. Carol Rowe
Mr. Bobby Rowe
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Virginia Rowell
Mr. Randall Ruble
Mrs. Jerri Rucker
Mrs. Stacia and Mr. Wylie Rucker
The Honorable and Mrs. John M. Rucker
Mr. Roger Rudy
Mr. Chris Ruff
Mr. Dan Ruff
Mr. Heyward Ruff
Mr. Raymond Ruff
Ms. Christine Ruff
Ms. Laura Ruffner
Mr. Charles Ruhl
Ms. Irma Ruiz
Mrs. Laura Rumfelt
Mr. Thornwell Rush
The Rev. and Mrs. George M. Rushe
Mr. Martin Russell
Mr. Steven Russell
Ms. Grace Russell
Ms. Misty Russo
Mr. Brion Rutherford
Ms. Lynne Rutter
Ms. Dorothy O. Ryan
Ms. E Andrea Ryan
Mr. Stanley Rybarz
Ms. Amanda Ryckman

Mr. Terrence Sabol
Mr. Stanford Saddler
Mr. Sim Safford
Mr. A. Dean Saintsing, Jr.
Mr. Jorge Salazar
Mrs. Mary Sale
Mr. Thomas Salley
Mr. James Salter
Mr. James Salter
Saluda Shoals Foundation
Mr. Giacomo Salvarezza
Mr. David Sammons
Mr. George Sample
Mr. Jonathan Sams
Mr. Joe Samuel
Mr. Antonio San Miguel
Mr. Michael Sanchez
Ms. Lillian Sanchez
Mrs. Doris Dominick Sandberg
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Anne Sandel
Mr. William Sandel
Mr. Danny Sander
Col. Ned M. Sanders
Dr. Constance Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Benjamin Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Lisa Sanders
Mr. David Sanders
Mr. Eric Sanders
Mrs. Grace Sanders
Mrs. Mary Louise Sanders
Ms. Carolyn Sanders
Mr. Grady Sanford
Mr. Alex Sanguinetti
Mr. Claudio Sanguinetti
Mr. Nestor Sanguinetti
Mr. Nicholas Sanguinetti
Mr. Rennie Sansom
Mr. David M. Santiago
Mr. Mitch Santiago
Mr. Jorge and Mrs. Elizabeth Santos
Mr. Richard Sapp
Mr. David Sarasi
Mr. and Mrs. R. Richard Sargent II
Mr. Mark Sargent
Mrs. Debra and Mr. Joe Sargent
Mr. John Satterfield
Mrs. Rebecca Lynn Satterfield
Mr. G. Wayne Satterwhite
Mr. William Satterwhite
Mrs. Willette and The Rev. John Satterwhite
Ms. Karen Saullo
Mrs. Elisa and Mr. Benjamin Sauls
Ms. Nancy Rebecca Gable Saville
Mr. David and Mrs. Kristy Sayers
SC Independent Colleges & Universities, Inc.
Mr. John Scarry
The Rev. Edward Schaack
Cdr Thomas Schaaf
Mr. Brent Schaeffer
Mr. Michael Schaeffer
Ms. Dorothy Schafer
Mrs. Janet Schanzenbach
Mr. Gregory Scharstein
Mrs. Rosalyn Scherf
Drs. Sandy and Maurice Scherrens
Mr. John Schlueter
Mrs. Janet Schmidt
Ms. Laurie Schmidt
Mr. Michael Schmidy
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schmitz
Mrs. Carolyn Schmonsees
Ms. Tammy Schossler
Mrs. Roberta Schott
The Rev. Dr. G. Frederick Schott III
Mr. Lawrence Schrade
Mr. Nolan Schrenker
Dr. Nathan Marilyn Schroer
Mr. David Schroer
Mrs. Corrie and Capt. Albert Schuette
Mr. Andrew Schultz
Mrs. Linda Schulz
Mr. Ian Schumpert
Mrs. Cindy Schumpert
Mr. Erik Schwager
Mr. Ronald Schwager
Mr. Steven Schweizer
Mr. William Scoggan
Mr. Buaki Scoggins
Dr. Jesse Scott
Mr. Bobby Scott
Mr. Jerry Scott
Mr. R. Russell and Mrs. Patricia Scott
Mrs. Marie Scott
Ms. Elise Scott
Ms. Jennifer Scott
Mrs. Joy Scurry
Ms. Jamie Seagle
Dr. Gerald Seals
Mr. Blake Seals
Dr. Carol Seaman
Ms. Christine Searcy
Mr. David Sease
Mr. John Lucius Sease Jr.
Mr. Mark Sease
Mr. Robert Sease
Mr. Russel Sease
Mr. Wayne Sease
Ms. Wendy Sease
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seastrunk
Mr. Robert Eargle Seastrunk
Ms. Gail Seastrunk
The Rev. and Mrs. Charles E. Seastrunk Jr.
Mr. Robert Seckler
Mrs. Margaret Seckler
Ms. Debra Segars
Mr. Frank W. Seiler
Mr. Roger A. Seim
Mr. Ralph Selander
Ms. Elizabeth Selander
Mr. Arne Selbyg
Selective Properties, LLC
Col. Patricia Sellers
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Senn
Mr. Archie Senn
Mr. Danny Senn Jr.
Mr. David Senn
Mr. Henry Senn
Mr. William Senn
Mr. William Senn
Mr. Wilson Senn
Mrs. Julia Diane Senn
Mrs. Susan Senn
The Honorable George Senn
Ms. Glenda Senterfeit
Ms. Kari Senterfeit
Mrs. Gail Septon
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Serebransky
Mr. Dale Sessions
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sessler
Mrs. Patricia Settle
Mr. Justin Setzler
Ms. Kaly Setzler
The Rev. Dr. John and Mrs. Staci Setzler
Mr. William Sewell
Mrs. Willa Sewell
Dr. Robert E. Seymour
Dr. Marilyn Seymour
Mr. Glenn Shackelford
Mr. Robert Shade
Shady Hill Farm
Shandon Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC
Mr. W. Henry Shannon III 
Ms. April Shapiro
Mr. Christopher Sharp
Mrs. Lawrence Sharp
Mr. Nick Sharples
Mr. Corey Shaver
Mr. T. Alvin and Mrs. LaDona Shaver
Mr. Reginald Shaw
Mr. Wayne Shaw
Mrs. Kathryn Shaw
Ms. Cydney Shaw
Dr. E. and Mrs. Julia Shealy
Dr. Mary Ann Shealy
Dr. Neal Shealy
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby and Dallas Shealy
Mr. and Mrs. Otho Luther Shealy
Mr. Brian Shealy and Dr. Kayce Shealy
Mr. Carl Shealy
Mr. Chase and Mrs. Jessica Shealy
Mr. Clifton Shealy
Mr. Curtis Shealy
Mr. Dale Shealy
Mr. Edwin Shealy
Mr. Kevin Shealy
Mr. Phillip Shealy
Mrs. Carolus Shealy
Mrs. Cynthia R. Shealy
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Herman Shealy
Mrs. Jessica Shealy
Mrs. Joan Shealy
Mrs. Julie Shealy and Charles J. Shealy
Mrs. Miriam Shealy
Mrs. Sharon Shealy
Ms. Jody Shealy
Ms. Kelly Shealy
Ms. Laura Elizabeth Shealy
Ms. Linda Shealy
Ms. Mary Shealy
Ms. Ramona Shealy
Mrs. Charlene Shealy-Lanford
Shealy's Bar-B-Que House
Mr. Travis Sheehy
Mrs. Phyllis Sheeley
Mrs. Karen Sheffield
Rev. James Sheldon
Dr. James Ann Lynch Sheley
Mr. William Shelton
Ms. Amy Shelton
Mr. Billy and Mrs. Mary Shepherd
Ms. Amalia Shepherd
Shepherd of the Sea Lutheran Church, Garden City, SC
Dr. Thomas C. Sheppard
Ms. J. Sherian
The Rev. Michael and Mrs. Stacey Sherman
Mr. John Sherrer
Sherwin Williams
Ms. Kayla Shestokes
Mr. William Shipley
Ms. Susan Shipman
Mr. Paul Shipper
Mr. Carl Shirley
Ms. Lucy Shoemaker
Ms. Barbara Shoop
Mr. William Shores
Mr. Carl Short
Mrs. Hazel Short
Mr. Joseph Shorter
Ms. Sylvia Shue
Mrs. Rosemary Shuford
Ms. Sue Shuford
Mr. Andrew Shuler
Mr. Larry Shuler
Mr. Michael Shuler
Mrs. Angie Baker Shuler
Ms. Peggy Shuler
Mr. Kenneth Shull
Mr. Michael M. Shull
Mr. Frank Shumpert
Ms. Alysia Shumpert
Mr. Ryan Shupp
Ms. Kathleen Shupp
Ms. Robyn Shupp
Ms. Susan Shurden
Ms. Marilyn Sickel Smith
Mr. Andy Sidden
Mr. Floyd E. Sides, Jr.
Mr. Ronald Sides
Mrs. Barbara H. Sides
Mr. William Siebers
Ms. Erin M. Siegfried
Mr. Kyle and Mr. Sean Siegfried
Mr. Henry Siegling
Mr. James Sifrit
Mr. Thomas Sifrit
Mr. Charles Sigel
Ms. Preslee Sikes
Mrs. Gaye Siler
Mrs. Rebecca and Mr. James Siler
Ms. Johanna Silk
Silverstreet Lutheran Church, Silverstreet, SC
Dr. Naomi Simmons
Mr. Adam Simmons
Mr. Clifton Simmons
Mr. E. Charles Simmons
Mr. Walter Simmons
Ms. Suzette Simmons
Mr. Robert Simon
Ms. Haley Simonds
Mr. Jim Simons
Ms. Nancy Simpson
Mrs. Callie Sims
Ms. Carolyn Sims
The Rev. George Sims
Mr. Kevin Sinclair
Ms. R. B. Singletary
Ms. Victoria Singleton
Mr. Jeffery Sisson
Mrs. Frances Skaggs
Mr. Alexander Skiff
Mr. Spencer Skiff
Mr. Dean and Mrs. Elizabeth Skinner
Mr. Raymond Skinner
Ms. Beverly Skinner
Mr. J. Edward Skipper
Mrs. Anna Skipper
Mr. Jayden L. Slack
Ms. Beverly Slack
Ms. Eva Slaisbury
Ms. Darlene Slambrook
Mr. Jimmie Slatten
Mr. Patrick Slenski
Mr. George Slice
Ms. Mary Slice
Ms. Mildred Slice
Mr. Carey Sligh
Mr. Steve Sligh
Mrs. Dovie Sligh
Mrs. Kim Sligh
Mrs. Leslie Sligh
Mr. Steve Sligh, Jr.
Mr. Creighton Sloan
Ms. Dorothy Slocomb
Ms. Judith Sly
Mr. Steven Small
Mr. Alex Smith
Dr. Cleveland Smith
Dr. Michael Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith
Mr. Anthony Smith
Mr. Arthur Smith
Mr. BJ Smith
Mr. Brian Smith
Mr. Clarence Smith
Mr. Dale Smith
Mr. David Smith
Mr. Dustin Smith
Mr. Guy Smith
Mr. Irvin Smith
Mr. Jacob N. Smith III
Mr. James and Mrs. Nancy Smith
Mr. John and Mrs. Anne Smith
Mr. Justin Smith
Mr. L. Hugh Smith
Mr. Larry Smith
Mr. Mitchell Smith
Mr. Pat Smith
Mr. R. Sidney Smith
Mr. Robert Smith
Mr. Ron Smith
Mr. Ronald Smith
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Jamesetta Smith
Mrs. Angela Smith
Mrs. Anne Pinckney Smith
Mrs. Brenda Smith
Mrs. Cathy Smith
Mrs. Chyrol Smith
Mrs. Hollye Smith
Mrs. Jane Smith
Mrs. Jennifer Smith
Mrs. Judy Smith
Mrs. Paula Smith
Ms. Brenda Smith
Ms. Brenda Smith
Ms. Caitlyn Smith
Ms. Calleen Smith
Ms. Delinda Smith
Ms. Donna Smith
Ms. Emma Smith
Ms. Kitwanda Smith
Ms. Laura Smith
Ms. Linda Smith
Ms. Rosanne Smith
Ms. Sandy Smith
Ms. Tara Smith
Ms. Wylene L. Smith
Mr. Patrick Smith
Mr. Paul Smith
Ms. Sandra Smith
Ms. Teresa Smith
The Rev. and Mrs. A. Smith
The Rev. Ronald Smith
Mr. Hugh Smith
Mrs. Barbara Smith Carey
Mr. Robert Smitherman
Mr. Charles Smithey
Mr. Burbage Smoak
Mr. Charles Smoak
Mr. James Smoak
Mr. John Smoak
Mr. Robert Smoak
Ms. Jane Smoak
Ms. Julia Smoak
Ms. Cheryl Smyrl
Mr. Todd Smyth
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Natalie Sneed
Mr. C. Dewitt Snelgrove, Jr.
Mrs. Deltha B. Snelgrove
Mr. William Snodgrass
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stough Snyder
Mrs. Samantha B. and Mr. Jason T. Snyder
Ms. Gail Sobocinski
Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates
Ms. Niya-Ann Soles
Mr. Ferris Solomon
Mr. P. Andrew Solomon
Ms. Christine Solomon
Solomon Lutheran Church, Greenville, TN
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Eleanor B. Sommerville
Mr. William Sommerville
Sonic Drive-In
Mr. James Sons
Mr. Austin Sorensen
Ms. Penny Soringstead
Mrs. Tania N. Sosiak
South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission
South Carolina Synod ELCA
South Carolina Women of ELCA
Southeastern Insurance Consultants
Southeastern Synod ELCA
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Southerland
Mr. Dylan Southerland
Mr. William Southerland
Mrs. Katherine Southern
Southern Mutual Church Insurance Company
SouthTown Water Sports, LLC
Mr. Wendell Sowell
Dr. David Sox
Mr. Christopher Sox
The Rev. Dermon Sox
Mr. James Spahr
Mr. Thomas Spangler
Mr. Tommy Spangler
Mrs. Virginia Spano
Spartanburg County Foundation
Ms. Laura Spaulding
Mr. Matthew Spears
Mr. Wendell Speck
Ms. Christine Speir
Ms. Amanda Spek
Mr. Garry Spence
Mr. George Spence
Mr. James Spencer
Mr. John Gori Spezza
Mrs. Amy and Mr. Brandon Spivey
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Morris Spotts
Ms. Jill Spotts
Spring Valley Air Conditioning
Mr. Johnathan Springfield
Mrs. Lynn Springs
Springs of Grace Lutheran Church, Boiling Springs, SC
St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC
St. David Lutheran Church, West Columbia, SC
St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church, Chapin, SC
St. Jacob's Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC
St. James Lutheran Church, Lexington, SC
St. John's Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC
St. John's Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC
St. John's Lutheran Church, Beaufort, SC
St. John's Lutheran Church, Spartanburg, SC
St. Luke Lutheran Church, Florence, SC
St. Lukes Lutheran Men, Prosperity, SC
St. Mark Lutheran Church, Leesville, SC
St. Mark Lutheran Church Foundation
St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Charlotte, NC
St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Lexington, SC
St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC
St. Matthias Lutheran Church, Easley, SC
St. Nicholas Lutheran Church, Fairfax, SC
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Niceville, FL
St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Gilbert, SC
St. Peter Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC
St. Peter Lutheran Church, Batesburg, SC
St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Lexington, SC
St. Philip's Lutheran Church, Newberry, SC
St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Lexington, SC
St. Timothy's Lutheran Church, Camden, SC
Mr. Johnathan Stackhouse
Mr. Robert Stafford III
Mr. Robert Stafford IV
Ms. Jeanette Stafford
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Staggs
Ms. Tracy Staley
Mr. Neil Stalker
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stanfield
Mrs. Mary Stanfield
Mr. Henry Stanford
Mr. Allen Stanton
Mr. Tim Stark
Ms. Toni Starks
Ms. Hannah Starnes
Mr. Henry Starnes
Mr. Henry Starnes
Mr. Tyler and Ms. Sarah Stasky
Ms. Alexandra Stasky
State Farm Insurance Companies
Mr. Jim Staton
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Steelman
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Steen
Mr. Harold Steen
Mr. Donald Steinbach
Mr. Gregory Steinbach
Mr. Edward Stelljes
Mr. Richard Stengel
Ms. Jennifer Stengel
Mrs. Rachael Stenger
Mr. Jimmy Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stephens
Mr. Fred Stephens
Mrs. Eunice and Mr. R. Thomas Stephens
Mr. Joshua Stepp
Mr. Philip Steude
Mr. Kevin Stevens
Mr. Samuel Stevens
Ms. Casey Stevens
Ms. Kerri Stevens
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Rebecca Stevenson
Ms. Virginia Stever
Mr. Bryant Stewart
Mr. Charles Stewart
Mr. Lewis Stewart
Mr. Ronald Stewart
Mr. Timothy Stewart
Ms. Dian Stewart
Ms. Mary Stewart
Mr. Randall Stewart
Mr. William Still
Ms. Ethel Stillabower
Mrs. Monica Stinson
Mrs. Nancy Stockman
Ms. Peggy Stockman
Mr. Philip Stoll
Mr. Donald Stone
Mr. James Stone
Mr. W. Thomas Stone
Ms. Cynthia Stone
The Rev. and Mrs. Bill and Pris Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Stoots
Ms. Carolyn Storck
Mrs. Eleanor Stoudemayer
Mr. Samuel Stoudemire
Mrs. Billie Stoudemire
Mrs. Nancy Stoudemire
Ms. Nancy Stoudenmire
Mr. Michael Strailey
Ms. Susan Straughn
Mr. Robert Stress
Mrs. Kerry and Mr. Lindsey Stribble
Bishop Kevin Strickland
Mr. James Strickland
Ms. Elizabeth Strickland
Mrs. Clara Stringfellow
Ms. Nancy Strother
Mrs. Marie C. Stroud
Mrs. Cathy Stubblefield
Mrs. Renee Stubbs
Ms. Kerry Stubbs
Mrs. Jaime Stuck
Mrs. Nora Stuck
Mr. Carl Stucke
Mr. Todd Studer
Dr. Bernard Stulberg
Mr. Jalen E. Sturgis
Dr. Douglas Sturkie
Mr. Tyler Sturkie
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Herby Stutts
Ms. Valeria Suarez
Dr. Cleve Suber
Mr. Kevin Suber
Mrs. Lugenia Suber
The Rev. Dr. M. T. Sublett
Mr. and Mrs. F. Sudderth
The Rev. Karl Frederick Suhr
Mr. Matthew Sullivan
Ms. Annabelle Sullivan
Mr. George and Mrs. Karen Summer
Mr. Henry Baker Summer
Mr. Henry Summer
Mr. Ralph and Ms. Susan Summer
Mr. Ralph Summer
Mr. Robert E. Summer Jr.
Mr. William Summer
Mrs. Catherine Summer
Rev. Paul Summer
Summer Memorial Lutheran, Newberry, SC
Ms. Loriann and Mrs. Ashley Collier
Mr. Eldon Sund
Mr. Donald Sundquist
SunTrust Bank
Mr. John Michael Surles
Mr. Clark Surratt
Mr. Jones Sutherland
Mr. Gary Sutton
Mr. Thomas Swaim
Ms. Jeannie Swank
Ms. Jalin Swann
Mrs. Mary Swart
Ms. Kyla Sweat
Mr. Rob Sweeney
Ms. Morgan Sweeney
Mr. J. E. Swenson
Ms. Jackie Swindler
Mr. Harold Swindler
Mrs. Sherry and Mr. L. Swindler
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Swygert
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Swygert
Mr. Bennett Swygert
Mr. Billy Swygert
Mr. Deward Swygert
Mr. Gary Swygert
Mr. Timothy Swygert
The Rev. George Swygert
Mr. David Sykes

Mr. Michael Tabarez
Ms. Lillian Tague
Mr. William G. Talbert / Team Quest
Mrs. Sinclair Talbot
Ms. Amanda Talley
Ms. Barb Tallmadge
Mr. Joseph Tamel
Ms. Michelle Tanguay
Mr. William Tankersley
Mr. Darren Tanner
Mr. David Tanner
Mr. Hugh Tant
Mr. Rodney Tapp
Mr. and Mrs. Foard Tarbert
Mr. Crevon Tarrance
Mr. Thomas Tarrance
Mr. Zane T. Tarrance
Ms. Jill Tarrance
Mr. James Tau
Dr. Donald Taylor
Ms. Melissa Taylor
Mr. C. Otis and Mrs. Ann C. Taylor / Taylor Foundation of Newberry
Mr. D. Wyman Taylor
Mr. George Taylor
Mr. Hubert Taylor
Mr. Jason Taylor
Mr. Jonathan Taylor
Mr. Michael Taylor
Mr. Robert Taylor
Mr. Robert Taylor
Mr. Stephen Taylor
Mr. Steve Taylor
Mrs. Catherine Taylor
Mrs. Laura Taylor
Ms. Donna Taylor
Ms. Margaret Taylor
Ms. Nancy Taylor
Ms. Paige Taylor
Taylor Foundation of Newberry / Mr. C. Otis and Mrs. Ann C. 
Teagle Foundation Incorporated
Mr. James Teague
Mr. David Teal
Mr. Eugene Teal
Ms. Nicole Teal
Ms. Justina Teale
Mr. James Team
Mr. Douglas Tedford
Ms. Felton Temple
Mr. Troy Temples
Mr. David Templeton
Mr. Jerry Templeton
Mr. K. D. Templeton
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Terrana
Ms. Connie Terri
Lt. Col. Jonathon Teske
Dr. and Mrs. L. P. Thackston
Mr. Douglas Thames
Mr. Hugh Thames
Mrs. June Thayer
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Prevailing Church, Greenwood, SC
The Sain Orr Royak DeForest Steadman Foundation
The Vine Church, Rock Hill, SC
The Whalen-Wilson Foundation
Mrs. Carole Thigpen
Dr. Gill Thomas
Mr. Dwaine Thomas
Lt. Col. Charles Thomas
Mr. D. Wayne Thomas
Mr. Edsel Thomas
Mr. John Thomas
Mr. Robert S. Thomas
Mrs. Beth and Mr. Lawrence Thomas
Ms. Destiny J. K. Thomas
Ms. Donna Thomas
Ms. Esther Thomas
Ms. Jacqueline Thomas
Ms. Sharon Thomas
Ms. Tamara Thomas
The Rev. Charles Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Thompson
Dr. Tracy Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Thompson
Mr. Bruce Thompson
Mr. Charles Thompson
Mr. Charles C. Thompson Jr.
Mr. James Thompson
Mr. Luis Thompson
Mr. Mark Thompson
Mr. Wally Thompson
Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson
Mrs. Joanne Thompson
Mrs. Maxine Thompson
Mrs. Nadine Thompson
Ms. Karen Thompson
Ms. Maria Thompson
Ms. Vicki Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Judith Thomspon
Mr. Ronald Thornsberry
Mr. Stephen Thrailkill
Mr. Jeffrey Threatt
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Mr. William Tiller
Mr. G. A. and Mrs. Emily M. Timmerman
Mr. Robert Timmerman
Ms. Omijean Timmons-Sanders
Ms. Joanna Tincher
Ms. Martha G. Tindall
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Tisdale
Mr. Robert Tisdale
The Rev. Matthew Titus
Mrs. Kathryn H. Tkac
Mr. Leon Tobias
Ms. Maegan L. Togneri
Ms. Shelby Tolbert
Mr. Gregory Toll
Ms. Barbara Toll
Mrs. Kathryn Tolley
Ms. Myda Tompkins
Mr. Dennis Tonnsen
Ms. Judy Toole
Ms. Tamra Tootle
Mr. Christopher Towe
Mr. Mark Townsend
Mr. Robert Townsend
Ms. Gloria Townsend
Ms. Carol Trainer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Trainor / Stokes-Trainor
Mr. Philip Tralies
Ms. Meagan Trammell
Ms. Sarah Trani
Mr. William Traylor
Ms. Elizabeth Treadwell
Ms. Angelina Trevino
Ms. Katherine Trexler
Mrs. K. Leigh Trigg
Trinity Lutheran Church, Fairfax, SC
Mrs. Calvin R. Triplett
Mrs. Deborah B. Triplett
Mr. and Mrs. William Troisi
Mrs. Lois Trompke
Mrs. Mary Trotter
Ms. Shari Trotter
Ms. Lisa Troup
Mr. Robert Trowell
Mr. Robert Troy
Ms. Anissa Truesdale
Ms. Kalyn A. Truesdale
Ms. Christy Truett
Truist Comprehensive Distribut
Mr. Kenneth Truluck
Ms. Nancy Truluck
Ms. Crystal Tuck
Mr. Jeffrey Tucker
Ms. Jordan S. Tucker
Mr. Ralph E. Tupper
Mr. Kevin Melissa Turco
Mr. Julius Turner
Mr. Justin Turner
Mr. Philip Turner
Mr. Phillip Turner
Mr. Wiley Turner
Mr. William Turner
Ms. Edna Turner
Ms. Patty Turner
Ms. Rebecca Turner
Ms. Renee Turner
Ms. Sara Turner
Ms. Sharon Turner
Turner Sports Management, LLC
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Lee Turnquist
Dr. Nancy Tuten
Mr. Robert Twigg
Mrs. Patricia Tyler
Mr. Michael Tyner
Mr. Carl Tyree
Ms. Barbara Tytus

U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Ms. Michelle Ulasich
Mrs. Melinda Undari
Ms. Jennifer Undari
Union Lutheran Church
United Way of the Midlands
University Lutheran Church, Clemson, SC
Ms. Susan Utne
Ms. Margaret Utsey

Mr. James Valek
Ms. Abigail Valentine
Mr. Bradley Valentine
Mr. Neil Valentine
Mrs. Charleen Mundy Valinet
Mr. James Van Meerten
Mr. James Van Nosdale
Mrs. Ellen VanDerburgh
Ms. Jill Vandermeulen
Ms. Darlene VanHoeve
Mr. Dale VanSlambrook
Mr. John Varn
Mr. Jarrett Varn
Mr. William Varnadore
Mr. Larry Varner
Ms. Monica Vasquez
Mrs. Hillarie Vaughan
Ms. Lauren Vaughn
Mr. Marion Vaughn
Mrs. Susanne Veazey
Mr. Joel Velez
Mrs. Milena Velez
Mr. Jose Verdejo
Mr. Victor Verdejo
Ms. Andrea Verdejo
Ms. Ariel Verdejo
Mr. Brian Verheyen
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Evelyn Veronee
Mr. Noah Vezzu
Mr. John Vick
The Rev. C. Handlee Vige
Ms. Michelle Villalobos
Ms. Maria Villarreal
Mrs. Barbara Villeponteaux
Mr. Kevin Vincent
Mr. Andrew Vinson
Mr. Jeffrey Virlee
Mr. Richard Voigt
Ms. Rae Vollbehr
Mr. David Volpe
Mr. Seth Von Kuhn
Mr. Koert Voorhees
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Vorpagel
Mr. Daniel Vosberg
Ms. Pamela Vosberg
Mr. Ralph Voyles
Mr. Howard M. Vroon, Jr.

W.O. Blackstone & Co., Inc.
The Rev. William Waddell
Ms. Sandra Wade
Mr. Brett Wadford
Mrs. Julie Wadford
Mr. John Wagaman
Ms. Juliet Wagaman
Ms. Judith Wagher
Mr. Benjamin Wagner
Mr. Daniel Wagner
Mr. Woo and Mrs. Lisa S. Wagner
Mrs. Bobbie and Dr. John Wagner
Mrs. Eunice Wagner
Ms. Jeanetta Wagner
Ms. Sara Wagoner
Mr. Karl B. Wahoff
Mr. and Mrs. Cy and Megan Wainwright
Mr. David Waite
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ray Waites
Mr. Casey Waites
Mr. Doyle Waites
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Kathy Waites
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Walden
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Walker Jr.
Mr. Bailey Walker
Mr. Dixon Walker
Mr. Gregory Walker
Mr. Lawrence Walker
Mr. Mark Walker
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Susan Walker
Mr. Todd Walker
Mrs. Mary and Mr. William Walker
Ms. Evelen Walker
Ms. Sandra Walker
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Walkup
Ms. Debra Wall
Mr. Doug Wallace
Mr. Elliott Wallace
Ms. Elizabeth Wallace
Ms. Kathleen Wallace
Mrs. Martha Waller
Mr. William Walsh
The Rev. Terry Walsworth
Lt. Col. Lawrence Walt
Mr. Louis Walter
Walter P. Rawl & Sons, Inc.
Mr. Charles Walters
Mr. Brett Walton
Mr. Brian Walton
Mr. Troy Walton
Ms. Teresa Walton
Ms. Victoria Walton
Ms. Louise Wandabwa
Mr. George Wang
Dr. Peggy Yonce Ward
Mr. Gabriel Ward
Mr. Harold Ward
Mr. John Ward
Mr. Kurt Ward
Ms. Deborah Ward
Ms. Sharon Ward
Mr. William Warden
Mr. David Warren
Mr. Josh Warren
Mrs. Lindsay Warren
Mrs. Mary Warren
Mr. Lawrence Warrington
Mr. Nick Washabau
Mrs. Lynn Washington
Ms. Tammie J. Washington
Mr. L. Scott Wasmund
Water of Life Lutheran Church, Wilmington, NC'
Mrs. Leanne Waters
Mr. Hance Waters
Mr. Marion Waters
Mrs. Pamela Waters
Ms. Linda Waters-Hamilton
Mr. Stephen Watkins
Mrs. Karley Watkins
Mr. Brett Watson
Mr. Clyde Watson
Mr. Don Watson
Mr. Ernest Watson
Mr. Jim Watson
Mr. Marvin Watson
Mr. Michael Watson
Mr. Rodger Watson
Mr. William Watson
Mrs. Elizabeth Watson
Ms. Julia Watson
Ms. Melissa Watson
Ms. Nanette Watson
Ms. Selma Watson
Ms. Terri Watson
Ms. Tonya Watson
Mr. Steve Watson
Mrs. Lovee Watts
Mrs. Carla and Mr. Andrew Waxel
Mr. Charles Way
Ms. Janice Weakland
Mrs. Melissa Weathers
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weaver
Mr. Brent Alan Weaver
Mr. Michael J. Weaver
Mr. Randal Weaver
Mrs. Barbara Weaver
Mr. Henry Webb
The Rev. and Mrs. Richard E. and Jeannie Armfield Webber
Ms. Barbara Webster
Chaplain Robert and Mrs. Sylvia Weeks
Mr. Claude Weeks
Mr. Mark W. Weeks
Mrs. Juliana Weeks
Ms. Pamela Weinelt
Mr. Richard Weiner
Mr. Gary Lee Welchel
Mr. Ronald Welchel
Ms. Janelle Welchel
Mrs. Amanda Welliver
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Wells
Mr. Bobby Wells
Mr. Gene Wells
Mr. John Wells
Mr. Robert Wells
Mrs. Janice Wells
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program
Mr. Wade Wendel
The Rev. Dr. Christina L. Wendland
Ms. Connie Wenstrom
Mrs. Debbie Werts
Mr. and Mrs. George Wertz
Mr. J. David Wertz
Mr. James Wertz
Mr. Gerald Wessinger
Ms. Barbara Wessinger
Ms. Charlene Wessinger
Ms. Charli Wessinger
The Rev. Dwight C. Wessinger and Bunny Wessinger
Mrs. Beverly West
Dr. and Mrs. Billye L. West
Mrs. Lori West
Mrs. Miriam West
Ms. Cheryl West
Ms. Kelly West
Ms. Misty West
Ms. Tiffany West
West Electrical Contractors
Mr. Joseph Westbury
Ms. Melissa Westerhold
Mrs. Mary Westmoreland
Ms. Melissa Westmoreland
Ms. Nancy Westmoreland
Mr. Jordan Whaley
Ms. Edith Whatley
Mrs. Helen Wheeler
Mr. Benjamin Whelan
Mrs. Anne Whelan
Mr. Gregory Whetstone
Mr. and Mrs. Doggett Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Whitaker / Whitaker Floor Covering, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Whitaker
Whitaker Funeral Home
Mr. Bradford White
Mr. Herbert White
Mr. James White
Mr. Sam White
Mr. W. Lewis White
Mr. William White
Mr. William White
Mrs. Carole White
Mrs. Dana White
Mrs. Suellen White
Ms. Bianca White
Ms. Deborah White
Ms. KeShaun White
Ms. Vivian White
Mrs. Judith Whitehead
Mr. Josh Whitelock
Mr. Nolan Whitely
Mr. Jeffrey Whitesides
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Brandy Whitesides
Mr. W. C. Whitesides
Mrs. Paulette Whitesides
Ms. Brooke Whiting
Mr. Payton Whitlock
Ms. Patty Whitlock
Mr. Paul A. Whitman
Mr. Matthew Whitmer
Mr. Pearce Whitmire
Mr. William Whitney
Ms. Melody Whitworth
Ms. Linda Wichlei
Dr. Tommie Wicker
Mrs. Lisa Wicker
Ms. Shanna Wicker
Mr. Douglas Wicker
Mr. Edwin Wicker
Mr. Grady and Mrs. Ann Wicker
Mr. Jeff Wicker
Mr. Robert Wicker
Mrs. Marian and Mr. Steven Wicker
Mrs. Mildred Wicker
Ms. Carolyn Wicker
Ms. Shannon Wicker
Ms. Sheryl Wicker
Wicker's Greenhouse & Nursery
Mr. Andrew Wigger
Mr. Michael Wiggers
Mrs. Christine and Dr. Michael Wiggers
Mr. Felix Wiggins
Mr. Robert G. Wiggins III
Ms. Betty Wiggins
Mr. Joseph Wilbanks
Mrs. Linda M. Wilbanks
Mr. Herbert Wilcox
Mr. Lee Wiles
The Rev. Dr. Mark Wilhelm
Mr. Avery Wilkerson
Mrs. S. Christine Wilkerson
Mr. A. E. Wilkes
Mrs. Donna Wilkes
Ms. Barbara H. Wilkes
Ms. Jennifer Wilkes
Ms. Sheila Wilkes
Ms. Brandi Wilkins
Ms. Geneva Wilkins
Ms. Rose Wilkins
Mr. Ryan Wilkinson
Ms. Jeanne M. Willard
Mr. Blair Willcocks
William C. Blackmon Athletic Memorial Foundation
William J. McKeehan Foundation
William S. & Elizabeth K. Boyd Foundation
Mr. Dallas Williams
Dr. and Mrs. James Ralph Williams
Mr. Austin Williams
Mr. Briton Williams
Mr. Danny Williams
Mr. Dwight Williams
Mr. E. M. Williams
Mr. Gordon Williams
Mr. Hugh Williams
Mr. Robert Williams
Mr. Stephen Williams
Mr. Vernon Williams
Mrs. Frances and Mr. Frank Williams
Mrs. Jane Williams
Mrs. Karri Williams
Mrs. Kristi Williams
Mrs. Lisa Williams
Mrs. Olena and Mr. Rudy Williams
Ms. Donna Williams
Ms. Ebony Williams
Ms. Edna WIlliams
Ms. Gina Williams
Ms. Rebecca Williams
Ms. Julia Williamsen
Ms. Cabrina Williams-Leneau
Col. And Mrs. Frank Michael Williamson
Mr. Mathew Williamson
Mrs. Deborah and Mr. Thomas Williamson
Mrs. Margery P. Williamson
Ms. Virginia Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Willingham
Ms. Wendy Willingham
Willingham & Sons
Mr. Dale Willis
Mr. Lenwood Willis
Mrs. Brianne Willits
Mr. James and Mrs. Margaret Wills
Mrs. Julia Wills
Mr. Charles Wilson
Mr. Dewey Wilson
Mr. Joe Wilson
Mr. Robert Wilson
Mr. Shawn Wilson
Mr. Steven Wilson
Mr. Tommy Wilson
Mrs. Ashley Wilson
Mrs. Barbara Wilson
Mrs. Dotty and Mr. D. Leroy Wilson
Ms. Anne Wilson
Ms. Brenda Wilson
Ms. Holly Wilson
Ms. Michele Wilson
Wilson Tractor, Inc.
Mr. John Winarchick
Mr. Jimmy Winburn
Dr. Peggy and Mr. David Winder
Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Rose Wingard
Mr. Charles Wingard
Ms. Patty Wingard
Mrs. Barbara Wingard
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Mary Winstead
Mrs. Hazel Winstead
Mr. Jessie Winter
Mr. Robert Winters
Ms. Susanne Winton
Lt. Col. Walter P. and Mrs. Nancy Wise
Mr. Christopher Wise
Mr. Craig Wise
Mr. Dean Wise
Mr. G. Spence Wise
Mr. Jack Wise
Mr. Roy Wise
Mrs. Dorothy Wise
Mrs. Nancy W. Wise
Ms. Candice Wise
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Wiseman Jr.
Ms. Audrey Witherspoon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Witt
Mr. Tommie Witt
Ms. Courtney Witt
Dr. Vinetta Witt
Wittenberg Lutheran Church, Leesville, SC
Ms. Isabelle Wittig
Mrs. Lynda V. Witwer
Ms. Joanna Wix
Ms. Tracy Wodraska
Mr. Michael Wolff
Ms. Holly Wood
Mr. and Mrs. George Wood
Mrs. Elizabeth Wood
Ms. Lacie J. Wood
Ms. Marcia Wood
Ms. Kathryn Woodall
Ms. Santana S. Woodard
Ms. Heather Woodrow
Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Scarry
Mr. James Woodrum
Mr. Brian Woods
Mrs. Patricia Woods
Ms. Karen Woods
Ms. Mischowart Woods
Mr. Jared Woolstenhulme
Mrs. Marlys Wooten
The Rev. and Mrs. Ernest W. Worman
Mr. James Worsley
Mrs. Kathy S. Worster
Mr. James Worthington
Mrs. Vicky Worthy
Ms. Revonda Wray
Mr. Sidney Wrenn
Ms. Jennifer Wrenn
Mr. David Wright
Mr. Joseph Wright
Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Wright
Ms. Ashley Wright
Ms. Deborah Wright
Ms. Diana Wright
Mr. Kevin Wrigley
Mrs. Miriam Wrigley
Write Guy, Inc.
Mrs. Heeley and Mr. John Wyatt Speeza
Ms. Missie Wyatt
Mr. John and Mrs. Margaret Wylly

Mr. Michael Yaeger
Ms. Tamar Yakovich
Mr. Richard Yancey
Ms. Jennifer Yancey
Mr. Grady Yarborough
Mr. Walter Brent Yarborough / TeamIA, Inc.
Mrs. Rita Yarbrough
Mrs. Patricia Yates
Mr. and Mrs. William Yde
Mr. Gerald Yerby
Mr. Paul Yohn
Mr. Frank Yonce
The Rev. Dr. Herman Yoos
Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Max Yost
The Rev. and Mrs. John Yost
Col. Lance Young and Dr. Lenna Young
Mr. BJ Young
Mr. Colin Young
Mr. Kelvin Young
Mr. Paul Young
Mr. William Young
Mrs. Denise and Mr. Ernest Young
Mrs. Karen Young
Ms. Brenda Carol Young
Ms. Carolyn Young
Ms. Jean Young
Mr. J. Scott Youngblood
Dr. and Mrs. John David Yount

Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell M. Zais 
Mrs. Christina Zanoff
Mrs. Margaret and Mr. Joseph Zeigler
Mr. and Mrs. John Zeman
Zesto of Newberry
Zeus Industrial Products
Mr. T. Sam Ziady
Mrs. Gail Zidlick
Mr. Albert Zidlick
Ms. Alexandra Zimmer
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Zion
Zion Lutheran Church, Lexington, SC
Mr. Arnold Zipperer
Ms. Wendy Zomlefer
Mr. William Frederick Zuber
Ms. Kristin Zumbrunnen
Mr. Roberto Zuniga

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