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Newberry Edge

Launching 2022: Quality Enhancement Plan

What is a QEP?

A Quality Enhancement Plan is a comprehensive plan to enhance student learning and improve a specific aspect of the academic experience. The QEP committee sends surveys to students, faculty, staff, the Board of Trustees, alumni and community partners to help determine areas that need the most improvement.

Why 'Newberry Edge?'

The following is an excerpt by a senior student, taken from the task force's discussion:

... I think maybe there should be easier access to what is required to graduate on the student's part. I know there's already places where you can access the curriculum and see what is required for your major, but it's extremely confusing for us, and apparently [for] some advisors.

The Plan

Newberry Edge will target specific areas for student success, such as:

  • Paving clear pathways to graduation

  • Bolstering student retention and persistence

  • Guiding students' educational goals

  • Preparing for careers and exploring purpose

  • Developing effective academic advisors

  • Improving student satisfaction with the advising process

QEP Committee Members

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